Close to the Sun

Release date: May 2, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Close to the Sun Puzzle Solution Guide

Door codes, riddles and power lever puzzles

In Close to the Sun, the player will come across several puzzles. Below we listed the solution to them, to save you some time.

Chapter 1: How to find torture tools

When you reach the closed elevator at the beginning of the game, turn left and go through doors with green lights. Once you found the torture cabin, look for the buttons on your left side. To solve this puzzle, turn both buttons to the left.

Close to the Sun Puzzle Solution Guide-1

Chapter 3: Gamma Quarter emergency power code

In Chapter 3, you must get into Ada’s room. To get there, you’ll need a spare key, which is located in the Gamma Quarter. However, the way is blocked and to get there you must turn off the generator in the service room. The code for the generator is ‘’33212’’. The code could be found on the board with a drawing of Tesla.

Chapter 3: Ada’s secret room wall puzzle

Ada will ask you to find a secret room in her apartment. To get there, find a mechanism behind the painting with the ships. To find the solution on your own, examine the four figures lying around the apartment — each has a corresponding symbol on it. Match the symbols on the mechanism. When done right, you’ll get a white indicator.

Or you could just check out the solution below:

Close to the Sun Puzzle Solution Guide-2
  • Pyramid — wind symbol
  • Dodecahedron — fire symbol
  • Icosahedron — water symbol
  • Octahedron — mountain symbol

Chapter 3: Carl Brown’s safe puzzle

Once you have solved the previously mentioned puzzle and collected the research diary, you will face the main door. After a scripted scene, stand before the door, turn right and go to the room. You will find a locked safe where L.J. Ostrog’s key card is. Read the note on the left to find out the solution or just check the code below:

  • Shepard — dog
  • Wolves — sheep
  • Sheep — grass
  • Dog — wolves

Chapter 4: Locked door access code

Once you have made your way through the laboratory with a lightning coil, you will get to the room with lots of corpses. On the right side, you will find a locked door. The access code is in the note that you can find on a dead body in the toilet. The code specified is “32122”.

Chapter 9: Elevator control panel

In Chapter 9, after being chased by an anomaly, you get to the locked door. Come to the control panel room on the right and pull the levers down so the panels lit green. We did it this way: (from left to right) 1, 2, 4, 1.

Chapter 10: Starboard power circuit puzzle

In chapter 10, Tesla will ask you to reset panels so they lit red. Go left and when you reach the panels, pull levers in order 2,4,1 from your left.

Chapter 10: Turning off the electric tower

There are four levers you will need to pull in this puzzle. First, make your way to the left of the tower and pull the first lever. Then go right to another control panel to the right of the tower. You will need to pull both levers, starting from the left. Once you have pulled all three levers, go back to the fourth lever (the right of the two) and pull it. The path is clear now.

John Davis