Blair Witch

Release date: August 30, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Xbox One

Blair Witch Full Walkthrough

Complete walkthrough of all chapters of the game, including the location of collectibles, puzzle solutions, and getting achievements

Read this before you proceed:

In this walkthrough, we made certain choices that affected the ending. If you want a different conclusion or want to know which actions affect it, check out the endings guide. Mind the spoilers.

Here’s the list of all the collectible items that we’ve located so far:

  • Dog tags (To fallen comrades) — 6/6.
  • Victims’ photos (Picture perfect) — 42/42.
  • Carved figurines (The fetish) — 13/13.
  • Psychiatrist’s notes (Psychotherapy) — 9/9.
  • Trash (Garbage Man) — 15/15.
Note. To unlock the Picture perfect achievement, you need to find black-and-white photos. Peter’s photo and photos of a woman, squad, door, and room that you can find in the last chapters are colorful. Although they are kept in the same section of the inventory, they are not necessary for the achievement.


The introductory cutscene contains an important moment in which you can pick up the phone and answer Jesse’s call or drop it. The game monitors all your actions, analyses them, and ultimately, you’ll get a certain ending. We’ll discuss all the decisions we have made, and we’ll indicate which final we got.

Tip. All items are picked with LMB and transferred to inventory with RMB.

Having arrived at the investigation site, move forward and pick up a case with Peter’s photo. On the hood of the car on the left, you’ll find a photo of Arcadius R (Picture perfect 1/42). This is the photo of the first victim which will provide you with the first achievement – ‘’Lost in the Woods’’. Find a police car with a map. There, you’ll also find a report on the case of Peter Shannon, a missing boy. On the left side, you’ll find a stack of posters about the missing boy. Pick up one.

To open the inventory, press TAB and use your mouse to choose the ‘’bag’’. To switch between the tabs, use keys A and D. There’s also a tab with items, photos, and documents. Near one of the police cars, you’ll find a photo of a drawing (Psychotherapy 1/9). Having picked it up, you’ll get an achievement ‘’Counselling’’. Such photos are stored in the separate inventory tab and are considered psychiatrist’s items.

Blair Witch Full Walkthrough-1

Head to the exit from the clearing and find a first carved figurine (The fetish 1/13) at the edge of the fence on the right side. You’ll get an achievement ‘’The Idol’’. Then, go to a car on the right and pick up a plastic bottle (Garbage Man 1/15). Move on before you see a wooden gate. Approach it, and the hero will automatically open it.

Then, move a bit further until Ellis says that it’s high time to contact the sheriff. Press TAB and select the radio set. Switch to the second channel and press LMB. Continue moving until you see a tip regarding Bullet. Press C to call the dog, then hold C and tell him to begin searching. Run after Bullet who will find a place with a poster. Select the command list and pet the dog. Your attitude towards Bullet impacts his behavior at the end of the game. Once you pet him for the first time, you’ll get an achievement ‘’Good boy’’.

Chapter 1

Soon, you’ll get a message. Open the phone and read the message. This is Jess, and she will ask you to call her once you have free time. Call Jess immediately. By the way, you can spend some time and play two mini-games on Ellis’ phone. If you score 40 points in Cobra, you will unlock the ‘’Snake charmer’’ achievement.

Go further and call Bullet to learn the commands you can give him. Go back and take the brown grass path on the right. There, you will find a photo of Marius G. (Picture perfect 2/42).

Blair Witch Full Walkthrough-2

Besides, pick up Alexandra’s photo (Picture perfect 3/42) lying on the ground where the paths cross.

Blair Witch Full Walkthrough-3

Continue moving until Bullet starts running once he has smelled something. Follow him and examine the traces of bare feet on the ground. Follow Bullet, and he will find a shelter. Tell him to go inside. The dog will bring you the cap of the missing boy. Show him the cap by pressing C so that he can follow the boy’s tracks. However, don’t follow the dog straight away. Instead, go around the edge of the forest. You will find an old sock (Garbage Man 2/15) near an old fire, a paper cup (Garbage Man 3/15) on one of the crossings.

