Apex Legends

Release date: February 4, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Apex Legends Character Guide: Bangalore

Learn how to play as the professional soldier Bangalore: what abilities she can use, what squadmates are the best match, and get a bit of tips and tricks to help you win

One of the top three most picked Legends since the start (according to Apex Legends Tracker), Bangalore is a perfect choice for a newcomer and a solid backbone for every team. Her kit is simple and familiar to anyone who played FPS before: smoke grenades, sprinting when under fire and carpet bombardment are basic and very effective in their use.

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Passive ability

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Bangalore’s Passive ability, ‘’Double Time’’, gives you a two-second long burst that adds 30% to your move speed (same as Octane under the effect of his Stim), if you’re getting shot at. It’s not necessary to receive damage to Double Time. When it activates, you’ll hear a sound cue and will see the ability icon appearing on the screen. Keep in mind that Double Time will only activate if you’re sprinting, so it might prove difficult to keep it up during a gunfight. Still, Double Time had a broad area of application: you can attack quicker, retreat faster, move to another position, dodge a bullet, chase the circle… 30% extra speed is useful in basically any situation.

Tactical ability

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Bangalore’s Tactical ability, ‘’Smoke Launcher’’, shoots smoke grenades that detonate on impact. There are three grenades that are shot in a strictly horizontal pattern. The distance between them increases with range. You can see enemies inside the smoke, but you have to be very close to them in order to do so.

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You can barely see your own teammate in the smoke, let alone an enemy

There are two more ways to see an enemy through the smoke: either be Bloodhound or get an X1 ‘’Digital Threat’’ sight. You’ll know about the former – the scan has a visible animation and when a Bloodhound uses his Ultimate, you can hear it. But the latter is something you’ll only learn about when it’s too late – i.e. when you’re dead and can see an enemy’s weapon. So be careful when fighting under a smoke screen and only do so if you have your own Digital Threat or no other choice but to fight under smoke. A much better idea is to pair the Smoke Launcher with your own Ultimate or a Caustic’s Nox Gas Traps, if you happen to play with a Caustic in team. The smoke is of good use in the very beginning of a match since it’s guaranteed that no one can see through the smoke screen.

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Remember that the Smoke Launcher packs two charges and that its cooldown is a fat 33 seconds, so don’t waste your smokes.

Rolling Thunder

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Rolling Thunder is Bangalore’s Ultimate Ability. It comes in the form of a flare, which, when thrown, marks the landing spot for the first rocket. More rockets will follow after that. They will fall right to left, closer to further, and will form a 5x5 square. The rockets will start exploding 3 seconds after the last one lands, in the same pattern they were landing. The rockets are identical to your usual Frag Grenades in terms of damage and splash radius, but they also cause a stunning effect that slows enemies’ movement and rotating speed as well as blurring their screen heavily. Keep in mind that rockets don’t penetrate buildings, so there’s not much sense in using Rolling Thunder when fighting in urban conditions. Still, this ultimate is very versatile. You can use it to:

  • Open up the fight – Drop the flare wherever you’re expecting the enemy to go through. Like a respawn beacon or an area just outside the circle.
  • Close out the fight – It’s not hard to finish off the enemy hit by a rocket. He’s slowed, he’s blind and he’s in no fighting condition.
  • Defense – Cut your squad off from the enemies, run away and regroup. No one is dumb enough to chase you through a rocket field.
  • Cover – Barricade yourself inside a building and call the strike on your position. While the rockets are exploding, you can heal up, top off and come up with a plan.
  • Distraction – drop the flare wherever you don’t want your enemy to be. They’re likely to take a scenic route. You just have to prepare a warm welcome.
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Don’t forget that the rockets can also damage your squad, so don’t call the artillery on your position. Also remember that Octane can shake off the disorientation caused by the Ultimate and be surprisingly hard to kill for an unprepared Bangalore.


Bangalore is the backbone of the team. You don’t pick her to fill your squad, but rather, you build the squad around her. That means she makes a good team with any other Legend, but the playstyle will be different depending on who you have as your teammates. A Gibraltar in team will allow you to enter your Rolling Thunder rocket field and call the strike on yourself. Caustic and Lifeline will benefit from a more defensive use of your Smoke Launcher, while Mirage and Bloodhound will capitalize most when smoking aggressively. Pathfinder, Wraith and Octane will help you build a very mobile Squad that can effectively be in two places simultaneously.

5 useful tips on playing as Bangalore

  1. Listen carefully to everything happening around (especially Wraith’s warnings). The smoke screen does much better when used preventively, as opposed to reactively.
  2. Don’t pick Bangalore if you’re planning on sniping your way through the game. Your abilities are borderline useless on the long range, but are extremely effective when fighting toe-to-toe.
  3. Don’t shy away from an Ultimate Accelerant. Your Ultimate has a fat 270-second cooldown – only surpassed by Lifeline’s Care Package.
  4. The Smoke Launcher deals 10 damage if the grenade hits an enemy. Your fists do 30. You do the math.
  5. The Smoke Launcher can be used when you’re healing or recharging shields, but cannot be used when helping a teammate up.

John Davis