Apex Legends

Release date: February 4, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Apex Legends Character Guide: Gibraltar

In this guide, we look at the best tactics when playing as Gibraltar, his abilities and most suitable teammates, and also give a few useful tips on how to combine all this in order to stay alive

One of the hardest Legends to play, Gibraltar is one of the rarest picks in the game, surpassed only by Caustic. It’s unsurprising, as they both are tremendous in their size, which makes them an easy target. Still, Gibraltar can be a game-winning element: sometimes his defensive capability is the only thing a squad needs to claim themselves champion. In this guide, we’ll talk about Gibraltar’s abilities, smart ways to use them and give a piece of advice on how to utilize Gibraltar properly.

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Passive ability: Gun Shield

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Closely resembling the same-name ability from Rainbow Six Siege, Gun Shield creates a small protection field around Gibraltar’s weapon when he aims down his sights. The shield has 75 health points and covers his chest, shoulders and arms, but leaves the head open. Your shield will have a light blue tint while an enemy Gibraltar will have an orange-tinted shield. All in all, the Gun Shield is a neat thing to have, because it essentially gives you 75 more health. However, if the enemy doesn’t hit the shield while shooting at you, chances are he’s going to hit your head.

Passive bonus: Fortified

It’s quite simple. This passive bonus cuts 15% from all incoming damage, rounded down. While being a questionable compensation for Gibraltar’s formidable presence, this 15% can be the difference between life and death in some situations.

Active ability: Dome of Protection

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Gibraltar’s Active ability, the Dome of Protection, might remind you of Winston’s ability in Overwatch. There’s a lot of difference between them, though. First of all, Gibraltar’s dome doesn’t have a damage threshold. During the 15 seconds it’s active, it can take any amount of damage and stay alive. Secondly, Gibraltar can throw his dome to activate it. The throw distance isn’t too far: at maximum range, Gibraltar will stand right outside the dome when it lands and activates. And thirdly, the dome is, well, a dome. That means, when tossed on a roof, the floor below will not be protected by the dome.

The Dome of Protection is Gibraltar’s bread and butter and any Gibraltar should know how to play around the dome. This also suggests Gibraltar’s weapons: he must always have an SMG or a shotgun to fight enemies who dare come close to the dome.

Defensive Bombardment

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Gibraltar’s Ultimate ability, the Defensive Bombardment, is exactly what it says in the name. After Gibraltar marks a spot by a flare, this spot will receive an artillery strike. Just like Bangalore’s Rolling Thunder, the Defensive Bombardment has a fat cooldown of 270 seconds, so don’t walk past an Ultimate Accelerant. Unlike Rolling Thunder, which rains down all the rockets before detonating them, the Bombardment’s shells will explode on contact. The projectiles are slow and you (and everyone else) can see where they are going to explode, so it’s not too much of a trouble to run away from it. Still, walking inside a zone that’s being bombarded is a really bad idea, and not just for the enemies: the explosions damage everything including you and your teammates.


Gibraltar is a highly versatile Legend, but he’s not exactly everyone’s friend. Mirage and Gibraltar’s only interaction is Mirage sometimes hiding under a Dome of Protection. Same goes for Pathfinder – you can’t shoot the Zipline Gun from under the dome. Gibraltar will also likely just slow Octane and Bloodhound down instead of being helpful – both of them are too mobile in their playstyle to fit well in a team with Gibraltar.

On the other hand, Gibraltar and Wraith make a good duo if she uses the Dimensional Rift as a trap. Just have a Bombardment ready on the other end – watching an enemy walk right into the middle of it is priceless. Caustic and Lifeline will benefit heavily from the dome: your enemies won’t be able to destroy the Gas Canisters without getting too close to them and the range of the Healing Drone roughly equals the radius of the dome itself. Having a Bangalore in a squad will mean having two artillery strikes instead of one and a smokescreen can help plan and create an escape route while using the dome as a cover. Wattson also plays well with Gibraltar, allowing you to make a safe haven virtually anywhere on the map.

5 useful tips on playing as Gibraltar

  1. Call a Defensive Bombardment on your position and hunker down under a dome to get a reprieve. You won’t be able to reposition, but you’ll get enough time to heal up and reload your guns.
  2. Don’t play with your Gun Shield always on, especially if you’re playing on a long range. The orange tint your shield will have for the enemies is easily visible and will likely attract unwanted attention rather than help in a firefight.
  3. If you’re inside a building, put a Dome of Protection at the entrance and walk out of it. This will give you a few extra moments if you get pushed and will protect you from grenades.
  4. If you’re about to be killed, call a Bombardment on yourself. Best case scenario: you’ll avenge yourself by killing someone dumb enough to loot you right away. At worst, you’ll get your team enough time and distraction to retreat.
  5. Because of his size, Gibraltar may be a problem when fighting indoors. Don’t block your team’s line of fire and be thankful to Respawn for not implementing friendly fire.

John Davis