Blair Witch Full Walkthrough-4

On the opposite side, there will be a cigarette pack (Garbage Man 4/15) next to a log.

Blair Witch Full Walkthrough-5

Having picked up all the rubbish, follow Bullet. Chase him until you drop into a hole.

Chapter 2

Try to find the dog until you feel very sick. However, before that, find Matthias’ photo (Picture perfect 4/42) in one of the dead ends. Bullet will soon appear, and the detective will feel much better. Continue moving with the dog. Answer Jess’ call – she will ask about the detective’s health.

Chapter 3

Move on until you find yourself in an abandoned camp. Examine a camcorder on the stone on the left side to start a cutscene. Watch the memories, then Ellis will come back to his senses in the middle of the night. Pick up the flashlight by holding TAB. Examine the camp. With the tent behind your back, go left and pick up a psychiatrist’s note (Psychotherapy 2/9) lying on the ground behind a rock.

A field manual is located near the tent. On the side of the camp, you’ll find a secondcarved figurine (The Fetish 2/13) lying on the stone. Turn around so that the tent is behind you and go a bit further into the woods, following a path. Bullet will wind freeze-dried ice cream (Garbage Man 5/15) on the right of the path. Return to the camp. Go up between the rocks near the tent and pick up Hubert’s photo (Picture Perfect 5/42) from the stone.

Go to the place where Bullet stands and barks and grab the camcorder. A tape ‘’The Clue’’ is inside it. Watch the tape, rewind and stop at the third second, when the kid plays with a car by the fire. Press RMB to remove the camera from your screen and pick up a toy police car. Having examined it twice, press C so that Bullet can follow the trail.

Follow the dog until he stops. A strange totem is hanging on the tree in front. Take it in your hands and break it so that Bullet can move on. You’ll also get Olga’s photo (Picture perfect 6/42). Do not hurry to move on. Look to the right and see a tire behind the bridge. Go to it and pick up an aluminum can (Garbage Man 6/15).

Blair Witch Full Walkthrough-6

Keep following Bullet. At the fork where he will run left, to the cliff, take the right turn instead and pick up a psychiatrist’s note (Psychotherapy 3/9) at the dead end. Then, return on your trail.

Chapter 4

Go further until you hear the sheriff. Pick up the radio set and answer him. Get to the next totem and destroy it – you’ll get Arthur’s photo (Picture perfect 7/42). Move on and interact with a big dry tree. Interact with it again to tell the sheriff about the tree. Go right of the tree and stop by the stones. Bullet will dig up Thomas’ photo (Picture perfect 8/42).

Blair Witch Full Walkthrough-7

Bullet wants to run to the left, near the concrete debris. You should go along the path on the right side of the debris. A car is seen at the end of this path. Get there and examine the car. Bullet will pick up a candy wrapper (Garbage Man 7/15) out of the car. Show it to the dog, then follow him to the nearby hill and pick up a tape ‘’The Breadcrumb Trail’’. Watch the tape. Don’t leave yet. Head to a rusty pickup truck and go up the hill on the left. When you descend on the other side of the hill, you will find a totem with Matthias’ photo (Picture perfect 9\42).

Go back together with Bullet and turn to the right, to the path by the concrete debris. Start the last tape and stop it when Peter throws something at the ground. Pick up a baseball ball and show it to Bullet. He will follow the trail on the right, but there’s a descent to the bunker here.

Go there and examine the lock. There are 4 levers which could be moved from left to right. It is easy to find the required combination by trying different options. If you cannot do this, set the upper lever to the second position. The second and the third levers should be set to the first position (on the left), while the lower lever should go to the third position. Enter the bunker and find the note ‘’The Pain’’ on the shelf on the right side. There’s some equipment in front. You can open the cover, but you do not have the item which should be installed there.

