Release date: August 27, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Control Side Quests Walkthrough

The complete walkthrough of all side tasks in Control and how to unlock all abilities

A Merry Chase

Control Side Quests Walkthrough-1

The task will become active after a conversation with the janitor. Turn around and leave the utility room. Go to the corridor in front and turn into the room on the right side to find a TV. Interact with it and get a video record. Go to the far room where the red light is glowing. Walk across the room so that the floor in the center collapses. You’ll see another object of power in the distance – a merry-go-round horse. Get to it and interact with this object.

Control Side Quests Walkthrough-2

From now on, you can evade (basically, a rush forward). Use CTRL to activate it. Move around the location using this rush. To jump over large chasms, press Space or CTRL. Run away from golden enemies as they are not vulnerable to Jesse’s attacks. For the completion of this quest, you’ll get 2 ability points. To leave this place, jump along the platforms and move in the direction of the bright light.

What a Mess: Burn the Trash

Control Side Quests Walkthrough-3

To get this task, examine the board in Ahti’s utility room and remove a tablet with a manual. Continue the storyline quest Directorial Override. When you go to the pumps and clear the control point, go to the room on the right. That’s Furnace Chamber.

Control Side Quests Walkthrough-4

Here, you will need to find all green barrels with chemical waste and throw them into the combustion chamber at the end of the hall. Two barrels are hidden at the very bottom. There, you will also find a container and a document. The remaining barrels are easily visible. When you destroy all the barrels, the quest will be completed. Besides modifications, you’ll also get 2 ability points. Upstairs, you can also find a tape recorder with an audio record.

A Good Defense

In the description of the storyline quest Directorial Override, we have indicated which note should be picked up to activate this task. Return to the NSC Power Plant and go to the right. Not far from the door that leads to energy converters, you’ll find the door that you need – Central Maintenance. Go through this door and examine two restrooms on the left side to find two containers. Go to the hall of the maintenance center and grab a note. Move through the door on the right and descend the stairs through the checkpoint. The road forward leads you to Black Rock Processing. You should go to the left to get into a room with a container and a document.

Control Side Quests Walkthrough-5

Return to the maintenance center and note that the passage to Field Training is blocked. The other road leads to the elevator. To get through the red opening, destroy 3 separate red outgrowths in the hall. In the office on the left side, you’ll find a document. Go forward and push the red button to start the test.

You’ll have to go through an obstacle course. To open the doors, you’ll have to either destroy the targets with a red light or install orange cubes into the hole. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to complete this challenge during your first attempt. However, you’ll be able to study the course. When you do everything in time, you’ll get into the room with an object of power – a home safe. Use telekinesis to throw any object into a cluster. After this, interact with the safe.

Control Side Quests Walkthrough-6

The training will begin. You may use the Shield. To activate it, press Q. Pass the segment, hiding under the shield from golden enemies. Note that they can destroy your shield, so you have to pause from time to time, hiding behind the columns on the location. Get to the safe to complete the quest. In addition to a new supernatural skill, you’ll get 4 ability points.

Maintenance: Major Targets (Bureau Alert)

This quest is activated together with the storyline mission Old Boys’ Club. Head to the NSC Energy Converters that you have launched before. You must do this in the specified time. Kill all enemies to get a reward but note that the task will be failed if you die.

Executive: Hiss Nods (Bureau Alert)

Another time task which is activated when you find yourself in Astral Exhibition when you move along the storyline quest Old Boys’ Club. In the future, we will not indicate the appearance of such missions. Just remember one thing: you have 20 minutes to complete the task and only one attempt. The mission will be failed in case you die.

A Captive Audience

Go to the Hypnosis Lab through the Parapsychology departmentt. Go forward and turn to the right to find a container. Go to the control room on the right and find a console. You should make the correct image. Standing at the console, look through the window and see a sheet with an image. In a circle, there should be a row of solid walls. Two rows should be above, while the diamond must stop at the top.

