Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Release date: October 5, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Full Walkthrough: The Cultist King

Having completed all the tasks given by Spartan kings, Odyssey’s protagonist returns to his homeland to accuse one of its leaders of treachery

Having dealt with the missions provided by Spartan rulers and having assisted Myrrine and Brasidas in overthrowing Lagos, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey protagonist can finally put the tyranny of the king-cultist to an end. Hopefully, you already have all the necessary evidence.

A Bloody Feast

Before you go to Sparta and accuse one of the kings of ties with Kosmos Cult, make sure that you have all the necessary evidence for this. There are two ways to get this evidence – do not kill Lagos in the chapter The Cult and the Archon or eliminate all sectarians from the Peloponnesian League branch.

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The dialogue with Myrrine is the last chance to go on the search for additional evidence that points to the identity of the Cult adept

Return to Sparta and find Myrrine there – she will stand near the throne room. Tell her about your readiness to overthrow the sectarian king and go inside. Report about the nation’s successes outside Lakonia: a victory at the Olympics, a triumph in Boeotia.

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When it comes to the presence of ephors (elected judges that have power even over kings) in the hall, Alexios/Kassandra will make a major statement – one of Spartan leaders is an adept of the Kosmos Cult. It’s up to you whether you blame Archidamos or Pausanias.

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We’ll not waste your time: Pausanias has ties with the sect. You could have learned this from Lagos (if he stayed alive), or from clues that could have been obtained from the corpses of another five cultists from the Peloponnesian League branch.

If you have collected enough materials to expose Pausanias, the ephors will remove his royal powers and the guards will drag him out of the hall straight into exile. However, the mission will not end, because the hero plans to kill the cultist ruler.

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If you have not collected enough evidence to prove the guilt of Pausanias, the kings and ephors will expel Alexios/Kassandra from Sparta. In this case, the cultist will still reveal his true nature (but only to the protagonist), so de-facto there is no difference between the two outcomes of the meeting.

Ultimately, it is not that important whether you were able to prove Pausanias’ guilt or not, as you will have to kill him anyway. The difference is in where you will search for him after the scene in the throne room: on the road (the case when Pausanias is expelled) or in the leader’s house in the center of Sparta (the case when Alexios/Kassandra is expelled).

In the first case, the former king will be guarded by only one soldier, in the second case – by a whole garrison. Anyway, get rid of bodyguards first – be careful: in case of a false accusation, there’ll be a major reward for your head – and then proceed to dealing with Pausanias.

It is not more difficult to fight with him in comparison with other cultists – he has a decent stock of health, several strong attacks, fire bombs and… that’s all. At the beginning of the fight, take the shield from the ex-king and cover your weapon with poison or fire to deal periodic damage. Parry ordinary enemy attacks, dodge strong attacks and use your own skills.

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Having eliminated Pausanias and having received the award for the murder of the Kosmos Cult adept, return to Archidamos (if the hero was expelled from Sparta) and show him the indisputable evidence of former Lakonia king’s ties to the sinister sect. The family’s honor is restored, the parental estate is yours again.

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Next, Myrrine and Alexios/Kassandra will return home to dive in memories of the past, but they will be interrupted by Brasidas: there’s a major battle on the island of Pylos, and Deimos takes part in this battle.

Now, you have to confront your sister/brother. Promise to your mother that you will bring Deimos to her senses and return her to family (or do not promise if you do not plan to do it). The mission will end together with the cutscene, and you will get plenty of experience points and several hundred drachmas.

The Battle of Pylos

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Go to the nearest harbor and call Adrestia – it’s high time to deal with Athenians on Pylos. Sail in Messenia direction – you’ll get the exact location with the help of the quest indicator, while the necessary island will be completely visible from afar as smoke is coming from it.

Disembark, talk to the Spartan commander and tell him that you are ready for the fight. From a gameplay point of view, this battle is no different from the territorial battle, so we will not discuss the mechanics of the confrontation. If you need tips, you can find them in The Wolf Hunt walkthrough.

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When the ‘’endurance’’ scale of the enemy side reaches half, Deimos will enter the battlefield and send Brasidas to a cruel, bloody knockout. Whatever decisions you have made in the past, you will now have to fight for life against sister/brother.

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In the battle, Deimos does not feel fatigue and constantly attacks the hero. Many attacks of your opponents hit a certain area, so jump to the side if you see red circles on the ground (see screenshot above). Having lost about a quarter of health points, Deimos will ‘’turn on’’ impenetrable armor.

In this condition, the enemy is immune to ordinary attacks. The only thing that can deal damage to the boss is the previously activated periodical damage (poison, fire). Dodge Deimos attacks and wait until the luminous cover disappears to continue with your own attacks.

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However, you should not spend too much effort as Alexios/Kassandra cannot die in this battle. Instead of a ‘’game over’’, you’ll see another skirmish between brother and sister, and then Deimos will be crushed by a tree. If you want to get a good ending, try to save your relative (the option ‘’Hold on!’’).

Regardless of the choice you make, a neighboring tree will fall on Alexios/Kassandra, and the hero will awaken in a completely different place. However, we’ll discuss this in the next chapter of our walkthrough. For the completion of this mission, you’ll get rare bracers and seven hundred drachmas.

John Davis