Apex Legends

Release date: February 4, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Apex Legends Shotgun Guide and Stats

This guide will explain to you how shotguns in Apex Legends compare to each other, how much damage they deal and how fast they shoot, what is the most accurate one and what is the best way to use them

Shotguns. Everything there is to say about them has already been said. Everything there is to invent has been invented. Right now, shotguns are the best close-range weapons in Apex Legends: massive damage combined with no imminent need for upgrades and easiness of use make them a prized possession at any point of the game.

This guide will focus on comparing two of Apex’s shotguns – the EVA-8 and the Peacekeeper.

Historical side of the question

Before the March 6 balance update, the Peacekeeper was insanely broken and absolutely imbalanced. In the update, the drop rate was decreased and the Shotgun Bolt upgrade was made less effective. Today, EVA-8 can match Peacekeeper shot for shot (well, not exactly – read further). It may even be that Peacekeeper will be nerfed even further, which may allow EVA-8 to come out on top.


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Damage per shot is, of course, higher for the Peacekeeper – 110 against EVA-8’s 63. So is damage per pellet – the Peacekeeper shoots 11 pellets per shell, each of which deals 10 damage. EVA-8 shoots 9, each dealing 7 damage. But when we go towards counting damage per second, things start looking much worse for the Peacekeeper, as EVA-8 will be better because of almost double the base fire rate.

It is clear that with an upgraded Shotgun Bolt EVA-8’s lead will be even more solid, because of the recent Peacekeeper nerfs. Right now, the Peacekeeper gets 7.5/13/16% fire rate increase with a level 1/2/3 bolt, while EVA-8 gets 10/20/25%. Still, any damage above 200 is insignificant for obvious reasons. Therefore it’s much better to take a look at the time it takes to kill a fully armored target.

The Peacekeeper needs two shots (and twenty out of twenty-two pellets fired to hit) or three shots if we take a chance to miss into account. According to Apex Wiki, the Peacekeeper has a fire rate of 58 shots per minute, which equals 0,96 shots per second. This translates to 1,041 seconds of delay between shots without any bolt. A level 3 bolt will increase the fire rate by 16%, reducing the delay. This gives us 1,041 seconds or 2,082 seconds to kill when firing without a bolt, or 0,907 or 1,814 seconds when using a level 3 bolt.

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EVA-8 requires four shots and 30 out of 36 pellets hit to kill a fully armored target. 128 shots per minute without a bolt will delay us for 0,469 seconds a shot, thus taking us 1,407 seconds to kill a target in four shots and 1,875 to kill in five. This number becomes even better with the bolt, as it only takes 0,375 seconds to fire the next shot and therefore 1,125 or 1,5 seconds to kill.

It’s easy to see that missing a shot with a Peacekeeper will cost you almost 2,5 times more than missing a shot with an EVA-8.


In theory, it’s the same. Both shotguns have minimal kickback which is easy to control. Pellet travel speed is the same too. But when theory is put to practice, it turns out that the Peacekeeper’s star-shaped spread is a bit harder to hit. Still, in this category the Peacekeeper has one big uncontested advantage – the Precision Choke hop-up. It allows the Peacekeeper to increase its effective range to several times that of the EVA-8.

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Another piece of advice – shoot from the hip. Paradoxically enough, when aiming, the pellet spread will be less tight.

In the end

After the nerf, the Peacekeeper became your usual glass cannon: if it doesn’t do well from the very start, it’s game over for you. EVA-8 is a lot more reliable, but the big question is do you really need the reliability? It comes with a hefty price of either being low on ammo all the time or sacrificing something else to pick up more ammo.

Honorable mention: Mozambique

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Mostly harmless

Hear ye, hear ye! The Mozambique is now viable! The second season has introduced an upgrade for it that makes you kill enemies in a single shot! And yes, we’re dead serious about this: the Hammerpoint Rounds jump the damage from 45 to 102, meaning that if an enemy (not Caustic or Gibraltar – their built-in 15% damage protection will require an additional shot) is not wearing an armor or has already lost it, he’s one good shot away from being killed. To hit three pellets is a much easier task than to hit eight or eleven and if you’ve already found your Hammerpoints, it’s not too hard to get a Mozambique. This makes the Mozambique the best shotgun in the game right now. Just don’t try to take down armor with it. Better pair it up with an RE-45 or an Alternator and get yourself some Disruptor rounds.

John Davis