Blair Witch Full Walkthrough-8

Leave the bunker and go to the left, and then again to the left, as the path to the right leads to the car that you have visited before. Bullet will follow a trail. Run after him until he starts barking at the tree in front. Do not forget to pet him from time to time. Come to the tree and see a strange creature. Turn your light on it so that the monster escapes. Watch Bullet’s behavior. He will bark at the side where the monster is hiding. Chase the monster away a few times and continue moving. A little later, you will have to chase the monster away once again. For this, you’ll get an achievement ‘’Evil in the woods’’.

Go forward to the luminous object and rails. Bullet will lead you to the destroyed railroad bridge. Answer Emmett’s call and then go back to the bunker and to the tree that is located in the nearby. Find a dump car near the bridge and stand so that the car is behind your back. Move forward and a bit to the right, aim for a tall thin tree. There, near a stone wall, you will find Michael’s photo (Picture perfect 10/42) hanging from a tree. Get back on your trail.

Having arrived at the site, Ellis will automatically contact Emmett who stands by the tree. After a nervous dialogue, a monster will appear. Use your flashlight to chase the monster away. Watch Bullet’s behavior. If you direct your light at the monster that is hiding in the darkness, the screen turns a bit lighter. Once you have driven the monster away, read a message. You are advised to move all the time.

Go past the bunker and turn right instead of heading towards the railroad bridge. There, you will find the sheriff’s car. Rusty remains of a car have been previously located there. Contact the sheriff – no response. Pick up a note from the glass, turn on the radio set to the third frequency and press LMB. An unknown voice will offer you to turn on the headlights.

The car is closed, but Bullet has already found the key. Grab the key from the dog’s mouth and get inside. Try to start the car, but you’ll fail. Get outside and look under the hood. Attach the terminal to the accumulator.

Blair Witch Full Walkthrough-9

Get back inside the car and examine the fuse instruction that lies on the dashboard on the right side. Try to turn on the headlights but they will get damaged. Use the radio and listen to the host’s voice. She will tell that Ellis is a winner and the prize is on the way. Read an SMS and see the scheme of levers on the bunker lock. We have already opened it.

Look under the fuse cover to the left from the steering wheel. Switch fuses 6 and 7 and then turn on the front headlights. Daylight will come.

Go forward until you find new messages. Read them all, they are from Jess. Call the woman and talk on different topics. You can try to connect to other contacts: pizzeria, US Veteran Association, veterinarian, and sheriff.

Get to the river, but before crossing it look at the roots of the tree on the left. There, you will find another carved figurine (The fetish 3/13). Right of it is lying a spray can (Garbage Man 8/15).

Blair Witch Full Walkthrough-10

Pick up the items, cross the river and turn left. Crouch, make your way under the tree and find Barbara M. photo (Picture Perfect 11/42) on the ground.

Chapter 5

Continue moving, and Bullet will smell something. Follow the dog, examine the trails and pick up an empty cigarette pack (Garbage Man 9/15). A little further, Ellis will automatically remove the branches and find Emmett’s corpse. Examine three interactive points, get up and remove Aneta’s photo (Picture perfect 12/42) from the sheriff’s hand. Take the tape ‘’The Amicide’’ from Bullet’s mouth and watch it.

Blair Witch Full Walkthrough-11

Pick up a shovel and show it to Bullet. He will not be able to follow the trail. Go back and find Caroline’s photo (Picture perfect 13/42) on the stone in front. Bullet will start barking. Follow him to the right until you find yourself near the dry stream. Don’t proceed yet, but turn around and go back. You will see an old building on the left and a path a little further. Go there, cross the pond and you will find Matthew S. photo (Picture perfect 14/42) on the wooden plank on the left side. In the building, you will find one more carved figurine (The fetish 4/13). Return to the stream, cross it and pick up a military helmet. Run away from the light, bypassing the trees, until you find yourself inside the cave.

