Cyberpunk 2077

Release date: Q2 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Who Is Johnny Silverhand: Everything About Keanu Reeves’ Character in Cyberpunk 2077

The story of the character and interesting facts about the main star of Cyberpunk 2077

Everyone was shocked when Keanu Reeves entered the stage during the presentation of Cyberpunk 2077. Neo and John Wick gave his voice and appearance to Johnny Silverhand, the key character of the game. This hero has already appeared in the tabletop game which serves as the base for the new RPG from CD Projekt RED. In this article, we will tell you about his background before the events of the game.

Johnny Silverhand is a rocker, a former front man of the Samurai band. Together with other musicians of the band, he went from performances in the bars to the contract with Universal Music and the first place in EuroRadio charts. Due to the conflict with the keyboardist Nancy, the band fell apart, and Johnny went on with the solo career but kept using the ‘’samurai’’ logo. He is known for bold songs about modern wars, cyber programs for soldiers and government’s lies. He does not hide his hate towards Arasaka. People like Silverhand challenge the current government, informing the people about what’s happening and inspiring youth to fight against the system. Johnny’s most famous songs are ‘’Chippin’ In’’ and ‘’Never Fade Away’’ which will be included in Cyberpunk 2077 soundtrack.

Media was used to discredit the musician. For example, an article ‘’Hitler was a Rockerboy’’ was released – it told about leaders who manipulated people. In fact, there’s some truth in the words of the government propaganda – in order to get into Arasaka building and save the former sweetheart, Johnny arranged a concert right in front of the entrance, which led to the clash between his fans and the guards, distracting them.

Music labels tried to put pressure on the rockstar. In order to force him to sign a contract, EBS Record threatened revealing the truth about Johnny. Silverhand took part in the wars in Central and South Americas and deserted. However, Johnny came ahead of his foes and told about his past in the album Sins of Your Brother where he analyzed the fate of war veterans.

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Keanu Reeves had to do things that are unusual for a regular movie. He had to stand, sighing heavily, and perform other animations typical for NPC

Before E3, it was unclear whether Johnny Silverhand will appear in Cyberpunk 2077. According to the add-on to the tabletop game Cyberpunk Firestorm, he died from the hands of Adam Smasher – an assassin hired by Arasaka. The events of Cyberpunk 2077 continue the timeline of the role-playing games. At the same time, the trailer revealed that one year passed since Johnny Silverhand’s last tour. Was he alive in 2076? There are many theories about this ranging from a hologram to hallucinations of the main character. The most logical theory involves the program Soul Killer which is mentioned in the tabletop game. It can be used to fully copy a personality into a matrix code and then load it into a new body. There’s a possibility that he has already died once and was later resurrected. This explains why political themes started appearing in his music. Anyway, you can make Johnny Silverhand a childhood hero when creating the protagonist of the game.

Interesting facts

  • Silverhead is the name of a British rock band of the ‘70s. One of their songs is called ‘’Johnny’’.
  • In the tabletop game, Johnny belongs to the Rockerboy class, similar to the bard from the classic Dungeons & Dragons.
  • Johnny lost his left hand in one of the battles and now has a chrome prosthesis. His pseudonym clearly hints at this event.
  • The Samurai band logo is a collage of Mengu, a warrior protective mask, and a demon Oni from the Japanese mythology.
  • Right after the announcement of Keanu Reeves playing Johnny, Reddit and Twitter were full of questions about the possibility of romance with this character.
  • Keanu Reeves is associated with modern cyberpunk due to his role as Neo in The Matrix and Johnny Mnemonic from the same-name movie.
  • As his main weapon, Johnny uses Malorian Arms 3516, the most powerful pistol in the world of Cyberpunk 2077.
  • An alcoholic cocktail was called in honor of Silverhand. It includes vodka, brandy and synthetic spirit CHOOH2 which is used as super fuel in the game world.

Robert Summers