Darksiders 3

Release date: November 27, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Where to Find The Essence of a Chosen in Darksiders 3

How to get all Essences of a Chosen and where to find additional bosses in the game

In Darksiders 3 the main character Fury travels a huge world consisting of several parts. In addition to the locations that you can't miss following the storyline, there are a lot of hidden areas which contain diverse items and objects – Angelic and Demonic artifacts, humans, lurchers, chests and many other things. The most interesting and desirable item is The Essence of a Chosen which is necessary if you want to improve your weapons to the highest level.

The pattern is very simple:

  1. Choose one of the branches – with some active or passive skill.
  2. Spend 2, 4 or 6 Angelic or Demonic artifacts on leveling-up to reach first, second or third level of your skill. Every weapon enhancement has zero level by default.
  3. Use Demonic artifacts for the branch of active skills and Angelic artifacts for the branch of passive skills.
  4. Leveling-up of one branch requires 12 artifacts.
  5. You should spend 12 opposite artifacts and The Essence of a Chosen to level-up your skill completely.

You should defeat one of 5 additional bosses to receive The Essence of a Chosen. Unlike Grock, who is not hidden by developers, you have to find the rest of them.

  • Note. In addition to 5 Essences, you can buy one from Vulgrim. It costs 5000 soul lurchers and will appear after you defeat Pride (before the final battle).

First Chosen – Agony

Move to the West End pedestal . It will transport you to the street where you were after defeating Envy at the beginning of the game. Come inside the building. To continue the storyline, you should go downstairs to an underground parking and jump over a hole clinging to pipes. Instead, enter the building and look to your right. You will see an empty elevator shaft near the stairwell. Walls of this shaft are covered with ice, so you can push from them using the Stasis Hollow.

When you get this form, go upstairs and pick up an Angelic artifact. Look at a ceiling and find a purple way. Jump using the Force Hollow and move to another part of the floor. Here you will meet the gorilla called Agony.

Second Chosen – Flame Warden

After the first battle with Wrath, you will find yourself in Nether. Reach a door with a sword above it. Hit the sword to open the door. In the niche ahead you will find the first Invigoration Core. Move to the left, go upstairs and find another sword on your left. Activate it to open the wall on the right.

You should pass the sword and reach a dead end, smash jugs on the left, and get to a hidden room using a hole in the wall. Pull a lever, then go back, pass the same sword. A corridor on the right before the stairway will appear. Go down this corridor to find a room with the Chosen.

Third Chosen – Corrupted Tomekeeper

After you defeat Lust, the Force Hollow will be available. Move from the arena where you fought against the Deadly Sin down to a crystal path and reach a bridge. Look right before destroying purple stones which lead to tentacle of the huge monster — Gluttony. You can use the Storm Hollow and air streams to get across a puddle of acid.

Finding yourself on the opposite side, defeat the monsters and go to the entrance of the building on the left. Having destroyed the stones, move through the building until you find yourself on the street with a big stone. You should push this stone into another building to the wall with a ledge atop. Jump on this stone and then on the ledge on the wall. You will find a mushroom on the top of it. Push it down. Follow it to reach an acid river. Push the mushroom to the right, to the entrance of the building. There is an entrance canopy, you can climb on it using the mushroom.

Do this to reach the second floor of the building, find a container and go up to the next room. There will be the Chosen.

Fourth Chosen – Templar of the Damned

You will find yourself in a flooded cave with crypts on your way to Gluttony. In this cave, you need to find a sword and place it on one of two statues near the bars then activate both of swords and the third one above the bars. Using the Force Hollow dive at the bottom and move to the left (not to the bars with swords). Enter the flooded building, deal with the enemies and take a look at the bars on the left. There are two swords on a column on the right. Activate them simultaneously (with a minimal pause). Use Shift to accelerate moving in water.

Go through the opened bars, move along the purple path, and go up using the Force Hollow. In the end, you will reach a room with the Chosen.

Fifth Chosen – The Grock

You will meet The Grock in the Scar location on your way to Envy. You should freeze two container belts in a certain moment and go up to stones. Push them off to get higher, move to the far part of the level on a platform for coal. In one of these rooms in the upper part (on the left) you will find The Grock. You can't miss it!

John Davis