Astral Chain

Release date: August 30, 2019
Platforms: Nintendo Switch

Astral Chain Walkthrough

Key features of the new slasher and walkthrough tips

Astral Chain is a new game from Hideki Kamiya, author of the original Devil May Cry and Bayonetta. Just like the previous projects of the master, his new creation is a dynamic slasher with interesting features. In Astral Chain, the key role in battles is attributed to summoned allies (the so-called ‘’legions’’). Use our guide if you have difficulties with the walkthrough of the game.

General tips

  1. You’ll get new skills in the course of the game. Test them in the training room.
  2. There, you’ll find an officer who is responsible for upgrading the characteristics of your hero. Come to him after each storyline mission.
  3. You’ll progress faster if you devote time to side tasks. They are simple.
  4. Experiment with legions as each of them has their own strengths.
  5. Legions can be upgraded in the main menu. We advise increasing the characteristics of them evenly.
  6. If the enemy is invulnerable, search for the puppeteer (Fez). He’ll be in the nearby.
  7. Finish off your opponents at first opportunity. You will not only get more points but also restore more health.


  1. Sword. Great choice for battles with fast opponents. His ability to choose the direction of the blow will allow you to break astral chains.
  2. Arrow. This legion will help you in battles against flying enemies due to the ability to deliver accurate blows.
  3. Arm. His powerful attacks will come in handy in battles against slow enemies. This legion can be taken under direct control which is useful against especially strong bosses.
  4. Beast. It is used as a mount and helps you move around the locations. You can use it in battle if you want to move faster than your opponents. In this case, you’ll automatically dodge some of the enemy attacks.
  5. Axe. The main advantage of the legion is the ability to get an impenetrable block for some time. It’s the optimal choice for those who prefer defensive tactics. The Axe attacks are slow but powerful.
Astral Chain Walkthrough-1

File 01. Startup

Hot pursuit

Choose the gender and the appearance of your protagonist. After this, you’ll go through a motorcycle chase. Avoid obstacles using the steering wheel or dodging and shoot the enemies. Be careful as you may crash into the cars you blew up. When the camera shifts to the side, you’ll have to shoot the enemies on the truck. At this point, you won’t be able to aim so you’ll have to adjust the position of your bike.

Aberration Assault

Following a short cutscene, take the wounded civilian to the dooly. The first battle awaits you. Deal with the infantry in close combat and use your pistol to eliminate flying opponents. Dodge bullets and sword blows.

Fighting Back

Just run forward. Fight against chimeras until the cutscene begins. Now you may not only fight on your own but employ an ally. Use this ally to defeat chimeras. When the boss comes in, switch to the pistol. Stay away from the boss, shoot and order your legion to attack the enemy.

Astral Chain Walkthrough-2

File 02. Awake

Training with Jin

After the cutscene, take the elevator (it is highlighted on the map) to get to the heliport. Talk to Alicia and then descend to the training room. Go through the training. After this, get down to the command center and go on a mission.

Crisis on Grand Avenue

Scan the area with your visor. Examine the cluster of items behind you and collect the red matter using the astral chain. Send the legion to overhear the police conversation. Report to Max after this. The correct answers are the following;

  1. Giant hands
  2. Dragged through the gate

Protect and Serve

Use your legion to follow chimera’s trail. You’ll have to fight against the boss named Briareos. Summon your ally and shoot at the boss – do not forget to dodge the attacks. The sword will kill him faster but there’s a big risk that you’ll get damage. After the victory, close the gates and continue following the trail. When you see a suspicious man, overhear a phone conversation with the help of your legion and then tie him with a chain. Use the trail to get to the roof and defeat the enemies.

Astral Chain Walkthrough-3

Idle Hands

Almost immediately, you’ll be transferred to astral where you’ll fight against the boss named Encelatos. Try to chain him when he is on the ground. If you succeed, you’ll have a few seconds to deal several blows with a sword. While the boss is in the air, shoot at him with your pistols and order your legion to attack him. Avoid the red circles on the arena.