Control Side Quests Walkthrough-7

Once you have solved the puzzle, go towards the object of power at which the people stare. An open door will be located on the right side. Go through it and activate the tape recorder to get an audio record. Go to the next room and interact with an X-ray lightbox. You’ll be transferred to the training area.

Jesse cannot deal damage to golden opponents, but ordinary enemies will also appear at the location. Shoot at such enemies. When they have few health points, hold F. You’ll grab them and they will start attacking the golden enemy. As soon as the golden enemy is killed, interact with the place where he was standing. The task is completed. You will get the Seize ability and 3 ability points.

What a Mess: Clear the Clog

Go back to the janitor to his utility room and remove a new tablet with a task from the board. This starts the quest. Go to the station with the coolant pumps. Go to the other side, along the top, and open the door in the far corner. Grab a case file on the side. On the left and on the right, you’ll find holes for orange cubes. Also on the right side, you’ll be able to climb onto the grate to get to the other side. There, you’ll find a third hole for the cube and the cube itself. Install the cube into the hole to open the room. Take another cube and install it into the second hole. If you fail to find the third cube, go back to the hall with the three coolant pumps and find additional ones. As soon as you place all three cubes into three holes, you’ll be able to turn the valve.

A small door will open. Go through it to the lower level and destroy the blockage just like you’ve done before. Collect the contents of two containers. You’ll get 3 ability points for the destruction of the blockage.

Old Growth

In order to obtain this task, talk to Emily Pope in Central Executive after the storyline quest Threshold. Head to the Central Research sector and go down. At the place where the door to lab 01 is located, you’ll find a passage with golden grass. Go there and find a hole – that’s an elevator shaft. Jump down the ledges until you get to the very bottom. Go forward past the soldiers and open the level 4 door. Talk to Dr. Underhill. Pick up two notes and a document.

Control Side Quests Walkthrough-8

Exit through another level 4 door, go up the steps and head to the cave with mold. If you jump through the hole in front, you’ll find a container and a note. Follow the only route and kill all enemies. Below, you should collect the first sample of mold. Kill all opponents, hiding in the shelter and throwing objects at them. When you do this, go up the ledges. Under the metal stairs leading to the control point, you’ll find the second sample.

Control Side Quests Walkthrough-9

Activate the control point and go to the passage on the left side where the corpses lead. The third sample will be located there. There are two containers in other passages. If you have unlocked levitation, you’ll be able to climb up the ledges in the cave to find a hidden place with a container.

Return to the tall columns on which the spitting monsters were standing before. Instead of the metal stairs on the left side, jump to the passage on the right. This path leads to two rooms. In one of these rooms, you’ll find TVs. The other room, on a hill, contains toilets. In both rooms, you’ll find new samples of mold. Return to Dr. Underhill to show the mold. Near her, you’ll find a note.

Control Side Quests Walkthrough-10

Go back to where you looked for mold samples. A colored grass is growing at the place where you have found the first sample of mold. Jump there as it will not hurt you now. Descend through the purple hole and kill two level 9 opponents. Turn on the tape recorder that is lying on the ground to get an audio tape. Remove the objects from the passage on the right to find a case file and a container.

Control Side Quests Walkthrough-11

Follow to the passage on the left. Move through the cages, killing enemies, until you have to jump lower. Instead, find a small passage on the right, jump there and pick up a container and a case file. Move further, find a container on the side and turn on another tape recorder with an audio record. Jump down through the hole to get to a cave with a boss – Mold-1.

We recommend using Shatter (shotgun) in the fight. The monster uses several attacks. You should try to aim only at the open blue orbs. They are located on each tentacle. When the enemy launches gas, go up in the air, using levitation. Move left and right, dodging blue shards which are released from the central tentacle. Meanwhile, you must shoot at the open orb. Be careful when the monster pulls the tentacles back – he will try to hit you. At the beginning of the battle, he will attack you with one tentacle. Starting from the middle of the battle, all tentacles will be used against you. When you shoot at the blue orbs, shards fall out of them – use them to replenish HP.