Chapter 6

Turn on the flashlight and follow Bullet. When the light is dim, use the camcorder and turn on the night vision mode. Hold RMB to bring the camcorder’s screen close so that you can navigate your surroundings. Further, you will find a totem hanging under the ceiling. Break it to acquire Fabian’s photo (Picture perfect 15/42). Move across the room until the light goes dark. Wait and listen to the witch’s words. Try to continue moving until the light is on again. You will again find yourself in the corridor. Go forward, descending in the cave, and pick up Lucas’ photo (Picture perfect 16/42).

You will fall down soon. When you get stuck, hold the forward movement button and press A and D. Once you get out of here, move on until you see a cutscene. It turns out that Peter has a brother named Adam, and Ellis is somehow connected with him.

Chapter 7

You will find yourself near the second camp. Go there and find a note about father and a carved figurine (The fetish 5/13) on the left side. A photo of a drawing (Psychotherapy 4/9) for the psychiatrist lies in the fire. Near the fire, a tape lies on the log. Watch it and learn that the murderer has dug something in the nearby. Bullet will start barking. He sees a totem hanging in front. Destroy it to get Marius’ photo (Picture perfect 17/42).

Behind the tent, there is a path up the hill. Go there to a pile of trash. On a box, you will find Mara’s photo (Picture perfect 18/42). There is also a pack of antidepressants (Garbage Man 10/15) lying on the ground closer to the descent to the tent. Order Bullet to search for it or find it yourself.

On the left side from the stone on which you have found a carved figurine, you’ll see a path to the hill. Go there until you find a stone with a candle. On this stone, you will find a dog tag (To fallen comrades 1/6) and get an achievement ‘’Dogs of war’’.

There’s another ascent to the right side from the candle. Go there and find a stone on the left with Carl’s photo (Picture perfect 19/42) and a stone with a tape. It is very important to stop the tape before the moment when the murderer drops the stone. Ask Bullet to dig a hole and pick up a logo of a woodwork company.

Blair Witch Full Walkthrough-12

Show it to Bullet and then follow the dog. Along the way, you will find a hole with another dog tag (To fallen comrades 2/6). Arab traffic signs will be located a bit further. Your radio set will produce noise all this time. You can use it and try different frequencies to contact someone. Here, you’ll get a storyline achievement ‘The longest hike’’.

Continue moving. In front, there’ll be a part in which you will have to run from one island to another, avoiding leave whirls. When you reach the third such island, look right to see another safe place. Head there and pick up Lucas P. photo (Picture perfect 20/42) from the stone.

Keep moving through the islands. There will be a box with Bart’s photo (Picture perfect 21/42) on the right side of one of them. Get back on your trail.

Blair Witch Full Walkthrough-13

A little later, you will have to get rid of another monster, and then you’ll find yourself in the town engulfed in fire. Move forward and turn to the room on the left side to see a dead soldier. After some time, you will come back to your senses, hugging Bullet. Hold C to release the dog and get back on your feet.

Chapter 8

Move a bit forward along the only available path and hear Bullet barking. On the hill on the right side, you’ll find Przemyslaw’s photo (Picture perfect 22/42). If you fail to find it, your dog will bring it to you. Go along the road and see a field with leaves and a whirl. Turn to the left and go under the fallen trees. Examine the rocks on the left to find a tin (Garbage Man 11/15). A little further, you will see a sign.

The road to the right leads to the sawmill through the leaves. The road to the left leaves to the camp A. Go to the left and pick up a dog tag (To fallen comrades 3/6) from the stone on the left side. A little later, you’ll get an SMS. Listen to the message from the answerphone.

Blair Witch Full Walkthrough-14

Soon, you’ll get to the railroad bridge. On the stump on the right side from the bridge, you’ll find Casper’s photo (Picture perfect 23/42). Move forward and get inside the trolley. Pull forward the lever that is located on the dashboard and also move a big lever on the right side in the same direction. After this, press the start button. The trolley will move forward. Wait until you hit a heavy log.

