Crying is not Enough

Release date: June 18, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Crying is not Enough Walkthrough

Detailed walkthrough for the third-person survival horror Crying is not Enough


Get up from the bed, go to the table to the right of the fireplace and pick up the mobile phone by pressing the ‘’E’’ key. Note that interactive objects in the game don’t light-up, nor are there any clues on where and what keys to press.

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Leave the apartment, engage the door to go downstairs and exit outside. Go straight through the alley so that Jacob can catch a taxi.

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Once in the hospital, press the elevator button on the right side. Go upstairs and enter Dr. Miller's office to watch several cutscenes.

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Run forward past the burning barrel until you find yourself on the shore. Enter the small building, take the ammo lying on the shelf and read the note on the bed. All this is done using the ‘’E’’ key. Use ‘’R’’ to recharge, RMB for shooting and LMB to use the scope and shoot.

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Crying is not Enough Walkthrough-6Exit the building and turn around the corner to the left to find the CUBICA slot machine. You can spend a shiny coin to start the game. You need to rotate the figure in the center so that the flying geometric objects fall in the appropriate slots (a circle to the semicircle, etc.). You will be rewarded after scoring some points. Catch the hearts to get extra lives. These machines can also be used to save your progress.

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Run straight from the house, not turning anywhere. You will soon find the first enemy after rising up the slope. Kill it with 3-4 shots and continue moving past the burning barrel down the slope. That’s how you will reach the next building with an HP restoring syringe lying in it. Cross the bridge, kill one more enemy and you’ll see a building with a slot machine. By the way, initially you are given three coins, so you can spend them all at once, but keep in mind that they are also needed for saving progress.

Crying is not Enough Walkthrough-8

Enter the building, collect the ammo. When engaging the lever on the right, Jacob will tell you that the power is off. Climb to the top, take the syringe and enter the funicular. Despite the fact that the hero claims that the power is off, interacting with the control board inside the car will launch it.

More about the controls:

  • Press J to open the log;
  • Press V to access the inventory;
  • Press C to turn your phone’s flashlight on;
  • Press F to hit in close battle;
  • Press CTRL to duck.

Two accurate headshots from a pistol are enough to kill an ordinary enemy while one shotgun round brings the enemy down.

Jacob will reach a place reminiscent of the same building from where you just left. But actually it is not. To the left of the entrance there is a passage with an ordinary enemy. Kill it if you like. Go inside, turn the flashlight on with the C key and start descending. Two scratched bronze coins lie on the box at the very bottom and can be fed into the slot machines.

Abandoned Factory

After Claire brakes Jacob free, search the cell and collect two coins from the washbasin. There is a slot machine in the next room. Go left, where all the doors are locked. If you take a right turn and then a left turn, you will reach a door with a coded lock. If you take another right turn, you reach a tunnel with electrified water. Walk through the tunnel and take four coins from the barrels on the left side.

Go back and walk upstairs. A huge fan will be rotating in front. On the wall to the right, there is a control panel with a button. Push it and wait for the elevator to appear. Go inside and click the similar button to leave this place.

Crying is not Enough Walkthrough-9

The Mine

Go forward and kill the enemy on the left. Climb the wooden scaffolding and take hold of the love note lying on the boxes.

Descend back and walk under the wooden structure and take a look at what’s behind the curtain. When you get out, you can choose to go left or right. The path to the left leads to the barrels with radioactive substances that you saw earlier. Going there is meaningless, moreover, long exposure to radioactive substances charges the corresponding icon in the upper left corner of the screen and gradually reduces health points.

Take a right turn. Behind the doorway you will find a monster with a helmet on its head. You will hear a distinctive beep that indicates that there is a bomb on the enemy. Do not let the monster get close to Jacob, shoot it from a distance. Go to the truck and turn to the large gate on the left, to reach the new location.

Crying is not Enough Walkthrough-10

Outside (First Boss)

Cross the bridge and collect the useful items. Proceed to the right and you’ll find a corpse with gun ammo near the guardhouse. It is possible that the items can occur randomly. Pass the corpse on the right and discover a hole in the fence that allows you to continue your journey. A building lies ahead with a slot machine on the right side of its exterior.

