Creative Destruction Tips and Tricks

These tips will explain to you how you should land, how to use workshop, how to acquire building materials and items quickly, which weapons are best to pick, and what’s the best way to build

The best tip for this game is to master aiming and shooting skills. Once you got that covered, it will be a lot easier for you to improve your strategies.

This guide contains tips and tricks that will help you increase your chances of winning the game. If there are terms you do not understand, you may check on the Creative Destruction Beginner’s Guide.

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A great landing is a great game start

A great landing is getting a weapon immediately after you land. To make this possible, you need to master your gliding and parachuting skills.

Most people would suggest going to a town right of the bat because they are the best places to acquire a lot of weapons and items. However, this could also mean that you will face a lot of competition early on.

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To solve this problem, you need to master the skill of going as far as possible, so you can aim at farther towns during landing.

  1. Click on a distant town when you are still at the transportation to have a guide on your destination. A broken line to your destination will appear in the minimap.
  2. Estimate the nearest point and jump there.
  3. Slide down the aim (right side of the screen) so you will see most of the sky area.
  4. Use the minimap as a guide for your direction without looking down.

If you followed the steps above, you can be in an area with less or no competition and you can acquire the best weapons early on.

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If you are playing in duo or squad mode, always land together with them. A well-coordinated team has the best chance of winning

Quick collecting building materials and items is a skill

  • Learn to know where the items and chests are best located. The roof of every house should have one, so you need to land on the roof unless you found a chest in the open.
  • You will auto-acquire items until the 7 slots in your quick slots are full. Throw the weapons you think you wouldn’t need so you can quick slot new items later on. Still, removing an item is easy as you would just need to drag it going up.
  • Don’t go in collecting tons of building materials until you have a decent weapon. Just have enough to create some walls and ramps in case you get on a fight.
  • Upgrade your building materials once you have enough of them. If you noticed that your enemies have their barricades in a different color, those are upgraded materials and they have strong hit points.
  • Open your enemy chest after you kill them. You will be able to acquire their items and building materials. Always barricade yourself when you try to get your opponents items in the open. You won’t want a sniper fire while you are replacing your weapons.

Know how to use your workshop

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You can access the workshop by clicking on the button below the right end of your health bar
  • The workshop will allow you to upgrade your building materials and as well as craft traps and gadgets. Crafting them requires brick modules that can be acquired from bear-like statues anywhere in the map. They are usually present in houses.
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  • The coke propeller will allow you to fly through a distance for a short period of time. This is useful when chasing the safe zone of trying to escape from enemies.

Getting the best weapons is your first priority

Not all weapons are created equal, but your skills and game styles will determine what the best weapons are for you.

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If you are good at building platforms and can close the gaps between your opponents instantly, then shotguns and submachine guns are for you. It is also nice to have a grenade and launcher skills handy in case you are facing an enemy who is good at building as well.

The best weapons (legendary) drop from supply boxes, so you should always try to get them. You will be notified once supply boxes are dropped and you need to go to the locations indicated in the map.

However, people will be aiming for them as well, so you can either avoid for a greater chance of survival or make it an opportunity to ambush people who try to get them.

Here are the best weapons in the game for every category. Note that higher rarity means higher stats, so if you use epic or legendary weapons that are not on this list, it is still a good choice.

  • Pistols. Don’t use them as a main weapon unless you just want to have some fun.
  1. P357 packs a punch with 65 power but with a very slow fire rate.
  2. P229 is also a decent choice because it has a 2x scope. Useful early if you don’t have a sniper rifle.
  • Shotguns. DTR is the best shotgun because it has the higher rate of fire and the only shotgun that can have an epic rarity.
  • Submachine guns. UMP9 has the best range and power. It can also have the epic rarity.
  • Assault rifles.
  1. Scar. Scar is the best assault rifle. VHS has similar stats but Scar can appear in legendary rarity.
  2. XM8. This can be the best assault rifle in certain situations because it has a sniper scope. It has low stability but using an automatic weapon to snipe enemies at long distances is just deadly.
  • Sniper rifles. AWP is the best sniper rifle. It can kill enemies in one shot.
  • Special weapons. RPG7 and MGL are the best special weapons due to their high capability of destroying platforms and dealing area damage.

Building is a ‘must-learn’ skill

Shooting is the most important skill in this game, but building is the close second. Shooting skills can give you a lot of advantage in a 1 on 1 situation, but building skills will allow you to survive into 1 versus many situations.

  • Upgrade your materials. Always upgrade your building materials when you have excess resources. This will make your platforms and walls withstand more damage.
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  • Make use of the bastion button. The bastion button allows you to instantly build a pre-defined structure. The default structure is four walls and a ramp. You will instantly be on top of that structure and it can give you an advantage over your opponents that are just standing in the open.
  • Master ‘moving while building’ skills. Speed is important, so always practice this skill whenever you have a chance. This will allow you to climb houses and hills quickly for faster acquisition of items and mobility. This will also allow you to close the gaps between you and your enemies very quick.
  • Take the high ground. Enemies on the higher ground are always more difficult to deal with. This is because of the smaller hit area and the difficulty of adjusting your aim to above eye level. The ramps going up are the easiest to build, so you can quickly deal with your opponent when you are on a higher ground.

However, be careful if your opponent has an RPG7 because if you are high enough and the floor or ramp below you get busted, the fall damage can instantly kill you.

  • Diversion tactics. The walls and platforms can also serve diversions. Build a lot of structures if you are facing your enemies. They might assume that you are hiding behind your structures and then you can turn around them and surprise your enemies in their sides.
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Other Tips

  • You can hide bushes by crouching in it. This is a perfect place to ambush or snipe opponents.
  • The Training button allows you to perform mini-tutorials and earn Star Coins as a reward. Aside from learning more about strategies, the Star Coins earned will allow you to buy some outfits and customize your character.
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  • Perform the Daily Missions to acquire gold, experience and costume packs. Outfits do not add stats to you or your weapons but the option to customize your character to the look you want improves the overall gaming experience.
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Thank you for reading this guide. Hope it has helped you improve your rankings and your overall game strategies.

Ian Leo Bertoldo