Darksiders 3

Release date: November 27, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Darksiders 3 Walkthrough Part 6: Abraxis


Finding Gnarled Cliffs

Darksiders 3 Walkthrough Part 6: Abraxis-1
  • Secret: Move to the ‘’Crossroads’’. Go to the far-left corner where you’ll find a gorilla that is hanging on the building. There are purple stones in the building. If you destroy them and move to the far room, you will find a human.

Return to the pedestal ‘’Crossroads’’, look to the left and you’ll see a vertical air stream. Use Storm Hollow, stand up in the wind and press the spacebar twice to soar into the air. Move to the ledge with loot and monsters. Kill them and move forward through the red tunnel. By the way, you can also climb the vertical walls in Stasis Hollow.

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Jump forward and swing on the pipes in the basic form. Here, you’ll find a small reservoir which is deep. Dive into its depth and swim forward. Get out on the other side and then interact with a new pedestal – ‘’Gnarled Cliffs’’ of the Scar level.

Finding Drilling Annex

Go to the grate, near which you will find a cross with a purple ball. Hit it in Force Hollow, holding RMB. You will destroy the purple ball, opening the grate and the passage. Kill the enemies, climb to the top and hit the purple ball blades with Salvation in Force Hollow, having charged it with this energy. This will cause the blade to turn. After this, you will be able to get to the other side. Look around and find huge rotary threshers.

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Darksiders 3 Walkthrough Part 6: Abraxas
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Darksiders 3 Walkthrough Part 6: Abraxas

In Stasis Hollow, charge Salvation and throw it into the rotating rolls. Get out of the aiming mode (X), switch to Flame Hollow (‘’1’’ button) and run across the roll making a double jump at the end.

Move on until you find yourself near another high construction with blades. Kill the enemies, go up the ledges on the right where the oil spill is located. You need to do it in Flame form. Jump to another ledge, using the beam. Now you need to throw Salvation charged with force into the purple part of the construction to make it rotate. Quickly switch to Stasis Hollow, charge Salvation and throw it in any part of the construction so that it stalls on the right from you, allowing you to jump in the basic form to the ledge with loot. Do not hesitate: if you have frozen the construction in the desired position, get out of the aiming mode (X), switch to the basic form (‘’5’’ button) and jump.

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Once on the other side, be sure to hit the cross with the purple ball with a Hammer of Force. Jump down and run into the water in Stasis form. Then, climb up. Kill the giant monster and enter the nearby building where the vertical spiked shaft rotates. Go around the perimeter counterclockwise. On the right side, you will find a new pedestal – ‘’Drilling Annex’’.

The way to Abraxis

Get out of the room through another passage, defeat all opponents and pay attention to the vertical structure. Throw Salvation at the purple part of this structure to rotate it at 180 degrees. In Stasis Hollow, jump on the walls that are now located opposite each other. Having climbed above, jump on the similar wall on the right. As a result, you will find yourself inside a building. Kill two crabs, take the loot, jump over the fence and find a human there.

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Go back to the cliff and you will see wooden bridges with enemies. Jump to them or fly in Storm Hollow. Kill all opponents, clearing this part of the location. Go up and find a cross with a purple ball. Hit it with the Hammer of Force to lower the lift. You can use it to go up and find the loot.

Descend, find a place where you can cling to the pipe and fly to the wall with a purple path. Do it in the basic form, switch to Force Hollow and press the spacebar twice to turn into a power ball. Roll to the right and defeat all enemies. The fight will be difficult, but you can find the Activation Kernel in the loot.

Go back, find another purple path on the opposite wall and go down in the power ball form. You will get to purple stones. Destroy them and release the vertical spike shaft that can now be turned.

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Climb up, throw the Salvation that is charged with force to the purple blade to turn the construction. Jump along the wall in the basic form, clinging to pipes. On the other side, go to the right, climb up and use the Hammer of Force to hit the purple ball on the black cross. This will allow you to open the short path back. Jump onto the water, switch to Stasis Hollow and walk on water to the open passage on the right. Switch to Flame Hollow and double jump up to find yourself in a new place.

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The battle with Abraxis (or The Lord of Hollows)

Go forward and kill the demon. Follow this path, turn to the right and find a ledge with an air stream and a huge monster. Jump there, kill this monster and the crab that appeared. In Storm Hollow, use the air stream to get to the top of the mountain. Look around, kill the enemies and find an elevator with a button in the floor. Stand on this button, go up and face Abraxis. Here, you will have to decide whether you want to kill Abraxis or deal with the Lord of Hollows. We have chosen Abraxis. In this case, the battle with the boss begins.

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Dodge his attacks. The battle will consist of two stages. In the second stage, Abraxis will become furious and launch powerful attacks. Having defeated the demon, you will get his soul.

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