Darksiders 3

Release date: November 27, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Darksiders 3 Walkthrough Part 1: Envy and Wrath

The complete walkthrough of how to fight against Envy and where to find Wrath, how to deal with enemies, where to find artifacts and humans, and how to access new locations

After watching the introductory video, you’ll first need to open Settings. Go to the first section and boost your sensitivity to the max for both axes. Move forward killing the enemies and learning how to use controls. Jump a little higher using a double jump and get to the other side by clinging onto the pipe with the chain whip (press and hold the left mouse button while jumping through the air).

Fight against Envy

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Soon you’ll get to a spacious room where you’re going to have a fight with the first Boss — one of the Seven Deadly Sins — Envy. This would be a three-round battle. Here are some tips and tricks.

  1. During the first round, press Shift to dodge and then counterattack with two or three blows. Envy can attack you with the objects (in a close combat) and with magic (you need to dodge purple spots under your feet).
  2. During the second round, you need to climb onto the stone blocks. Find the lowest one and double jump. When you get higher, you’ll be able to activate your first ability to restore HP. Press the ‘’R’’ button since Fury has just suffered serious damage. Perform an Air Attack to make Envy hit the ground and keep fighting. Then, Envy will start carrying out another type of attack: she will teleport, appear up in the air and fall down making a shock wave. Press Space twice to jump over this wave.
  3. When Envy has only one third of HP left, the third round will start. All you have to do is to perform the same actions as you did during the second round, but in a quicker way. Jump on the upper block using your chain whip and do an Air Attack to avoid Envy's charged blows. Keep fighting and remember that in this round Envy will be making three shock waves instead of two. When you destroy the enemy, you’ll learn about the Talisman of Sin.

Finding Skyscraper

Get to the wall breach and jump upwards. Come down and get to the opposite side by clinging onto the pipe. Once you kill all the enemies, enter the building and go downstairs (or you can get upstairs and find a consumable item). Jump forward clinging onto both pipes and destroy one more group of enemies before entering a new building. You’ll see two blocked routes on your way to the building: one tunnel is blocked with gray and blue stones, another one — with an orange veil and a powerful many-handed enemy sitting next to the tunnel. You’ll be able to level up your weapon if you kill him.

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In order to get to the Haven and Skyscraper, go down the tree bole to the right and meet the Demon merchant Vulgrim. You can travel around Serpent Holes through his pedestals, trade different objects for souls or exchange them for Fury’s level boost (and for gaining one stat point each time she levels up).

Finding Maker’s Forge

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Follow the only available route climbing the tree to get to the Maker’s Forge — the third Vulgrim’s pedestal. Come inside to meet Ulthane The Black Hammer. You’ll get the The Bridge Stone which allows you to teleport the people you’ve found to the Haven. In exchange for this, Ulthane will be making weapons for you. He’ll also drop a hint that one more Deadly Sin — Wrath — is hiding under the city.

The Way to Nether

Go left to the elevator and stand in the middle of it to get downstairs. You’ll find another Vulgrim’s pedestal — Crossroads — next to the exit. Get under the elevator to find a secret object.

In this location there are many ways which are not yet available. Take a look around. You might already have enough points by now to activate Chaos form. You may use it for destroying a huge many-handed gorilla at the far left corner. Next, you should go to the far right corner. There (under the bus) you’ll find a hole leading downstairs.

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Darksiders 3 Walkthrough Part 1: Envy and Chaos
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Darksiders 3 Walkthrough Part 1: Envy and Chaos

A fire veil will block the way through the tunnel, so you should get down and crawl through the ventilation to escape the fire. You’ll get to a new location and free the first human.


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Pass through the vault killing huge crabs, spiders hatching from eggs, and demons. In the first room you need to jump on the broken platforms; in the second room — fly over using your chain whip and a pipe; in the third one — cling onto both pipes with your chain. Move further until you get to the subway. There will be a web blocking the way down, but then you’ll see larvae popping out of the nest. No rush to pick them. Wait until it eats a red substance and his belly becomes swollen. Pick up the larva and throw it on the web. After that, it should become red and tumid, and then explode. Press the ‘’E’’ button to lift the larva; ‘’X’’ button to aim; click the mouse wheel to throw the larva.

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Clear the tunnel downstairs and move forward. On the other side of a big cave you’ll see Sloth monster. You’ll deal with it later, so turn left. Destroy the crabs on the tracks, collect loot and approach a net with bugs getting out of it. Take a bug and go to the next cave. Go down the hill and throw the bug down beside the web.

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Perform an Air Attack against the hanging bag filled with red substance. When the bug gets fed with the substance, pick it up and throw it at the web. Hold off on moving forward. Turn around, go down the hill and you’ll find the black demon and a hole next to it. Eliminate the demon and crawl through that hole. There you’ll find a secret room with a human in it.

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Darksiders 3 Walkthrough Part 1: Envy and Chaos
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Darksiders 3 Walkthrough Part 1: Envy and Chaos

Go into the tunnel and fight with a huge bug. It will be emitting small acid monsters which will be trying to get closer to Fury and explode causing damage to her. By this moment, you should have collected enough points to activate Chaos. So use this form to do considerable damage and destroy the enemy.

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There is the Rejuvenation Core by one of the walls. It automatically increases regeneration of Nephilim’s Respite by 75. Destroy the bag with the substance and throw a well-fed bug at the web which is below (there are two more webs upwards). Go into the opened tunnel to get upstairs, to the yellow web.

Unlike other webs, it regenerates after a while. You need to destroy the yellow web first and then a simple one, but you can’t do this just using a bug which appears right here. You need to go back downstairs and take a bug from another nest not letting it eat the red substance. So bring the bug upstairs where it can eat the substance. Destroy the yellow web with the first well-fed bug and the simple one with another bug. Remember that well-fed bugs explode even without being thrown, so you need to be quick and throw them from the distance.

Fight against Wrath

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Go deep into the cave to find the second Deadly Sin — Wrath. Jump down and start a one-round fight. You should dodge Wrath's attack for the entire fight. Press Shift right before his attack. Once you eliminate your opponent, you’ll find yourself in the Lord of Hollows’ Chamber. Talk to him and get the Flame Hollow. Press the ‘’5’’ and ‘’1’’ buttons to switch between basic and Flame forms respectively.

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