Crying is not Enough Walkthrough-11

Walking around the building does not make sense for the enemies outnumber the loot, so just go inside. Collect the supplies, because a battle with the first real boss lies ahead.

This boss will be very difficult to defeat only if you approach him low on ammo and without a shotgun. That’s exactly what happened to me, good thing there was a slot machine nearby, and I saved my progress before the battle. If the same happens to you, go back across the bridge to the location with the trucks, which you probably managed to notice earlier. After walking back through the gate, proceed to the left down the slope past the two trucks. Here you will find a right turn that leads to other similar gates and a pathway that leads even lower. Inspect all buildings and the locations below to find the detonator.

If you fail to do so, go back to the second big gate (below and to the right of the two trucks) and walk past it. Go forward. Turning right is meaningless - the path leads to a dead end with radioactive barrels.

Some info on the radiation. In the upper left corner of the screen, besides the health scale, you’ll find the "radiation" icon (a three-leaf clover, as usual). When you get near the radioactive barrels, then, firstly, the screen will start to flicker and, secondly, the icon will gradually start to fill with white. If it doesn’t reach full white and you managed to run away from the radioactive elements, the radiation starts to automatically fall off after a few seconds.

If the icon goes white completely, the screen starts to pulsate, and with every second the hero will lose HP. This is similar to the first case described earlier, only this time you’ll have to get rid of the radiation by taking special pills. If you have them, then you are saved, if not, you will perish and begin from the nearest checkpoint.

Afterwards, go through the other gate forward to the vast territory. You will meet many enemies there. Clare will contact Jacob on the way and tell him about the people who kidnapped her, and also set the tasks:

  1. Destroy the only intact aircraft on the island in the large hangar.
  2. Get in touch with the outside world.

The plane is located in one of the nearest hangars. When approaching its nose, press E and you will see a message stating that the hero needs C4. To craft the C4 you will need a detonator and the explosive. You should have found the detonator earlier. If it was not there, then search all the buildings in the nearby territory. You should look for the hangar on the right when entering the location. There is still a slot machine behind the fence. Enter the warehouse and take the shotgun from a small booth by the wall.

By now, you should have collected a few bronze coins which you must spend on the Cubica game and acquire a lot of ammo.

With the shotgun in your hands go back to the hangar with the enemy carrying a flamethrower. About 10-12 shotgun rounds to the legs will be enough to defeat him (shooting in head and chest is useless, they are protected). After passing the enemy, examine the premises to the left and you will find the explosives. Combine the explosives and the detonator in the inventory, go back to the plane and blow it up.

By the way, there’s no need to rush. Pass the slot machine on the corner of the hangar with the boss with the flamethrower, by its right side, kill the opponent in the helmet without coming close to him and look at the barred territory near the building on the left. There you will notice a sparkling electric shield. Interact with it to get a functional fuse.

Go back to the location where hangars are located (including the building with the destroyed airplane) and find a high metal tower. After climbing to its top, you can discover a covered room with a radio receiver out of order. That means there’s no power. Descend back and find the building on the left. Go inside and take the first-level card key with the code 4431 from the panel on the right. There is another door opposite the front door, and to the left there is an electric switchboard on the wall. Although it is closed, approach it and interact to install the fuse. Take a few steps backwards and take aim at the door. When the light turns on, a monster will burst through the door. After killing it, climb back up the tower and interact with the radio receiver, which needs tuning.

Crying is not Enough Walkthrough-14

Thus, there are three waves ­ — red, blue and green. The switches on the upper left allow you to choose the wave you will be tuning. One of the switches will always be engaged. If the red switch is on, then all the changes brought about by the toggle switches modify the red wave. There are two toggle switches here. The toggle switch under the switches changes the appearance of the wave (amplitude). You need to find the setting that makes the red line curved to the longest extent (not short, but long waves). Do the same for the blue and green waves. After that, with the help of the tumbler on the right, adjust the speed of all the waves to the lowest one, that is, they must move at the same minimum speed.

Here, you should take into account the fact that if the speed and the form of the waves are the same, they merge and you see a completely different color. When all three waves merge, the resulting wave is white. It is the one you should see on the receiver’s screen. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to screenshot it, so I attached a similar image from the Internet lower.