Gate Crushers

Follow other fighters until the battle begins. In the battle against Sword Nemesis, dodge his attacks and shoot with your pistol. Do not come close to the boss. Chain him as soon as you have the opportunity. After this, attack chimeras until the cutscene begins. Use your new legion to get though the abyss on your way. To do this, move the legion to the next platform and then press the attack button.

File 03. Link

Maison Forest Search

Explore the features of your new legion. Upgrade his skills and then go around all rooms of the police station (points of interest are highlighted with blue circles on the map). Go on a mission. Ask the locals about what happened. Do not forget to overhear a couple that whispers at the scaffolding. Here are the correct answers after the investigation:

  1. Red Ghost
  2. No Legs
  3. Hole in its Chest
  4. Red Door
  5. Blast Hole

Chimera Takedown

Head to the crime scene and order your legion to follow the trail. Proceed until you see astral gates. To wound the Fez monsters, break the chain between them and chimeras with the legion’s special attack.

Move to the marker. When you come to the elevator, order your ally to hover over one platform while you stand at the other. In front of the big gates, you’ll have to stand on the lowered fence and then order the legion to press the switch in order to go up. During the fight against the Cerberus, try to hit him at the side. As soon as he stands at full height, dodge and go behind his back. We recommend using a heavy sword.

Astral Chain Walkthrough-4

Civilian Rescue

The boss called Diomedes is strong but slow so you can use the astral chain to immobilize him and then hit him with a sword. Repeat until victory.

Slings and Arrows

Only flying castles may present challenges in the astral. You should wait for the appropriate moment and then order the legion to hit them simultaneously. In the battle against Arrow Nemesis, close the distance as fast as possible and hit the boss in close combat.

File 04. Siege

Chasing Shadows

When you arrive at the crime scene, interview the witnesses and then follow Jena to the astral. Almost all castles at this level are opened with legion’s arrows. When you return, you’ll have to analyze the facts. Here are the correct answers:

  1. Woman in White
  2. Ghostly Armor

Berserk Arm Legion

Use arrows against the tentacles. In the battle against Arm Nemesis, switch to the pistol and summon the Sword. Dodge enemy attacks and try not to touch the dirt which will materially reduce your speed.

Azure Plaza

In the battle against Nomunculus, merge with the Arm legion and hit the monster at its paws. Attack the head as soon as he lowers it. When the opponent flies to the ceiling, switch to Arrow.

Astral Chain Walkthrough-5

File 05. Accord

Backup Plan

When you are offered to examine the hospital, do not lose your time and head to the heliport to start the mission. Once you have saved the civilians, look for Alicia’s trails with Iris.

Ground Zero

In the battle against Deimos, hit him with the sword until the boss’ body burns, and then switch to the long-range battle. The best legion for this combat is Arm.

Taming the Beast

In the battle against the Beast, use Sword and switch to fast weapons. Try not to come close to yellow circles as they paralyze your hero.

Odd Drone, Again

Mount the Beast and rush forward as fast as you can as the ground under you will fall. When you need to obtain the drone components, find the first one (it is located at the floor above, in the debris) and give to your new legion. He will follow the trail and get the remaining components.

Astral Chain Walkthrough-6

File 06. Complicit

Going Beyond the Wall

Once you arrive at the site, use the Sword legion to cut laser beams that prevent you from opening the door. You’ll have to go through a simple stealth episode. However, if you don’t feel like sneaking behind the guards’ backs, you can engage in an open fight.

Asking Around

The main thing you should do is to help the wounded man who hides in the upper tier. He will tell you about a secret passage. Ask everyone you see and fulfill their simple requests. Here are the correct answers:

  1. Hermits
  2. Stop redshift
  3. Use a drug
  4. Liquid
  5. Thin man

To get into the secret hermit base, you’ll have to overhear the guards’ conversation on the upper tier.

