Apex Legends

Release date: February 4, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Apex Legends Character Guide: Wattson

Learn how to play as Static Defender Wattson, what abilities she can use, which squadmates are the best match, and learn a few of tips and tricks to help you win

With the beginning of the second season, a new, tenth, legend has arrived to Apex Legends. Alas, unlike Octane, Wattson turned out to be disappointing. Her great Ultimate ability does not compensate for her somewhat useless Active ability and questionable Passive ability. Still, Wattson will find her spot to shine as the main team player. You’ll need to exploit her better sides and work closely with your team. In this guide, we’ll talk about Wattson’s abilities and give you a few tips on how to use them best.

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Wattson: Static Defender

Active ability: Perimeter Security

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Unlike Caustic’s Nox Gas Canisters, the Perimeter Security can’t be put up in a split second. You’ll have to organize your defenses well before the engagements. There’s a second of delay between installing the Perimeter Security pillar and the force wall activating. The range to install the pillars is very strict, but the connection will activate on three times that range. The pillars connect automatically and it doesn’t really matter, whose pillars these are: you can make your own perimeter using one of the enemy Wattson’s pillars. Unconnected pillars simply lie on the ground waiting for their turn. The pillars can be destroyed by shooting the base of them or via an explosion.

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The first and the most obvious usage for the pillars is to cover the doorways. There’s only one problem to it though – Wattson can only hold four pillars ready to install. The only two-entrance buildings are only big enough for Wattson herself to hide in and there’s no saying on how to cover a building of a size like the Water Treatment. There’s also a limit of 12 pillars installed simultaneously for Wattson. Still, if you use your brains and don’t get too territory-greedy you can make a cozy cover with only eight pillars. Another use for your Perimeter Security is to line it up somewhere narrow, like a cave. The enemy that is chasing you will be forced to make a detour, giving you valuable time, or show themselves.

Passive ability: Spark of Genius

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The Spark of Genius allows two different things. Firstly, Wattson can use the next pillar not 30 seconds after her stock is depleted, but only 15 seconds, if she remains near a Perimeter Security pillar. Secondly, thanks to the Spark of Genius, Wattson can instantly charge her Ultimate with a single use of an Ultimate Accelerant. Unfortunately, there’s no direct combat use to the Spark of Genius.

Interception Pylon

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Wattson’s bread and butter Ultimate ability, the Interception Pylon, as you can judge by the name, intercepts incoming grenades and destroys them while regenerating shields to anyone (enemies too) nearby. Wattson can have up to three Interception Pylons on the map at any given time. The regeneration effects don’t stack from multiple Pylons. The shields regenerate at one point per second, which is slower than Lifeline’s D.O.C Drone health regeneration. But unlike the Drone, the Pylon doesn’t have an expiration date and stands until destroyed. It can be either shot down or beaten down.


A Wattson player has to play passive if he wants to capitalize on his abilities. This makes Bloodhound, Octane and Wraith a bad teammate as they live when they move and Wattson has to stay in one place. Despite his mobility skills, Pathfinder is a Wattson’s best friend thanks to his ability to know where the circle will go. This allows the team to move in before anyone else and set up their defenses. Gibraltar, Bangalore and Caustic will add another layer to your security and Lifeline will allow you to throw away some healthpacks and shield cells in exchange for more ammo. Mirage can both be a benefit by luring an enemy into a Perimeter Security trap or a liability – if he exposes your position before it’s necessary.

Five tips on Wattson

  1. Always keep an Ultimate Accelerant handy. They aren’t quite as common as they seem.
  2. The Interception Pylon can destroy Nox Gas Grenades and Bangalore and Gibraltar’s flares which they use to mark their ultimates. If you see one of them, get to cover and set up an Interception Pylon – its range is big enough to intercept a flare if you’ll be in the range of the enemy ultimate.
  3. Cover your Perimeter Security pillars with Interception Pylons. If you hide the pillars behind the walls, the only way to open them up without walking through them will be to throw a grenade at them.
  4. Remember: Perimeter Security destroys doors if they are in between the pillars.
  5. If it comes to that, use your Perimeter Security to lock an enemy inside the building. This works wonders in the late game when even the smallest buildings are considered good cover.

John Davis