Get out of the trolley and look around. Go to a big device with a winch on the right side from the house to find a dog tag (To fallen comrades 4/6). Near the house, on the right side, you will find an empty tin can (Garbage Man 12/15) that lies on the ground. Pick up the trash. Under the roof on the right side of the house, you will find a photo of Arcadius P. (Picture perfect 24/42). On the left side from the house, you will find a tape on the table. Watch it. In this tape, the logger explains how to start the device. Watch the tape until the end so that the house door is opened.

Enter the house, examine two documents and a scheme on the wall. Return to the trolley and go back. To do this, pull the upper lever towards yourself and also pull the lower lever forward. Press the start button. Once you have reached the crossing, set the big lever in the back position to stop the trolley. If you press the red button, the engine will turn off, and the trolley will ride forward. Set the crossing so that the rails go to the left. Head there and stop near the sign Maintenance Shed. A generator is located there. Start it by turning the handle three times.

If you have moved further, just return along the rails. In all likelihood, you’ll have to kill monsters. Follow the sign to the right and get to an old house. On the right side from this house, you will find one more dog tag (To fallen comrades 5/6). Enter the house and pick up a note from the table on the right side. The path to the far room is blocked. Bypass the house and look at the window. Inside, you’ll see a device lying on the ground. Point your camera at it and press LMB to order Bullet to bring the thing.

Blair Witch Full Walkthrough-15

A rusty barrel lies on the side of the house. Inside, you will find Sergius’ photo (Picture perfect 25/42). Go back to the trolley and ride forward until you get to the logs. A generator will be located in the nearby. Start it and go by foot past the logs to camp B. You will see a sparkling switchboard. Go to it, turn it off and remove the damaged fuse. You should find a new one. On the table in front, you’ll find a psychiatrist’s note (Psychotherapy 5/9). If you look a bit to the left, you will find equipment and a box with a fuse. Install it at the switchboard and turn on the power. The camp will become partially illuminated, although you could have examined it without light.

Continue moving forward and find another carved figurine (The fetish 6/13) on the ground (in front of a fallen tree). Move one, go under another tree and climb the hill on the right side. Walk the log to that side and see rusty equipment. Inside the hut, you will find another dog tag (To fallen comrades 6/6). If you have collected all the previous tags, you will unlock an achievement ‘’To fallen comrades’’. There are no more dog tags in the game. There, you will also find a note that lies on the barrel.

Return to the rusty expuipment, go around it in circle and find a valve that can be removed. Near this place, you will see a wagon with logs. There, Jack’s photo (Picture perfect 26/42) lies.

Blair Witch Full Walkthrough-16

Having grabbed the valve, return to the trolley, roll it back and set the railway switch so that you can use the left rails. Before the bridge, on the left, you will find Catherine’s photo (Picture perfect 27/42).

Behind the bridge, you will find camp A. Install parts at the equipment by the hut. Using the videotape with logger’s instructions, make the stove burn (stop the tape at this moment).

Blair Witch Full Walkthrough-17

Quickly turn the left valve so that the arrow is in the green zone. If you failed, turn the right valve to maximum and repeat the procedure. Ellis will say that the road is open.

Chapter 9

Get inside the trolley and head towards the sawmill. Do not forget to set the railway switch. Once you have stopped, get out of the trolley and go back along the rails. On the right side, you will find a glass bottle (Garbage Man 13/15), lying near a thin branch, and Andrew’s photo (Picture perfect 28/42) on a railroad tie. Get back to the trolley, move forward and answer Jess’ call.

Chapter 10

The direct road to the sawmill is blocked by logs. Follow Bullet to the right. When you move past the puddles, you’ll find an empty glass bottle (Garbage Man 14/15) on the ground on the right side. Grab it.

