Darkness Rises Beginner's Guide

Characters classes, earning currency and resources, upgrading gear, getting chests and other useful tips for Darkness Rises players

Darkness Rises is a role-playing game developed by Nexon for mobile devices running iOS and Android, where the players have to fight with orcs and protect their kingdom. The game boasts beautiful graphics, elaborated mechanics and an array of interesting activities. Darkness Rises includes a story campaign, adventurous PvE mode and exploring dungeons, cooperative missions, raids and PvP. We have prepared some tips for beginners, which will help you understand the features of this great game.

Character classes

There are four character classes in Darkness Rises, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. When choosing a hero, you should keep in mind your personal preferences and gaming style.

The Warrior is a knight who is keen on sword fighting and excels in close combat. This class is an ideal choice for beginners; the character has the highest protection rating and inflicts serious damage to his opponents. A warrior can achieve victory in the fiercest battles powered by his fairly simple but deadly combat techniques and stony resilience.

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The Wizard is a powerful enchantress who commands the elements of nature and can unleash magical powers. This character is focused on long-range combat while keeping a staff as her weapon of choice. The sorceress has an average level of protection and good health stats suitable both for beginners and more advanced players. When choosing a sorceress, you must be alert all the time, monitoring the character’s position on the battlefield to prevent enemies from closing in.

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Berserks are strong fighters, crushing their enemies with powerful smashes of the ax. This hero has the highest attack stats, but is very slow in combat and can appeal to experienced players.

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The Assassin is a clever and fast-moving killer, preferring dual swords as weaponry. It is the most difficult class in the game, for she has low health stats and inflicts average damage to the opponent. However, the assassin has the highest attack speed. If you like to move around the battlefield fast and prefer proficient combat techniques, then this class suits you well.

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  • The maximum level a character can reach in the game is 60.
  • The maximum skill level is 60.
  • The maximum essence level is 200.

Personalizing the character

After selecting the character class and completing the training, the hero's editor menu becomes available. Darkness Rises engages one of the most detailed protagonist settings systems, allowing you to modify any trait of the character you choose: from the physique, hairstyle, hair color and eyes to the shape of the nose, eyebrows and lips.

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However, those who do not want to lose time with settings can use appearance templates, prepared by the developers.

Note that you get free option to change your character's appearance only once. Just use the special coupon, available after completing the Chapter 4. If you have used the coupon, you can change the appearance of the character for 1000 diamonds only.

Managing your account

Your account is a hefty tool in Darkness Rises and comprises all your characters at once, allowing any hero to use resources and chests. For example, if a chest with gear was gained in a mission by an assassin, your warrior, sorceress, or berserker can access it. Diamonds are also used by all the characters, but each hero keeps his gold to himself.

Seizing gold and resources

Players are actively encouraged to qualify for various achievements. Tasks aren’t simple, from killing at least 5 monsters with Rage skill to collecting all the stars in the kingdom or ten C rank items and so on. The player receives skill points, gold, diamonds and gear for each successful achievement.

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Pass the missions, Gold Dungeon campaign and daily dungeons to gain experience, gold and resources. Good rewards can also be found in cooperative campaigns. And there is no necessary need to call your friends for a Co-Op; the system can pick out a suitable partner from players online.

The Gold Dungeon campaign is a priority where you'll need to kill enemies in limited time. Gold is obtained as a reward for every dead enemy, so the more rivals you destroy, the more gold you get. But, you can’t wander the dungeons endlessly, only a few attempts per day are granted with a 12-14 hour break.

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Tip: do not forget about the story campaign, since some rare resources and special abilities can be obtained only after completing these missions.


Darkness Rises engages a lot of different activities, but you can achieve them only after passing the Adventure campaign. Completing these missions and levels will grant access to joint game mode, different dungeons, four-player raids and rating PvP matches.

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Daily and Weekly Assignments

The hero accumulates experience for engaging in different activities. An easy way to get extra experience points is to perform daily and weekly tasks which are many, but quite simple to succeed in.

For example, weekly missions include such tasks as Kill 75 monsters, 15 Combo Attacks, Clear 3 adventure missions and so on. Daily tasks require the hero to open a golden chest twice or go through the Gold Dungeon.

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Sequential Battle

Darkness Rises is an RPG and therefore requires the player to repeatedly go through the same missions to advance the character’s level and gain resources.

Sequential Battle is useful in Adventures where you choose the necessary mission series, launch the game, activate the Sequential Battle function, and you can mind your own business. The hero will go through the missions on his own, until losing the keys or killed in battle.

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Another option is to put one mission on repeat. This is useful if you need to replenish certain resources, which are rewarded for passing specific locations.

Auto battle can also be engaged in Gold Dungeon.

Use finishing hits

Your hero can employ finishing attacks, reminiscent of the legendary Fatality from Mortal Kombat. Hits with increased damage are displayed in the Rage bar located under the Health bar at the top left of the screen.

When the bar fills up, a skull-shaped icon appears on the screen. A green skull means that a player can instantly kill an ordinary opponent, orange standing for the attack to destroy an elite monster, and a red skull meaning inflicting supreme damage to the boss.

Tips for using skills

Your hero has several skill sets. It is necessary to adjust combat skills for each player separately to gain advantage in online battles. By default, the character always uses a PvE preset.

