Clash Royale

Release date: January 4, 2016
Platforms: Android, iOS

Best Clash Royale Decks: Arena #3 (Barbarian Bowl)

New decks for third arena in Clash Royale

The third arena gave us several buildings – the X-Bow and the Cannon, one spell, but what more important – the Barbarians. All of this changes players’ decks greatly and makes you behave in a different way. Let’s talk about the best options available in the Barbarian Bowl.

Battle deck № 1

Best Clash Royale Decks: Arena #3 (Barbarian Bowl)-1

We singled out the Barbarians, as the main innovation of the third arena. They are like four small copies of the Giant and being cooped with him they can put such pressure on the enemy, that the opponent will hardly be able to defend himself. More likely, he will release a Skeleton Army against your raid. Kill it quickly with the Arrows or with the Valkyrie going behind. And don’t forget about the Baby Dragon. If you have time to release it before the whole combination is destroyed, your attack will severely damage the tower.

Battle deck № 2

Best Clash Royale Decks: Arena #3 (Barbarian Bowl)-2

The Barbarians replace the Giant in this deck. Being supported by a Witch or a Baby Dragon they can go further and damage a tower. The Knight and the Goblins are useful for defense. But use the Baby Dragon against the ground forces, and as soon as he release minions, use the Arrows, and then release your own minions.

Battle deck № 3

Best Clash Royale Decks: Arena #3 (Barbarian Bowl)-3

A good deck for those who play without using real money. There is only one epic card – the Fury, but we’ll talk about it later; let’s talk about how to use the basic units first. Start the raid in the standard way: a Giant followed by a Valkyrie. Then it’s logical to proceed with the Musketeer, but if the opponent didn’t put numerous units to defend himself as the Giant has crossed the bridge (he expected that), then use the Spear Goblins. Don’t use the Fury often, even if it was in the starting hand, save it for the double elixir because it is necessary to focus on the number of the troops at first.

Battle deck № 4

Best Clash Royale Decks: Arena #3 (Barbarian Bowl)-4

This deck is for those who like to control the field. The X-Bow will be the weapon that demolishes towers. The enemy will immediately understand your tactics, so it is important to present him surprises and be ready yourself. If you’ve got the X-Bow in the starting hand, put it immediately, just to check how your enemy will answer. And then accumulate 8 elixir points so that you can use the Tombstone for defense. The Rocket is better be saved until the end of the match to surprise the enemy with an unexpected finish.

Battle deck № 5

Best Clash Royale Decks: Arena #3 (Barbarian Bowl)-5

The Balloon becomes serious threat as the Fury has appeared. But you shouldn’t send it in a battle before you’ve successfully dealt with the enemy offensive. The Archers and Minions will cope with it in most cases. Then, as soon as the Balloon is on the other half of the field, you will only have to accelerate it with the spell. The opponent may not have enough elixir to deal with it on time, and the tower will definitely be damaged.

Battle deck № 6

Best Clash Royale Decks: Arena #3 (Barbarian Bowl)-6

This deck uses all the features of new cards. Always start the round with one of the huts put behind your tower. When the enemy makes the raid, you will have the Arrows, the Cannon, the Baby Dragon or the Barbarians at your disposal (depending on the type of the attacking troops). After both huts are placed and you feel safe, you can set up the X-Bow. Protect it with the same cards and then you will only have to repeat this trick several times.

Battle deck № 7

Best Clash Royale Decks: Arena #3 (Barbarian Bowl)-7

You can play on both lines immediately using this deck – you’ll just need to get used to it. You let your Barbarians and Spear Goblins from huts go on one line and send a Giant and a Witch on another. It may seem complicated at first, so don’t rush, start with a full attack from one side. Both huts are a bit expensive and you’ll need to choose the right time for their debut in the game.

