Darksiders 3

Release date: November 27, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Where to Find All Weapon Upgrades in Darksiders 3

Where to look for diverse weapons enhancments in the game, which active and passive bonuses they can give

In Darksiders 3 there are several ways to improve the main character:

  • Higher a level by feeding lurchers to Vulgrim.
  • Level up Nephilim’s Respite using Rejuvenation Cores and revitalization.
  • Integrate upgrades into weapons. You need to find them in locations or to buy them from Vulgrim.
  • Level up weapons.
  • Upgrade enhancements that you integrate into your weapons.

Originally, Fury has only one weapon, but later another four items will be available along with new Hollows — one weapon for each Hollow. Besides, the Angels leader Usiel will give the main character a throwing weapon called Salvation.

You can integrate only one upgrade into a weapon, but you can change it for another one at any time. In Darksiders Walkthrough Tips we described functions of upgrades and how to improve them.

Where to Find All Weapon Upgrades in Darksiders 3-1


You can buy it from Vulgrim from the very beginning of the game.


You can buy it from Vulgrim from the very beginning of the game.


This upgrade you can get after your first confrontation with a gorilla. It will happen at the very beginning. Move from the West End pedestal through a building, come outside and go to a yard with the first fire web. There is a gorilla sitting near it and the upgrade Fortifier. You can run up to pick it up and run away or kill the monster.


You need the pedestal Blistering Bridge that you reach after the first meeting with The Lord of Hollows. After you leave his quarters, using a double fire jump for the first time, find the pedestal behind a spinning wall. There will be a sword, a passageway to the next room, and ice walls. Return when you have got the Stasis Hollow and climb up on the walls. Go lower, defeat enemies and find the upgrade among other loot.


Return to the Blistering Bridge pedestal and move through the crypts attacking swords and opening doors. When you will find yourself at the door with two statues, where the left one has no sword, go to the left from the door as you did before. You can find a ruined ladder outside and an air stream. Jump on parts of the ladder and move to another side using the Storm Hollow and the air stream. Use the Flame Hollow and jump to the right clinging to pipes to reach the area with lava. Defeat enemies and find the upgrade in the far left corner.


In a crypt with the statues, where you should find two missing swords (on your way to Greed), press a button on the floor in the far left corner from the statues and go to the hidden part of the location. Go downstairs but don't visit the room with a button and orange web. There are vases on the left. Smash them and find a hidden hole. Move through it and reach a room with a big black enemy. Kill him, examine this location and pick up the upgrade. Go to the hall with a puzzle attacking the sword above bars.


When you are on your way to Sloth, you will reach a dark tunnel. Light the way using the Fire Hollow. Find a train in the tunnel and crawl down under it. Find a hole in the new place and move to a room with two big bugs. Find the upgrade among the loot lying in this cave.


On your way to Lust, you will find yourself in the location with a big ruined bridge. You should jump on it using a mushroom you have found earlier. Do not hurry. Go to the beginning of the bridge near a rock and find the upgrade Obscurus below it.


You need to reach a flooded part of a cave to find a sword to open bars (two swords on a statue and one sword above it). Fury will go through this cave to reach Gluttony. Move to the bars with swords and turn left. After you reach the wall, find purple stones and a big rock at the bottom. Destroy these stones and move the rock. There is a hole under it that leads to the upgrade.


After you defeat Gluttony, move to the Sewage Egress pedestal Sewage through Serpent Holes. It is located on the top of the ladder where the Deadly Sin attacked you. Standing with your back to the pedestal turn right and you will find ice walls. Jump on them in the Stasis Hollow to find a room with a big bug. You will find the upgrade there.


After the battle with Lust return to Usiel – he will give this upgrade to Fury.


After you get the Storm Hollow, return to Ulthane's forge. Move to the opposite side, to the beginning of the game. There were ‘’floating souls’’ on the nearest building. Get past them on a wide branch and turn left to find an air stream. Use the Storm Hollow to go up, move through the buildings. You will rescue a human on the way. When you reach the ruined part of the building filled with water, defeat enemies and stop.

Before you jump on several air streams into the new building, climb on a high ledge and pick up the upgrade.

John Davis