Proving Your Strength

In the battle against the boss named Kyle, you should use the Sword legion and fast weapons. Try to chain your opponent.

Rescuing Douglas

When you’ll be searching for Douglas, you’ll have to get to the second floor. To do this, go to the warehouse and use Arrow to shoot at the bridge support.

Astral Chain Walkthrough-7

In the astral, you’ll face a new type of bridges that exist only when an ally is near you.

Use the Arm legion in the battle against Tartarus. Wrap the enemy in chains and then hit him with a heavy sword.

Homunculus Beta

Use the Arm legion at the first stage of the battle against Homunculus Beta. The Berserk skill will come in handy. At the second stage of the battle, summon Arrow, take it under direct control and shoot at the boss.

File 07. Wild

Chase the next Homunculus, completing side tasks and fighting off chimeras. In the battle against protolegions, switch to pistols and summon Arm. We do not advise engaging in close combat with them – their blows are very powerful.

The first phase of the battle against Homunculus Gamma is not much different from what we have already seen. During the second stage of the battle, you’ll have to hit the boss at the legs. Use Sword for this task (Arm will often miss the target). When Homunculus jumps to the next building, use Arrow to shoot him.

Astral Chain Walkthrough-8

File 08. Peace

Get to the roof. Clear it from red orbs and visit the astral gates. The time is limited but you do not have to clear the whole location. In the labyrinth, summon Beast and move forward guided by the smell.

Once in the astral, pay attention to new platforms. They will break as soon as you leave their area. Thus, you’ll have to use two blocks at once or reach the edge, move the legion and jump after him. To clear the path for the stone cube that should be installed at the specified place, use the astral chain to combine three pillars into one.

The boss called Axe Nemesis is clumsy but strong. Stay at the distance or equip fast weapons and dodge his attacks. The best choice of legion in this battle is Arm.

Astral Chain Walkthrough-9

File 09. Salvation

Declaration of War

In the battle against Homunculus Delta, you should use pistols and summon Arrow. As soon as the boss comes at a strike distance, change the legion to Axe.

Pest Control

Wandering around astral labyrinths, use the legions’ abilities to blow up walls and move stones. In order to break the homunculus egg, use Arrow to shoot at vulnerable spots and then attack it in close combat.

One Woman’s Justice

Two tactics are available in the first battle against Jena. Switch to fast weapons and summer the Sword legion or use Axe to block her attacks and deal counterattacks.

Jena’s Choice

You’d be better off using pistols in the second battle. Choose Axe or Arm so that they take the most damage.


Start the third battle by eliminating ordinary opponents, then summon Arrow. Attack Jena when directly controlling the legion and hit her with a heavy sword once she comes close.

Astral Chain Walkthrough-10

File 10. Madness

In the battle against chimeras, summon Sword and hit them with special attacks. During the forced stealth section, you may face difficulties only at the final stage when you must get through two guards in front of the dashboard. Pick the moment when they are close to each other and use the astral chain to tie them.

Use the Axe legion in the battle against Kronos. This move will allow you to defend yourself against the opponent’s attacks and deal powerful blows at the boss.

File 11. Reckoning

Do not spend your ability to turn into chimera before the fight against Noah Prime – it may not have enough time to be restored.

In the battle against Akira Howard, stay at the distance from the brother, use pistols and rely on Arm’s brute force.

Do not try to find against Joseph, just run away from him using platforms. If you do not have enough reaction speed, memorize how flying stones move and run to the side where the next block will appear immediately after the landing.

When it’s time to destroy the Core, take direct control of Arrow or Arm. Be careful with rings on the ground: they kill you with one hit.

You won’t be able to rely on defense in the battle against Noah Prime. Summon Arm, stay at the distance from the boss, shoot with your pistol and dodge his attacks. You can deal the boss a good deal of damage in the form of chimera.

File 12. Rebirth

After you complete the story campaign, you can talk to Olivia to fight more monsters. She will give you several tasks to clear out specified locations of enemies. Keep in mind that each next mission will be more difficult.

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