Blair Witch Full Walkthrough-18

Chapter 11

Once you get to the sawmill, turn the generator handle. After this, go to the toilet and pick up a carved figurine (The fetish 7/13). Enter the building on the left side and find Raphael’s photo (Picture perfect 29/42). A bit further on the table, you’ll see a tape. Watch the recording of a chase so that the door inside the nearby building is opened. Go there. On the side, outside the building, you’ll find a grate with a lock and four levers. You can break it by picking up the code by yourself. For now, enter the building, rewind the same tape so that the second door inside the sawmill is opened.

Enter the nearby room and read a note in the typewriter. Pull three drawers to find Barbara K. photo (Picture perfect 30/42) and a note with numbers 3324. This is the position of the levers top to bottom and left to right.

Go towards the exit and open the lock on the grate. Go upstairs and enter the room with hospital beds. Pull the curtain and examine a wounded soldier. Examine three points and then pay attention to his tag. Ultimately, you’ll see a corpse. Look at the body and pick up a tape on the left. Examine it and come to the window on the right side. You will see a stranger who is petting Bullet.

Blair Witch Full Walkthrough-19

Find a door and get outside. Descend and come to the stranger. This is Carver. Watch a lengthy cutscene until you find yourself in the camp.

Chapter 12

This is a new camp. Go there and pick up Patrick’s photo (Picture perfect 31/42) that lies on the ground near the fire. Read the psychiatrist’s note (Psychotherapy 6/9) that lies in the tent and grab a carved figurine (The fetish 8/13) from the stone.

Facing the tent, go right and climb a small hill. There will be a pile of rubbish and a bloody cloth (Garbage Man 15/15) next to it. Search the trash to find a psychiatrist’s note (Psychotherapy 7/9).

Now, go left of the tent and up the hill. On the way, you will find you will find Martin’s photo (Picture perfect 32/42) lying on the rocks. From that place, go down and turn right. Examing the logs lying along the path to find Richard’s photo (Picture perfect 33/42).

Finally, return to the camp. Go to the place where Bullet is sitting and take the camera out of branches. Watch the tape.

Chapter 13

Using your camera, move through the mist towards the tree. Bypass the red monsters. Don’t rush. On your way to the tree, you will see a T-shaped symbol on a stone. Turn left from this stone and look for a white spot on the ground. It will lead you to a rock with a totem that holds Bart’s photo (Picture perfect 34\42) inside. Pick it up and get back.

Listen to Carver’s tips. Along the way, you may find a big totem and destroy it. That’s how you get to the tree. Destroy the small branches that grow on its thick trunk.

Blair Witch Full Walkthrough-20

Continue moving along the luminous path. Bypass monsters. Keep walking when Carver starts saying a counting rhyme. Soon, the path will end. Right before that, look right to see trees with white spots (you don’t need the camera to see them). Go through the trees, and, after the last one, you will find another totem hanging from a bush. Break it to get another victim’s photo (Picture perfect 35/42).

Tell Bullet to search and follow the dog. Deal with the deer’s corpse and make a sign according to Carver’s demand. Give the sign to the dog.

Follow Bullet and order him to go to the nest under the tree on the right side. When he runs out, pet the dog and move on. Listen to Carver’s commands so that he does not kill the child. Move on and you’ll soon find a gun. Ellis will refuse to kill Bullet. Go round the hole on the left to find a carved figurine (The fetish 9/13).

Chapter 14

Move a little further and to the right. Jump down and pick up Bullet from the ground. Walk with him along the only available path. The route will repeat time after time. You can leave the dog by holding C or insist on your own way and go with the dog until Ellis loses consciousness. We have chosen the second option.

Once he comes back to his senses, Ellis will not find Bullet. Move forward and see a red tree. Turn to the left, past the tree and pickup Paul K. photo (Picture perfect 36/42) from the ground. Continue moving in circles until the phone rings. Answer the call – that’s the sheriff.

Having come back to your senses in a different place, go forward and see a deer’s corpse. Turn on the flashlight and look around. Go back to the corpse and turn back so that a tunnel of branches is formed. Go through this tunnel and destroy the totem that is hanging above. You’ll get Damian’s photo (Picture perfect 37/42).

