Close to the Sun

Release date: May 2, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Close to the Sun All Collectible Items Locations

Check out this guide to find out where all the photos, documents and other collectibles are located in Close to the Sun


  1. Helios postcard #1. Examine the bed in the first room, where Rose is at the beginning of the game.
  2. Helios postcard #2. When leaving the room, examine the sofa in the middle of the corridor.
  3. Helios postcard #3. When you are on the deck, move through the corridor along the left side (if you exit the door to the right) in order to find the item on the windowsill. If it’s not there, check the same corridor on the other side.
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Chapter 1

  1. Passport #1. When you get inside Helios, examine the red chairs in the waiting room on the right hand. The document is on one of them.
  2. Passport #2. From the elevator go to the left. When you get into a large room with tables, find the document on one of them.
  3. Passport #3. In the same spacious office, go into a room with a lever that turns off the first fuse. The document is on the counter. The path to the room is closed, but you can open it if you turn the two buttons with arrows correctly.
  4. Passport #4. In the office in the other wing, where you will go to turn off the second fuse, there is a metal ladder leading upstairs. There, you will find several racks and the document.
  5. Passport #5. In the left wing, through which you walked into the room with the fuse lever, you can go through a small door with a green light bulb and get to the interrogation room. The passport is on the stand.
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Chapter 2

All five masks are located in one big hall, where you will see Rose’s hallucinations. One mask lies at the foot of the statue in the center, four others — in four different parts of the hall.

Imagine that the hall is divided into four sectors apart from the statue in the center and inspect each of them to find four more masks.

Chapter 3

  1. Keycard from Steinitz’s apartment. When you see the way to the Gamma wing, where the wires sparkle, examine the chess tables nearby. The keycard will be on one of them.
  2. Photo №1. Go upstairs and behind the reception desk find two key cards to the fire and wind apartments. The corridor nearby contains the necessary doors, and behind one of them is a lot of balloons and the photo on the bed.
  3. Photo №2. In the main hall, go to the left wing, facing the sparkling wires of the Gamma wing. Turn right and immediately climb the metal fire escape to find the picture near a corpse.
  4. Photo №3. Explore the first floor until you see a fountain, in which the photograph lies.
  5. Keycard from King’s apartment. Once in the Gamma wing, inspect the hall and find the keycard at the bar.
  6. Photo №4. Once inside the Alpha wing, look at the furniture set — on the coffee table you will find the photo (in the hallway, before the corridor with apartments).
  7. Photo №5. After Tesla blocks the exit from the Alpha wing, look into the Brown’s room. Find the photo on a nightstand to the right or left of the bed.
  8. Keycard from Ostrog’s apartment. This card can be obtained by solving a puzzle in Brown's room, to the right of the locked door of the Alpha wing. Look at the safe; read the note on the pier on the left about sheep, wolves, a dog and a shepherd. Depending on the selected image on the left, set the appropriate one next to it. For a shepherd — a dog, wolves — sheep, sheep — grass, dogs — wolves. Inside is the keycard that allows you to open Ostrog’s apartment in the same corridor Alpha.
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Chapter 4

  1. Blueprint #1. Once in the lab, open the green door and go to room 301 on your left hand. On one of the far tables is the blueprint.
  2. Blueprint #2. After you turn off the electrical tower, go upstairs and head out into the corridor, move to its end, but do not rush to open the door. In the corner to the left, behind the box there is a corpse and the collectible.
  3. Blueprint #3. When you open the door after entering the code from the note you found in the toilet, look in the second office to find the item on the table.
  4. Blueprint #4. Follow the corridor further and enter the lecture room, where the blueprint is hidden on the teacher’s desk.
  5. Blueprint #5. The next item you will find in a room with cages and rats when you run away from the monster. Look at the table by the wall.
  6. Blueprint #6. After the room with the rats, you will get into the corridor. Enter the nearest room with the doctor's chair to find the blueprint, in the corner near a corpse.
  7. Blueprint #7. In the same corridor, move to the left of the place you came from (facing it), and enter Dr. Harnesk’s office, between the second and third passages to the left. Inside there is the blueprint, on the floor by a doctor’s corpse.
  8. Blueprint #8. The last blueprint will be found after the previous two, when you go up a little higher and see the waiting room with wide stairs leading up. The drawing is on one of the benches.

