Blair Witch

Release date: August 30, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Xbox One

How to Unlock All Achievements in Blair Witch

In this guide, you will learn how to get all trophies in the game

Take his face

Get a bad ending and become the new Carver.

Ray of hope

To unlock this achievement, answer Jess’ calls all the time and call her back when she asks you to do so in a text message. When you get a connection (an antenna symbol will start blinking in the low left corner of the screen), call Jess. You need to talk on all themes.

Snake charmer

Score 40 points when playing Cobra on the mobile phone.


Once you have found a dead guy at the sawmill (under the circular saw), contact VA Office.

To absent friends

Once you have found the sheriff’s body in the forest, call Mrs. Lanning from the contact list. To get her number, at the beginning of the game, examine the sheriff’s car (a pickup truck) and interact with the sun visor.

How to Unlock All Achievements in Blair Witch-1


To get this achievement, you should not kill monsters in the game. To bypass them, use the camcorder with the night vision mode. Just forget about using your flashlight. You should also avoid using the trolley whose light can kill monsters.

Break the cycle

Get the good ending of the game. Read more in our separate guide.

The idol

You should find any carved figurine. The achievement will be unlocked once you have picked up the first one of them.

The fetish

Collect all carved figurines. Read more in Blair Witch walkthrough.

Lost in the woods

Find any victim’s photo.

Picture perfect

Find the photos of all victims. Read more in Blair Witch walkthrough.


Find the first item related to the psychiatrist. Chronologically, that’s a photo of a drawing, but you can also find psychiatrist’s notes.


Collect all items related to the psychiatrist. Read more in Blair Witch walkthrough.

Dogs of war

Find the first dog tag.

To fallen comrades

Find all dog tags. Read more in Blair Witch walkthrough.

Good boy

Pet Bullet for the first time, choosing the command ‘’Good boy’’.

Evil in the woods

Destroy one monster, using a flashlight or the light of the trolley.

The longest hike

A storyline achievement which will be obtained as you progress along the storyline.

Fast with a flashlight

Use your flashlight to destroy 10 monsters.

Bullet doesn’t like’em

Destroy 10 totems. Read more in Blair Witch walkthrough.

How to Unlock All Achievements in Blair Witch-2

I hate pizza

Continue calling to pizzeria until you get the achievement. Do this in a place where you have a stable connection. You need to call 6 times in a row.

What you got there?

Use the search command for Bullet. He will bring you various items that are located in the nearby. Collect 10 such items to get the achievement. Only items that you have grabbed from the dog’s mouth are counted towards the achievement. However, you don’t need Bullet to bring you all 10 items during one playthrough as it counts all runs.

Last goodbye

Learn what happened to Bullet.

Last transmission

Learn about Peter’s fate. To do this, complete the game for the first time. When you examine the house in which Carver hides, find a battery on the table. In our walkthrough, we have indicated its location. Start the game again and go to the first bunker. Open it and insert the battery into the device in front. That’s how you’ll learn about the fate of the boy.

Garbage Man

Collect all trash in the game. Read more in Blair Witch walkthrough.

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