Apex Legends

Release date: February 4, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Apex Legends Character Guide: Bloodhound

Learn how to play as the technological tracker Bloudhound, what abilities he can use, what squadmates are the best match, and get a bit of tips and tricks to help you win

Bloodhound is the only legend marked with a radar icon in the menu, which already hints at the fact that his abilities are somewhat different in their usage compared to the other Legends. Bloodhound can play effectively at any range and on any terrain, chaotic urban combat to calm and slow-paced sniper duel. In this guide, we’ll talk about Bloodhound’s ability kit and give you a piece of advice on how to utilize their potential to the biggest.

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Passive ability

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Bloodhound’s Passive ability, the ‘’Tracker’’, adds on your screen marks that show a recent action made by your enemy. The marks last a minute and track the time since their inception (and therefore, time since the action). The mark can be one of the following types:

  • Footsteps and slides. The direction of them is not present, but if you stand close enough to a mark, you’ll be able to see the next, fresher, mark. This allows your team to follow another team without them knowing it.
  • Opening or destruction of a door
  • Taking damage and dying
  • Picking up an item (weapons, armor…)
  • Reloading. This one will also show exactly what weapon the enemy was reloading
  • Tossing a grenade
  • Bandaging wounds, but NOT recharging shields
  • Shots fired from a sniper rifle
  • Zipline usage – both hopping on and off one.
  • And also, using some of the abilities leaves a mark. Those are: Gibraltar’s Protection Dome, Caustic’s Nox Gas Trap and Nox Gas Grenade, Bangalore’s Smoke Launcher and Wraith’s Dimensional Rift.
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This means that pretty much any action leaves a mark for you to find. The name of the enemy who left the mark isn’t shown, though. This may lead to some confusion when playing somewhere with a lot of enemies (for example, early game Skull Town)

Active ability

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Bloodhound’s Active ability, the ‘’Eye of the Allfather’’, scans an area to reveal and track for one and a half seconds any enemies and traps there. Be wary – there is a common misconception that Eye of the Allfather scans an area around Bloodhound, while in fact it only scans where you’re looking – roughly 90 degrees. The enemies may notice the scan – it has a distinct orange-colored animation effect that passes through walls and players, so don’t use the Eye unless needed.

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Beast of the Hunt

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Bloodhound’s Ultimate ability is called ‘’Beast of the Hunt’’. Once activated, it increases your move speed, your field of view, it renders the picture black and white and it highlights any enemies in red, like the ‘’Digital Threat’’ sights do. The ‘’Beast of the Hunt’’ lasts 40 seconds and its cooldown is 3 minutes. The usage of the Ultimate is pretty straightforward, unlike, say, Bangalore’s Barrage. You use the Beast of the Hunt to find enemies that are tough to find – be that because of a smoke screen, an extreme distance or an enemy being inside a building. The move speed increase is a universal buff, but the only alternative use there is to chase the circle – but I’d recommend against it unless you’re really far away.


Thanks to his Ultimate, Bloodhound is a great sidekick to Bangalore – the smoke screen gives Bloodhound some cover that he can use to shoot at enemies without fear of being shot back at. Caustic does the same, but worse since the only person that can be inside of Caustic’s gas without any harm done is Caustic himself. Bloodhound will be slowed down heavily and the bonus speed from the Ultimate doesn’t fully compensate for it. Generally, there is nothing to pair Bloodhound’s abilities with, because they don’t interact with the enemy or a teammate directly. Instead, they simply give information that the team has to act upon. Maybe Respawn will release more Legends that play like Bloodhound in the future, but right now, Bloodhound is one of a kind.

Five tips to play Bloodhound

  1. Try to activate the Beast of the Hunt well before engaging an enemy: the ultimate has a loud sound and a distinct visual effect that might attract unwanted attention.
  2. If you get scanned by an enemy Bloodhound, scan him in return and change your position.
  3. If you’re following someone’s footsteps and seem to be catching up with them, it might be a good idea to use your ultimate. Just don’t get separated from your team.
  4. Use the Beast of the Hunt to quickly look over a vast area. Red enemies on a black and white layout are much easier to notice than with a naked eye.
  5. Don’t forget that you can ping the marks you see with the ‘’Tracker’’. The ping will contain the type of the mark, but not the timing – use your chat to clarify, how old is the mark.

John Davis