Chapter 5

  1. Helios Physics Department Report #1. At the beginning of the chapter, after leaving the hall, open the only door with a green light and pick up the item from the table.
  2. Helios Physics Department Report #2. After you listen to Aubrey, do not rush to open the door to the lecture hall. Instead, find the pneumatic tubes in front of her and the document lying there.
  3. Helios Physics Department Report #3. In lecture hall, on the teacher's desk immediately after the previous document.
  4. Helios Physics Department Report #4. When you move through the burning rooms, after you make your way through the narrow passage between the objects, inspect the nearest table with the document.

Chapter 6

  1. Opera Flyer. When you get to the Theater, go to the upper box, where you will see the ghosts of Tesla and Ada, and look at the seats to the right of the fence. The collectible is there.
  2. Petronova Flyer. From the top lodge climb the stairs on the left to get into the corridor. In front of you will be a poster of a woman, and on the right of it is the flyer with her.
  3. Steinitz Flyer. When you pass from one balcony to another on a metal beam and return to the corridor, go left to the barricade and find the flyer behind the fallen column.
  4. Fabrier Flyer. When you find yourself in the front rows, go to the piano and you will find the item on the seat.
  5. Clown Flyer. After the appearance of Ostrog on the stage of the theater, run away from him and go through the door marked SLOW to find the flyer on the box in the nearest corridor.

Chapter 7

  1. Maintenance report #1. At the beginning of the large hall, open the bridge on the left by pulling the lever on the remote control, and on the other side look at the metal supports. The report is on one of them.
  2. Maintenance report #2. When you are in a room where you need to reduce the pressure with the valves, enter the room in the center. There are three doors here. Exit through each one and look at the pipes on the right. The collectible should be there.
  3. Maintenance report #3. When you find yourself in the control room, from where you will see a high tower and Aubrey in the tower on the right, look around inside and find the item on one of the panels.
  4. Maintenance report #4. In one of the rooms of the tower, where Benny is located. After you turn off a sparkling tower.

Chapter 8

  1. Sketch #1. Go to the room with couches after the beginning of the chapter and find the sketch on one of the nightstands.
  2. Sketch #2. When you see the first silhouette of Rose carrying Ada, go after it. Before the steps up to the corridor on the left, examine the floor to pick up the document.
  3. Sketch #3. Once in the greenhouse, go upstairs and examine the wooden boxes on the right, on which lies the document.
  4. Sketch #4. When you move along the corridors with a blue haze, turn into the corridor on the left. The item is behind the box on the floor, in the dead end.
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Chapter 9

  1. Blueprint #1. Moving forward, you will find yourself outside and notice the Tesla Tower. Go ahead and enter the room with some suits and the first door with a green lamp. Turn around, exit the room and head to the open boxes. The blueprint is on one of them. Opposite it, there is a blocked passage with a container on which the item lies.
  2. Blueprint #2. When you open the first door that Aubrey blocks, you will find a corpse with the blueprint in the corner on the left.
  3. Blueprint #3. When you go down the stairs from the bridge, because Aubrey has blocked the door, look for the item on the table.
  4. Blueprint #4. Move on after the previous collectible and find the next one literally in the next corridor on the left.
  5. Blueprint #5. When you run away from the mutant and find yourself in front of the door with a green light bulb, do not rush to open it. On the right are the pneumatic tubes, and on the shelf is the blueprint.
  6. Blueprint #6. Open that green door and take another blueprint off the table on the left.

Chapter 10

  1. Tesla’s Personal Note #1. As soon as you leave the room and you get in the laboratory, take the note from the table.
  2. Tesla’s Personal Note #2. When you are in a room with another electric tower, take the note from the stand on the right.
  3. Tesla’s Personal Note #3. Another note is in the same room with a tower, on the table on the left.
  4. Tesla’s Personal Note #4. After interacting with the globe, you will be next to the capsule. Nearby there is a rack, on one of the shelves of which is the collectible.

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