Darksiders 3

Release date: November 27, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Darksiders 3 Walkthrough Part 7: The Second Battle with Wrath


Finding The Lowlands

Go back to the air stream and use it in Storm form to fly over to the ledge near the purple path on the wall. Deal with the enemy, cling to the pipe in the basic form and get to distant buildings. Here, you will find an enemy with a big shield. Kill him, collect the loot and destroy the barrels near the wall. You will find two walls. In Stasis form, you can use these walls to jump up. Do this to find the new pedestal – ‘’The Lowlands’’.

Finding The Dust Halls

Darksiders 3 Walkthrough Part 7: The Second Battle with Wrath-1

Go to the right and see a huge tornado. You must jump to the ground in the direction of the hurricane and then rush to the right, to the entrance of the subway. Do this, switch to Force Hollow and move through the wind resisting it. Get to the room with a button in the floor and a new pedestal – ‘’The Dust Halls’’.

Finding Demon’s Peak

Darksiders 3 Walkthrough Part 7: The Second Battle with Wrath-2

Press the button and wait for the appearance of a boulder. When it is on the very edge of the conveyor, jump from the button. Get on the boulder and jump to the hole above. Look around the hall, hit the purple ball on the metal cross with a hammer to open the giant gates that lead to the previous hall. Return to the button that starts the conveyor and stand on it so that the stone drops to the bottom part. If it is already there, skip this part.

Darksiders 3 Walkthrough Part 7: The Second Battle with Wrath-3

In the new room, you will find a button that opens two grates on the sides. You need to place the boulder on it. From the button, in Stasis form, run on the water in the direction of the boulder. Jump over it and hit it with the Hammer of Force in Force Hollow. It will begin to slide on ice and get to the button, which will open the gates at the sides. As a power ball, go to the top after killing all enemies.

Darksiders 3 Walkthrough Part 7: The Second Battle with Wrath-4

Go to the exit from the subway and pick the right moment to rush forward, to another entrance. Hit the purple ball to open a fast way back but go along a different route. Go over the abyss in the form of the ball on the purple path on the wall and find yourself in the tunnel with a boulder.

You will need to take it from the far side of the tunnel to the near side to jump up. When you approach the boulder, a hurricane will start. The hurricane chases you, so you need to move in Force form. First, go to the end of the tunnel, to the stone. Wait until the hurricane stops and push the stone forward. It will fall into a pit. Run to this pit in your Force form and hit the stone one more time to move it under the metal platform. The hurricane will start. The stone will take off lifting the metal platform up. Follow the stone and climb onto the top using your Force Hollow.

Darksiders 3 Walkthrough Part 7: The Second Battle with Wrath-5

Once you make this, slowly walk to the beginning of the corridor with the stone flying by your side. Look at the ceiling – there will be a drop here. You need to move the stone there and leave the corridor. The hurricane will start moving away to the end of the corridor, and the stone will bump into the ledge and will stay exactly where it is. When the wind stops, run to the stone and hit it with the Hammer of Force to move it towards the ledge. Take the only available route and you will soon get to the new pedestal ‘’Demon’s Peak’’.

The road to Hurricane

Go forward, kill the enemies and find two stairs that lead down. If you take the left one, you will open the short path back. If you use the right one, you will find yourself in a new place. Deal with the demons, jump onto the ledges on the right and climb onto the moving bowls. These bowls are moving to the threshers. Directly in front of them, you will need to jump on the ledge on the left to get to blue walls. In the Peace form, push off from them and climb up.

Darksiders 3 Walkthrough Part 7: The Second Battle with Wrath-6

Throw Salvation charged with force in the room into the purple ball. This will stop the gears. In the basic form, jump and cling to the beam in order to get to the other side. Outside, after the conversation with the Watcher, pay attention to the passage that is located above you on the left. It is closed now so go to the right along the building. Near the place where the demon stands, there is a hole in the wall. Kill the demon and get inside.

Darksiders 3 Walkthrough Part 7: The Second Battle with Wrath-7

Crawl to the other side, deal with the enemy and look around. If you go to the room with the red glow in the upper left, you will get to a dead end because there is a closed grate there. To move along the storyline, you need to jump on the moving conveyor on the right. Stop it by throwing Salvation charged with Stasis, go forward and slow down another conveyor on the right side. Jump on it, climb above and find stones with blue walls. Having killed the enemy, you can go through the hole on the right to open the grate and create a short path back.

Battle with The Grok

How to get the Essence of a Chosen

Darksiders 3 Walkthrough Part 7: The Second Battle with Wrath-8

To continue, jump in Stasis form along two walls to get on the top of one of them. From there, you can climb to the ledge, from which you must jump on the moving bowl. Once on the other side, deal with the monsters that shoot missiles. In one of the two rooms on the left (on the upper tier), you will face a mini-boss – Grok – who will have a separate health scale. Dodge his attacks in a timely manner and you will have no problems in the fight. This will be the first Chosen One, for the murder of which you will get the Essence of a Chosen. You need it to craft the maximum level artifact at Ulthane.

Having defeated Grok, inspect the room and find a hole in the wall. Go through it and hit the purple ball on the black cross with the Hammer of Force. Thanks to this, a conveyor with stones will start moving. You can push off from them in Stasis Hollow. Two passages will be opened – on the right and on the left. The right one leads back to the conveyor, while the left one leads to the room with angels’ artifact.

Darksiders 3 Walkthrough Part 7: The Second Battle with Wrath-9

If you are ready to continue, descend to the conveyor and you’ll see stones moving in pairs. Freeze the conveyor when the stones are on the very edge, quickly jump on one of them and then jump to the metal platform under the ceiling, where the loot is located. Go through the hole and get to the cross with a purple ball. Hit it with the Hammer of Force to open the gates. The left gates lead you back, while the right ones open the way to a new place.

Go there, listen to the Watcher and you’ll see a location with a hurricane. Pick a moment to jump off and run into the subway on the right side. Here, you’ll find a new pedestal. The game will be saved, but the pedestal won’t appear in the list of available pedestals.

How to get rid of the Hurricane

Go further and get to the corridor with a grate and a button in the middle. At the far end, there is a stone that can be pushed by a hammer or Salvation charged with force. In order to do this, enter the building which is next to you and hit the stone while standing behind it (through the hole). The stone will fly off at the button. If you run along the corridor now, a hurricane will start and lift the stone. Freeze the stone by using Salvation charged in Stasis form and then run to the grate in Force form.

Darksiders 3 Walkthrough Part 7: The Second Battle with Wrath-10

Get to the room with two crosses and purple balls. Hit them with the Hammer of Force to spill oil. Stand in the next room and switch to Flame Hollow. Charge Salvation and throw it into the puddle of oil. Thanks to this, you will set a giant hurricane on fire and get rid of the monster.

Battle with Wrath

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Go ahead, enter the elevator and go up to Wrath. The second round of your confrontation will begin. Try to distract Wrath’s attention and do not allow it to attack other opponents. Killing them, it will regain some of its health. As soon as you eliminate all the health of Wrath, a second stage of the battle will begin. This time, there will be no other enemies, but Wrath will be more furious and start launching violent attacks. You need to dodge them. When Wrath throws two swords, forcing them to rotate around itself, get away from the opponent and do not allow it to come close. It will be great if you use the Undying Shard before the second stage to protect yourself from death.

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