Control Side Quests Walkthrough-12

Once you have won, go through the doorway and activate the control point. Use the tape recorder with an audio record and open a container. Return to Dr. Underhill with the help of the control point. As a reward, you’ll get 4 skill points. Also, you’ll now be able to enter the rooms with mold.

Mold Removal

The quest is provided by Dr. Underhill following the additional quest Old Growth. Go to the beginning of the location, insert the cube into the panel and take the elevator. Go to Central Executive and talk to Emily Pope.

You should visit three locations in the research sector. All of them have control points. In each of these locations, you will face three opponents who spray mold. Find them in the sector. Use traces of mold to spot them. In Central Research, two opponents are located below, and one is behind the glass above.

Control Side Quests Walkthrough-13

Use levitation to deal with him. Go up the steps from the shelter on the middle floor and see mold on the wall on the right side (under the window). New documents and notes will appear in the rooms. Then, follow to other two places, each containing three enemies.

Go to the Active Threshold area in the research sector and talk to Dr. Underhill. You’ll get 2 skill points for completing this quest.

A Matter of Time

Control Side Quests Walkthrough-14

This quest could be obtained from Horowitz who is located on the second floor in the left wing of Logistics in Containment Sector. You’ll get there along the storyline quest My Brother's Keeper. Pull the cord to the left from Horowitz to move to the Oceanview motel. Go down the corridor and ring the bell at the reception. Each time you ring the bell, clocks that stand at the reception rotate. Pay attention to the time at which they stop and enter the nearest open room. Set the watch to the same time. Go back to the reception, ring the bell and remember at which time the clock stops again. Set this time in the second room.

Use the bell again and set the appropriate time in the third room. Finally, you should use the bell again and set the time in the nearest room. You’ll hear a signal. Go to the reception and pick up the keys that lie near the bell. Open the door with a black pyramid.

Use the cord to move to another location. Jump down and go along the corridor to the room with a control point. Clear the control point, killing all enemies. You are located in the corridor of the restricted contact area. Go up the stairs on the left and talk to a soldier who is sitting by the corpse of an ally. That’s Wells of whom Horowitz was talking about.

Control Side Quests Walkthrough-15

Follow Wells who will open the level 9 door. Clear the next hall from enemies. Be careful as the enemies here are powerful. Wells will ask you to find an alternative route. Climb the mountain of clocks and get into the ventilation. Move along the top and find a container. Jump down and push the button to open the gates for Wells. You’ll also find a case file which is lying at the side.

There’s a container in the corner on the right side. Go to the hall of the closed contact area and examine the container on the right side. Clear this place. You see a shelter in which an object of power is locked. At this time, you cannot open it as you have to first accompany Wells. Go upstairs and find a container in the room on the right.

Go to the other side of the floor and find a case on the stand in the room in front. There’s a container in the other end. Move to the other side of the second floor, on numerous clocks, to find a passage. This route leads down, to the room with a control point. In the office on the right, you’ll find a container and a document.

Control Side Quests Walkthrough-16

Continue moving to the transit corridor, move further and kill the enemies. You’ll find two containers along the way. Wells will open the level 9 door and you’ll be able to return to logistics dept. There’s a container and a case file in the offices. Go to the other side, through the control point in the logistics dept. Head upstairs to the motel’s cord. Unfortunately, Horowitz was damaged by the Hiss. Kill him and then talk to Wells near the doors of the shelter. You’ll get 2 ability points as a reward for the completion of this quest.

Control Side Quests Walkthrough-17

The Enemy Within

This quest will become available after the additional quest A Matter of Time. Jesse decided to return to the contact area and to enter the shelter with the changed object. Move to the contact area through any control point. Kill enemies and open the doors of the shelter. There’s a note on the shelves on the left side. Move forward and jump over the abyss by using the jump in a rush.

Control Side Quests Walkthrough-18

A huge abyss awaits you. To get through it, you should complete the big part of the storyline quest My Brother's Keeper to get levitation. Having moved to the other side, you’ll have to fight against the Anchor who hides under the shards. The Anchor will sequentially open in four different directions. Wait in one of them, having taken any object, and then use telekinesis to throw it at the red orb inside. After this, quickly fly to the other side.