Type of battle must also be accounted for when choosing skills:

  • PvE
  • Co-op
  • Duel PvP
  • Team PvP

In PvE, the hero frequently fights with several opponents simultaneously. In single PvP matches, endurance and survival are key. In team tactics, the skill set depends on the role you play in the group and it is more beneficial to focus on the overall result and choosing the skills that are useful for the whole group.

Leveling up it is worth checking new skills. Traditionally, slots can’t hold all the skills, so it is important to choose your priorities. Note that you spend not only skill points to upgrade your skills, but also gold. And the price edges higher with each new skill level.

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Don’t leave out the arena for PvP battles

Even if you are not a PvP fan, you ought to visit the Arena every day to save and improve progress. Unlike most mobile MMORPGs, Darkness Rises PvP battles have no auto combat.

Note that in the Arena the hero is granted the Shield option, allowing you to block the enemy’s attacks.

Battles on the Arena are a great way to earn rewards. If you hit the TOP 30% best players ranking, your character will additionally receive stones to upgrade gear.

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Stones are earned when reaching the next rank. Also, in online battles you earn honor points, which you can spend to purchase new items in the Honor Shop.

It’s also worth noting that PvP battles imply special armor, which is marked as "PvP". The gear can be assembled from puzzles falling from the chests of the Honor Shop of the Arena.

How to upgrade gear

Gear in Darkness Rises is separated into ranks from N to S, and any item of equipment of lower tier can be upgraded. There are two ways to upgrade.

  • First, you can merge two gear elements of one rank that were enhanced to the edge. For example, merging a Rank B level 40 helmet with another Rank B level 40 helmet produces a Rank A level 1 helmet.
  • The second option implies using one piece of enhanced gear of any rank and several upgrade stones (there are blue, green and red stones).

For example, taking a Rank B level 40 sword and adding 30 blue stones produces a Rank A level 1 sword.

How to get upgrade stones

Stones are rewarded for completing Daily Dungeon. Every day you will receive different stones. On Sunday, the player will be awarded several stones to upgrade all kinds of gear.

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You can also earn stones for passing certain chapters of the story campaign

Moreover, stones are presented for launching the game. You will receive 5 red stones on day 4; 5 blue stones on day 11; 5 green stones on day 18 and 10 chests with different stones on day 25.

Train the blacksmith

Once a day you can order the blacksmith to make polish, a special composition, which significantly increases weapons and gear rank. Upgrade the blacksmith’s level so he can create more bottles of polish. For example, if at level 1 the blacksmith can make only one Rank D item per day, at level 3 he can produce three Rank D items and three Rank B polishes at level 9.

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Join an active guild

Guilds bring many advantages. First of all, they allow the hero to develop more effectively at the expense of the guild’s currency. The size of the award is linked to the size of the group and its participants’ activity.

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Noting your presence with the ‘’Attend’’ button is a passive way of earning coins. The more members of the guild have pressed the button yesterday, the higher the reward is today.

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Every day, guild players are given three additional missions (easy, medium and difficult), after which you will receive a total of 90 coins. You can exchange resources (gold, diamonds) for coins within the guild and buy rare items and temporary buffs in the shop.

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  • Tip: don’t rush to create your own guild. Despite the fact that it is easy to collect the necessary amount, a first level guild is not worth the 100,000 in gold you pay for it. The community benefits only when it has many participants who are ready to donate regularly. It is advisable to join an established guild with active players. When selecting a guild, note that PvP matches are available in level 5 guilds and higher.

Visit the Village for more bonuses

In Darkness Rises there is a social zone called the Village, which is unlocked after completing the fifth mission in the Desert Amon chapter in Adventures. It is a place where the hero can communicate with other users and visit three locations to get bonuses.

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First, there is the Wheel of Fortune, which you can spin once a day for free and which rewards gold, chests with polish, stones and fishing bait. You can also make additional spins by spending diamonds, but it's not worth it.

Hot Springs is a location where you can quickly restore the rest bar. When using bath oil additionally the hero’s characteristics are temporarily enhanced (strength, HP, resistance). The duration of the bath oil effect is 10 minutes, while the enhancement lasts for 20 minutes.

You can reach the pier and go fishing. There are three types of bait - the better the bait, the more significant the reward. The player receives special runes for each caught fish, which give additional enhancement.

Obtaining chests

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  • Weapon and Armor Chest. To purchase a chest, you need 300 diamonds. Moreover, it is rewarded for free every 24 hours. It can contain rank C to A weapons or armor. You can also purchase a set of ten chests for 3,000 diamonds. On purchase, the player will receive ten items, one of which will be a Rank B item.
  • Accessory Chest. These don’t come for free. They are available for sale either one chest for 300 diamonds or ten for 3,000 diamonds.
  • Costume Chest. Granted once a week free of charge. Those who do not want to wait for so long can buy one chest for 300 diamonds (one C to A rank costume drops out of it) or buy ten chests for 3,000 diamonds (the player gets ten suits, one of which will be a Rank A item).
  • Gold Chest. Granted once every two hours for free. As an option, you can buy one chest for 5,000 gold, gaining N to C rank items. You can also buy ten chests for 45,000 gold, receiving ten items and a 10% gold discount).

These were the basic tips and we hope they helped you to get used to the game and prepare for proficient battle!

John Davis