Battle deck № 8

Best Clash Royale Decks: Arena #3 (Barbarian Bowl)-8

Low average elixir cost does not create problems with saving elixir to bring necessary troops to the field. You will always have someone to release. «The Witch + The Skeletons» combo is especially efficient. The Barbarians are the strongest of the numerous troops. Your only weakness will be the Bomber, the Valkyrie and all those who quickly smash the crowd. But you have the Lightning to kill several units at once or to destroy buildings with towers.

Battle deck № 9

Best Clash Royale Decks: Arena #3 (Barbarian Bowl)-9

You haven’t forgotten about the Prince yet, have you? He still remains the best tower killer, but the Barbarians change the tactics of his use. You can still make him gallop to the towers, but at the same time, you should send the Barbarians with Archers together. The Bomb Tower will give you the opportunity to accumulate elixir for it while distracting enemies’ attention for a while.

Battle deck № 10

Best Clash Royale Decks: Arena #3 (Barbarian Bowl)-10

The Cannon became an efficient weapon of defense after the upgrade: three elixir points is a good price for a building which distracts and attacks enemies at the same time. Moreover, you will need time to accumulate 9 points: there are two epic cards in the deck that can not be ignored – the Goblin Barrel and the Prince. Releasing them together will make a difficult problem to the enemy, which can not be solved quickly.

Battle deck № 11

Best Clash Royale Decks: Arena #3 (Barbarian Bowl)-11

The cards of this deck are easy to get – this is its main advantage. If you have gone through 4 arenas, you must have all of them in your inventory. The main heroes of the deck are the Prince and the Knight. They go on a raid together or separately (depending on how much elixir is available). The Bomber and the Spear Goblin are second-tier warriors and will always support such offensive force. The Minion Horde and the Barbarians defend the towers from tanks, and the Fireball will be useful to finish the game a few seconds before the end of the match.

Battle deck № 12

Best Clash Royale Decks: Arena #3 (Barbarian Bowl)-12

This deck is one of the best in the third arena. It contains almost all kinds of combos. Do you want to attack with two tanks? Release a Baby Dragon and a Giant – they will go ahead together, attacking from the ground and air. Need protection from tanks? The Musketeer or minions circling around the tower will easily defend you. A Cannon installed in the middle distracts enemies and gives you time to gather strength for a breakthrough offensive. Little goblins always support it or defend you when the elixir is almost gone.

Battle deck № 13

Best Clash Royale Decks: Arena #3 (Barbarian Bowl)-13

Use this deck only if you are an experienced player. Its composition is very strong only if the user knows how to control it. The Mini P.E.K.K.A. plays an important role in the deck: he goes forward as a tank (like the Giant). The player also has the Prince in his hands – one of the favorites of the first arenas. In order to use such costly units, the deck includes the Bomb Tower. It will keep the defense properly while you saving up the elixir. The Valkyrie and the Goblins are universal and serve as helpers in everything.

Battle deck № 14

Best Clash Royale Decks: Arena #3 (Barbarian Bowl)-14

Very slow late-game oriented deck. Due to the fact that you have to deal with the arrangement of goblin and barbarian huts, you will be vulnerable at the beginning of the game. But at the very end the enemy will face a huge army. Also, you can suddenly attack him with a Prince, and finish off the enemy tower with the Fireball. The remaining cards will be needed for defense and to support the goblin and barbarian army.

Battle deck № 15

Best Clash Royale Decks: Arena #3 (Barbarian Bowl)-15

Another epic card becomes the center of the deck. This time it's the Witch. It perfectly interacts with each of the presented cards. Release a Witch behind the main tower so that she has time to collect two groups of skeletons before crossing the bridge. Add Spear Goblins, a Bomber or a Giant – it doesn’t matter, you will get a strong attack. Unfortunately you will ha,ve nothing to defend yourself with as you concentrate all your forces on a constant offensive. You will have only Barbarians, Minions and the Arrows left. Plan the attack carefully and then there will be no need to retreat.

John Davis