Move a little forward and destroy another totem to get a photo of Matthias A. (Picture perfect 38/42) A little further down the road, you’ll find a third totem with Simon’s photo (Picture perfect 39/42). Move on and you’ll get an SMS. Read it and look up, to the ceiling.

Chapter 15

After a cutscene, move through the cave and use your flashlight to light the enemies who are hanging on the ceiling. Move through the gorge and pick up a tape. Watch the record ‘’The Shadow’’ and then go back and answer Jess’ call. Move on and watch visions.

Chapter 16

You will find yourself in the fourth camp. Grab the carved figurine (The fetish 10/13) from the tent and then watch the tape that is lying on the stone. Carver took Peter to the basement. You will see a house on the top of the hill. Before going up, find a psychiatrist’s note (Psychotherapy 8/9) on the stone next to a tree.

Chapter 17

Go to the house, enter it and head to the stairs. In the room that is located on the side of the stairs, you’ll find another psychiatrist’s note (Psychotherapy 9/9). The door to the basement is located under the stairs but you need a key. Climb to the second floor and find the key on the stand in the far bedroom. Open the door to the basement and go down.

Once the monster appears, move along the only route and find an accumulator on the table in the room to the right from the stairs. A bit further, you’ll find a door with a sign, but it is closed. Go to the left from it and crouch through the hole in the wall to find a tape (The Ruin) on the floor. Watch it until the end so that the door with a sign is opened. Go through it and open the next one. You will hear a cry.

Move along the only route. When the corridor is restored, find a chair with a note in the room on the right side. Move on and read a message from Jess. Grab an empty wallet from the table. Move on and find destroyed walls of the house and a rain outside. A totem is hanging in front of the door. Destroy it to get Matthew’s photo (Picture perfect 40/42).

Blair Witch Full Walkthrough-21

In the future, you will have to sneak past the monster two times. In both cases, the passage lies on the left from the enemy so turn your camera there to avoid highlighting the monster. Having descended twice, pick up Conrad’s photo (Picture perfect 41/42) from the floor. Later, there’ll be a series of visions and blind walking following the white trails on the camera. That’s how you’ll get to the TV. The report says that the police officer shot an unarmed teenager.

Move on and find a carved figurine (The fetish 11/13) on the table in the dead room. Continue moving through the basement with water. Once outside, go through the room in which you need to lower a wooden stick. In the next room, you will find another totem. Destroy it to get Paul N. photo (Picture perfect 42/42). If you have destroyed all the previous totems (10 in total), you’ll get an achievement ‘’Bullet doesn’t like ’em’’.

Next, you will have to use the last video record to go through the blockage in the room with hanging armchairs. You should use the tape twice. Move forward and bypass the monster in two places. In the second case, the monster will move, but you should just run forward through the room. Pick up a squad photo (Picture perfect) on the box on the right side.

Once in the familiar room, grab another carved figurine (The fetish 12/13) from the table on the right side. A little further, you will need to examine the curtains. Look at it. When you regain control, turn around and pick up a photo of a door (Picture perfect). Get to the next illuminated room, bypassing the monster, and pick up a tape from a red locker. Examine the tape and then stand at the same corner at the closet. Use the mouse to not let Ellis turn.

Move on and find a photo of the room (Picture perfect). Continue moving until you find yourself in the basement. On the way, you can find a woman’s photo (Picture perfect). You will visit the familiar room once again, where you can grab the last carved figurine (The fetish 13/13) from the table. Look around in the basement, talk to Carver and get the key under the table. Use the key to open the hatch, descend and move forward.

Blair Witch Full Walkthrough-22

Watch the final cutscene. In our case, Ellis was not able to resist his madness and turned into Carver. Despite wounds, Bullet survived, the sheriff’s body was not found, while Peter’s fate remained unknown.

Robert Summers