Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled

Release date: June 21, 2019
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

How to Unlock All Characters in Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled

In this guide, you will find the list of all playable characters in the game, their parameters and how to unlock them

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled features many playable characters, both returning and newly added ones. The latter can be purchased in the in-game store with Wumpa Coins. Some characters are added with Grand Prix content.

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Original Crash Team Racing characters

CharacterHow to unlockSpeedAccelerationTurn
Crash BandicootAvailable from start5/75/75/7
Dr. Neo CortexAvailable from start5/75/75/7
Tiny TigerAvailable from start7/73/72/7
Coco BandicootAvailable from start4/77/73/7
Dr. N. GinAvailable from start4/77/73/7
DingodileAvailable from start7/73/72/7
PuraAvailable from start3/74/77/7
PolarAvailable from start3/74/77/7
Penta PenguinUse Penta Penguin Cheat Code7/73/72/7
Ripper RooDefeat in Adventure Mode3/74/77/7
Papu PapuDefeat in Adventure Mode7/73/72/7
Komodo JoeDefeat in Adventure Mode5/75/75/7
PinstripeDefeat in Adventure Mode4/77/73/7
Fake CrashComplete the Purple Gem Cup in Adventure Mode5/75/75/7
Nitros OxideDefeat in Adventure Mode / Available with Nitros Oxide Edition4/77/73/7
Dr. N. TropyComplete all of N. Tropy's Time Trials in Arcade Mode7/73/72/7
How to Unlock All Characters in Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled-2

Nitro Kart Characters

CharactersHow to unlockSpeedAccelerationTurn
Crunch Bandicoot1500 Wumpa Coin / Available with Nitros Oxide Edition7/73/72/7
Krunk1500 Wumpa Coins3/74/77/7
Small Norm1500 Wumpa Coins5/75/75/7
Big Norm1500 Wumpa Coins7/73/72/7
Nash1500 Wumpa Coins4/77/73/7
N. Trance7200 Wumpa Coins (Summer Time bundle)3/74/77/7
Real Velo1500 Wumpa Coins3/74/77/7
Geary1500 Wumpa Coins5/75/75/7
Zam1500 Wumpa Coin / Available with Nitros Oxide Edition3/74/77/7
Zem1500 Wumpa Coin / Available with Nitros Oxide Edition7/73/72/7

Grand Prix Characters

CharactersHow to unlockSpeedAccelerationTurn
TawnaBronze Tier Reward (Nitro Tour Grand Prix)4/77/73/7
Ami1500 Wumpa Coins (Nitro Tour Grand Prix)7/73/72/7
Megumi1500 Wumpa Coins (Nitro Tour Grand Prix)4/77/73/7
Liz1500 Wumpa Coins (Nitro Tour Grand Prix)3/74/77/7
Isabella1500 Wumpa Coins (Nitro Tour Grand Prix)5/75/75/7

With Back N. Time Grand Prix, 3 more characters will be added:

  • Baby Crash
  • Baby Coco
  • Baby T

Spyro the Dragon will be added with Spyro and Friends Grand Prix.

Corey Tomsky