Control Side Quests Walkthrough-19

Repeat until you destroy the enemy. Periodically, you’ll have to deal with ordinary opponents. Kill them, and then continue attacking the Anchor. Once you have won, interact with the Anchor to isolate the object. You’ll get three ability points.

Fridge Duty

The quest could be obtained during the conversation with Phillip on the fourth floor of the Panopticon where you’ll get during the storyline mission My Brother's Keeper. Continue dealing with the storyline quest. Following your visit to Dylan’s cell, return to the fourth floor and talk to Phillip on the intercom. He will tell you that only Langston can open the door. Go to the beginning of the Panopticon (use the control point) and talk to Langston.

Control Side Quests Walkthrough-20

Return to the Upper Panopticon and go into Phillip’s room. Pick up a note and examine a container along the way. Phillip will die. Interact with the fridge to enter the astral dimension. There, you’ll have to fight against a huge monster – Former. In the battle against him, you’d be better off using the cumulative form of weapon. Use CTRL to dodge from flying missiles and monster’s tentacles. Both missiles and tentacles will deal damage to the ground so be careful and do not fall down.

Control Side Quests Walkthrough-21

Close to the end of the fight, the monster will stop throwing orbs. Instead, he will strike with his tentacles thrice. Having defeated him, go to Langston to complete the mission.

Langston’s Runaways

This quest will be provided by Langston following the completion of the quest Fridge Duty. You should find several changed objects which are located in different parts of the Oldest House.

Choose the task and use the control point. You will see where you should go (the necessary rooms will be marked in yellow). Go to the Dead Letters section. Here, you will find a constantly moving letter. Start by killing all enemies and then climb onto one of the four tables and just wait. Sooner or later, the letter will stop near you. Quickly interact with it to isolate the item. You will have to find two more letters. Look up in the dept. You’ll see that there are several more tiers and stairs. Use levitation to get there and find two more letters. Catch and isolate them. A couple of documents and notes can also be found there.

Control Side Quests Walkthrough-22

Move to the Upper Panopticon. Go forward along the bridge to the place where you have obtained levitation. You will see a traffic light. Get close to it and isolate this object. The essence of the puzzle is that you can move only when the light is green or yellow. Obviously, you’d be better off stopping at yellow since if the traffic light ‘’catches’’ you when moving on the red light, you’d be transferred to the initial position. Do not hurry and act precisely. You can even levitate in the air – the most important thing is not to move.

Control Side Quests Walkthrough-23

Move to Logistics and head to the medical wing just you have done before. Go to the spacious destroyed hall. Kill all enemies, shoot the outgrowths and pay attention to the trash pile that gets together. Shoot at it so that a ‘’hand’’ falls. Interact with it to isolate the object.

Move to the entry to the Sealed Threshold area. Shoot at the cluster of clocks to remove them and isolate the lantern. We recommend starting by killing ordinary enemies. Return to Langston and tell him that all items are isolated. As a reward, you’ll get 2 skill points.

However, the mission will not end at this point. Langston will tell you to find three more objects. Go to the Ritual Division of the Research sector and enter the room Protective Studies (down the map). The rubber duck is located inside the locked room. Go through a whole in the wall (look up) and get to the room with the duck. Chase it until you catch it.

Control Side Quests Walkthrough-24

After the storyline quest The Face of the Enemy, go to the designated place and move atop, where file cabinets are located, along a winding path until you see a crack in the end. A mannequin is located behind it. Come close to it. After a bright flash, several mannequins will appear. Examine each of them until you find the one with which you can interact. Isolate this item.

Control Side Quests Walkthrough-25

Finally, visit the place where you’ve been with Wells and find a room that is lit in purple. Get to the flamingo and interact with it. You will have to fight Former once again.