Crying is not Enough Walkthrough-15
Except the line will be white and the waves’ peaks will be wider

Kill the monster and talk to Clare. Descend back, killing another enemy on your way. Go back through the cave to the elevator and ascend to the hospital. The loading can take a while, so be patient.

After leaving the elevator go down and you will find that the door to the main corridor with the cameras is locked. Type the code 4431 in the terminal to the left of the door, pressing the “Confirm” key afterwards. Kill the bold nurses, look into the first room and read another note, which will contain another code – 3285. Remember it.

NOTA BENE. I don’t recommend going to the end of the corridor where another monster awaits. Killing it is useless, since there is no loot nearby, and the door on the left (the last one) leads to a dead end. This is a bug in the game.

That’s why you should leave the corridor, take a right turn and a left turn to find a door with a coded lock at the end of another corridor. Here you should dial the code 3285. Go inside, collect the loot and go back, killing the nurse, that suddenly comes alive.

Clare said something about the cemetery on the other side and about the open door there. Pass the corridor in the hospital with the prison cells (and where the nurses first appeared). There is a fence at its end, where the corpse used to hang. It was closed initially, but it is open now. Pass through the fence and go upstairs to start loading.

The Cemetery

There’s not much that can be done here right now. To start, go out of the tunnel and go left into the tunnel with a truck. There’s a corpse to the left of the truck near the driver’s door and you will find the second-level card key on the floor. Take the key and follow the path ahead until you find the stairs and a slot-machine. If you go further ignoring the stairs you can kill a few enemies and reach the closed gate in front of a big mansion. But, doing so right now is useless.

Crying is not Enough Walkthrough-16

That’s why you should go upstairs near the slot-machine, reach the cemetery and witness a cut-scene starring Richard, who helped Jacob’s family. On one of the graves you’ll find two bronze coins for saving. Inspect the single crypt that lies up ahead to find some buttons with images on them. Jacob will tell you that there’s an opening here, where you can place something. It’s evident, that you don’t possess this object at the moment.

Crying is not Enough Walkthrough-17

Go back to the hospital, since you have obtained the second level card key. Stand facing the stairs, that lead to the elevator and look to the left to find the fence which can be passed to reach the other part of the corridor. On your way, you will encounter a door with a coded lock still closed. The code is unknown at the moment. Go further, kill the enemy and use the second level card key at the terminal to the right of the door. You will end up at a vast and multilevel broadcasting center. On the pedestal to the right you will find a note from the snitch, who’s informing the General of something. Descend to the lowest point, kill three enemies and find a glowing red valve on the pipe. Turn it to drain the water in one of the upper corridors. It’s possible that you have been there before.

One way or another, ascend again and face the stairs leading to the elevator. Look to the right, and you’ll see a small door. Open it and go downstairs to reach the long corridor. It was flooded initially, but since you have turned the valve the passage is now clear.

Go forward, passing one room after another, until you reach a location with an electrical switchboard. Insert the functional fuse that you have found earlier into the board to cut the power to the sparkling wire on the upper level. Go back, then turn right near the stairs that lead to the elevator. Take another right turn and at the end of the corridor you’ll find a flooded tunnel. The sparking wire used to be here, and the protagonist didn’t want to go into the water. Now you can do so. Walk to the other side, inspect the area near the right door and take the tile with the image of a wolf on it.

Crying is not Enough Walkthrough-18

Return to the cemetery and place the tile in the opening in the crypt and start solving the puzzle. Direct the sheep and the rooster to the grass, while the eagle and the wolf go to the sheep and the fox goes to the rooster. Dots on the tiles show the direction they move.

Underground Hospital (under the cemetery)

Crying is not Enough Walkthrough-19

Go into the crypt that opened up after solving the puzzle to reach a new location, the underground hospital. There are several corridors here. If you go left, you can reach the flooded rooms with a locked door. Go forward and kill the nurse, hiding behind the second turn to the left. Descend to the door locked with a code terminal and collect the scratched coins to save your progress. Glass doors are located opposite this turn. Go through them, search the room and take the voice recorder. Go forward along the corridor and kill one more enemy. If you go forward and reach the stairs leading up, then to the left you can find a slot machine. But you need to take a left turn before the machine. That’s how you can reach the office with the door equipped with an electronic puzzle.

