Days Gone

Release date: April 26, 2019
Platforms: PlayStation 4

All Ambush Camp Locations in Days Gone

Where to find all ambush camps and how to get the Ambush Camp Hunter trophy

There are 14 Ambush Camps in Days Gone which you have to complete for this trophy. The goal is to clear each camp and then find the hatch to an underground bunker. You can do this trophy in free-roam after the main story. In the bunkers, you will also find crafting recipes for Crossbow Bolts which are necessary for the Variety is the Spice of Life trophy.


All Ambush Camp Locations in Days Gone-1

Ambush Camp #1: Cascade Radio Tower

You complete this automatically in story mission ‘’No Starving Patriots’’. The bunker is located inside the shack with wooden baulks on top of it.

Ambush Camp #2: Jefferson Rail Tunnel

The bunker is located on top of the hill between wooden baulks and the wall.

Ambush Camp #3: Horse Creek

The bunker is located right beneath the high voltage power pole.


Ambush Camp #4: Black Crater

The bunker is located in the very back of the camp behind a wooden fence.

Ambush Camp #5: Belknap Caves

The bunker is located on the high ground right above the cave with freakers.

Ambush Camp #6: Bear Creek Hot Springs

The bunker is located near the big bonfire. When you reach it, just go along the wall into the direction of broken trees.

Lost Lake

Ambush Camp #7: Deerborn

You can find the bunker on the high ground of the camp between shacks with campfire.

Ambush Camp #8: Berley Lake

You can find the bunker near the road to white cars. It’s surrounded by rocks where 3 enemies were fist-fighting.

Iron Butte

Ambush Camp #9: Wagon Road

The bunker is located inside the cave just a few steps from the entrance. Move towards the torch and you can’t miss it.

Ambush Camp #10: Redwood RV Park

You find it in the far edge of the camp near the wooden fence that surrounds it.

Crater Lake

Ambush Camp #11: Spruce Lake

The Bunker is located inside one of the tents near the roadblock.

Ambush Camp #12: Cascade Lakes Railway

You can find the bunker near the railway in the snowy ground. It is surrounded by military boxes with a broken tree nearby.

Highway 87

Ambush Camp #13: Aspen Butte

The bunker is located inside storehouse similar to one that was in Ambush camp #1.

Ambush Camp #14: Bare Bay

The last bunker is found in the mud near a camp entrance in front of the fence.

These are all 14 Ambush Camps in Days Gone.

John Davis