Darksiders 3

Release date: November 27, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Where to Find All Chunks of Adamantine in Darksiders 3

Locations of all Chunks of Adamantine that you need for the full upgrade of Fury's weapons

There are six Essences of a Chosen in Darksiders 3, but there are only three Chunks (you will get an achievement when you collect all of them). This item is necessary to improve your weapons from the second-to-last to the maximum level.

Chunk of Adamantine 1

Read the article Where to Find The Essence of a Chosen and pay attention to the boss Corrupted Tomekeeper. In the building you pushed a rock in, there is a high ledge beside two ice walls. Use the Stasis Hollow to jump on them. Take the Angelic artifact, then use the Force Hollow and move along purple crystals on the wall. Jump on the containers and find a Chunk behind the last of them.

Chunk of Adamantine 2

In the place where you have found the Chosen Grock (it's impossible to miss him), there are two threshers in the lower part of the location with moving bowls for coal. Slow down the rotating shafts with thorns using Salvation charged in the Stasis Hollow, go downstairs and pick up several items. There will be the Demonic artifact and a Chunk of Adamantine among them.

Chunk of Adamantine 3

Move to the North End pedestal and go along the asphalt road to the left. There is a huge tree branch on the right. Use it to go up and jump on another side clinging onto the branch. Use the Fire Hollow to reach it.

On the opposite side go to the left and find loot in the building. Before a hole look to the left and up to find other two branches. Cling onto them to fly to a metal balcony of the building. You should do it in the Fire hollow because you have to do an extra jump after the second branch.

Here you should turn around and jump to the next part of the building using another branch. Stick to the only possible way, destroy purple stones and come inside. Destroy hives, go downstairs and pick up a Chunk. Moreover, you can find an Angelic artifact in this part of the location.

John Davis