Crying is not Enough Walkthrough-20

Thus, there are numbers on the upper and lower sides with an empty field in the center. You can set any values from 0 to 5, and the sum of these numbers in the central field must be equal to the numbers specified at the top, bottom, right and left. If the sum of the displayed digits is equal to the specified number, it gets highlighted in red. The solution is presented below:

Crying is not Enough Walkthrough-21

Go through the door, look around and try to take the diary from the table. A bug may appear here when the main character can’t read anything. Pay attention to the two doors. Looking at them, first enter the left one. At the end of the corridor, open another door and meet a madman with a chainsaw face-to-face. Keep a distance when battling with him. If you are using the shotgun, then note that after every third shot the enemy will be slightly stunned. If he approaches, then run away further, bypass him from the side, etc. About 10-12 shots will bring the enemy down. Examine the room, that also contains a slot machine. You will find another note next to the doctor's corpse at the table. Search the boss’ body to get the locker key.

Be careful! If you do not pick up the key now returning here me be a challenge. If you leave the location, then after returning, the door to the room with the freezers can be closed (this is a bug).

Go back to the office where the diary is, and go through the other door. Interact with the next door to start loading the new location. That’s how you can go back to the hospital and open a short route.

Go back to the underground part of the hospitals, reach the place with the slot machine and go up the stairs at the end of the corridor. You will find yourself in the courtyard of that very mansion. The entrance is closed and you need a key. Interact with the gate to open it and thereby create a short route.

Go to the door to the room where you have killed the guy with a saw instead of his hand. To the right of the door there is a corridor with a fallen cabinet. Duck and make your way under it, go downstairs and kill the nurse in the room. You will find the key to the airport on the locker in the front. After collecting the key, go to the airport with the exploded airplane. There is a ladder in the building where the shotgun was found. Climb the ladder and open the door with the key. In this room, in addition to useful items, there will be a stack of 5 silver coins.

Crying is not Enough Walkthrough-22

Now go back where you started the game (go right and up after passing the entrance to the shaft with the elevator). Use the funicular, go down and back until you find a building with a slot machine next to it. There is a small box with a lock on the table inside the building. Unlock it and get a stack of 25 silver coins. Combine these coins in the inventory to get 30 coins.

Crying is not Enough Walkthrough-23

Go back to the hospital under the cemetery, go forward and up the steps to the courtyard of the mansion. There is a statue here. When interacting with it, you can learn about the traitor Judas. If you remember, it was 30 silver coins that Judas Iscariot got for betraying Jesus Christ. Put the coins in the bowl, and four big buttons will appear around the statue. The statue will point to the buttons, and you can press them (just stand on it). After a few clicks, the buttons will stop being active, and the statue will stop.

NOTA BENE. Here I recommend saving progress before putting the coins in the statue. If you have already interacted with it, then load any of the recently saved files. Once inside the yard, put the coins in the statue and push the button behind it. Push the other three buttons, moving counter-clockwise and you will acquire a golden key from the mansion.

Open the door inward with the key and find the high clock to the left of the entrance in the hall. Interact with it to find the drug Zoralflexin 500 mg. Go through the double doors on the first floor, through the corridor to the right and go down. Pull the ax out of the door, climb up and return to the prison cells. Go to the morgue (you opened it with 3285) and apply the ax to the corpse. You will get a head with a key.

Crying is not Enough Walkthrough-24

Take it to the courtyard of the mansion and throw it in the pond with the piranhas. When they eat the head, apply Zeroflexin. The piranhas will perish, and you will receive the key. Enter the mansion and open its door with the said key. Go right and find a golden knife in the bedroom next to the slot machine. Go downstairs, through the double door and proceed left along the corridor to find a living room with a long dining table. Put the knife on the table in the place where it seems absent.

Crying is not Enough Walkthrough-25

Go to the room next to the clock to meet the butler. Then go upstairs, where the General awaits you and watch the final cut-scene.

John Davis