Old Friends

The quest is provided by Arish. You can obtain it in the Central Executive area. It will appear on Marshall’s place after the beginning of the quest The Face of the Enemy. Activate the task and then move to a different point of the maintenance sector to kill soldiers infected by Hisses. In total, you’ll have to deal with six enemies. Once you have eliminated everyone, return to Central Executive and talk to Arish. As a reward, you’ll get 4 ability points.

What a Mess: Talk to the Plants

One more quest provided by the cleaner Ahti. Move to Central Research, head to the beginning of the department (from the side of the elevator). Here, you’ll find the first plant. The second one is located near the doors to Darling’s office (upstairs). Go down and find the third plant near the Parapsychology dept. Follow the narrow stairs on the side and find another plant near the shelter. Two more plants are located on the first floor: one is near the cafeteria while another one is near the wall behind which the restrooms are located.

Control Side Quests Walkthrough-26

As soon as you talk to each plant, the mission will be completed, and you’ll get 4 skill points.

What a Mess: Clear the Mold

One more quest provided by the janitor Ahti. Go to the Logistics dept. of Containment Sector and enter the Medical Wing. Go to the hall which you have visited during various tasks. You should destroy the outgrowths on the walls. Two of them are located in the main hall, while another one is in the side room. The most inaccessible outgrowth is located in the big bright room. Go the end of this room, bend down and look through the doorway to see the outgrowth in the next room. Having eliminated all outgrowths, you’ll complete the mission and get 3 ability points.

Control Side Quests Walkthrough-27


To pick up the case, move along the storyline and open the level 6 door in the security dept. during the mission The Face of the Enemy. A case file will be located on the left side in the guard’s booth. Pick it up to activate the quest.

Follow to the Ritual Division and move left, to Synchronicity Lab. Go down the stairs on the right side and open the level 6 door. Go to the room with shutters – three on the left and three on the right. You’ll see buttons that lower and raise the shutters. Go to the left and raise the second and third shutters (the nearest shutters should be closed). Go to the right and raise only the first shutters (the nearest ones) while the second and third shutters should be closed. A passage to the mirror will be opened.

Control Side Quests Walkthrough-28

Interact with it to get to the mirror-world. Get out of the room and go up, to Synchronicity Lab. Examine a cell with a grate behind which the mannequins are located. Go up to the second floor and turn to the right to examine another cell. Go to the other side of the second floor and look at yourself once again. Finally, you’ll see Jesse’s reflection – esseJ.

Control Side Quests Walkthrough-29

Defeat the enemy that will be using the same weapons. The battle will be divided into three stages. Your opponent will fly during the last stage of the fight. Each successful shot at the boss causes a drop of shards which restore your HP. As soon as you win, go back and clean the mirror. The task is completed, and you are provided with 4 ability points.

Mr. Tommasi

Control Side Quests Walkthrough-30

Following the task The Face of the Enemy, go to Central Executive and talk to Emily Pope. She will provide you with a quest. Go to the rotating platform and turn to the left to get to a new location.

Control Side Quests Walkthrough-31

Fight against Tommasi. When he has less than 50% HP, kamikaze and other monsters will appear at the location. We recommend hiding from Tommasi until you defeat the invisible monster. Talk to Emily Pope after the victory. As a reward, you’ll get 3 ability points.

What a Mess: Even More Mold

Following the beginning of the storyline quest Finnish Tango, visit Ahti’s utility room and pick up a new task from the wall. Head to the NSC Coolant Pumps and move through the cave. Do not hurry to go to the very bottom. Along the way, you’ll see a hole in the rock with mold. Jump there and you’ll find yourself in the central part of the hall with pumps. Move along the top, in a circle, and watch around. All outgrowths are located here, at the top. Do not descend! When you destroy them, you’ll get 4 ability points.

Control Side Quests Walkthrough-32

What a Mess: Take a Break

Visit the janitor’s office after the previous mission. This quest will start automatically. Sit on the sofa and wait. After this, remove the new janitor’s assistant outfit from the wall. You’ll get 4 skill points.

Control Side Quests Walkthrough-33

Robert Summers