Apex Legends

Release date: February 4, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Apex Legends Legendary Weapons Guide

In this guide, you will get the legendary weapons list, learn their pluses and minuses, and how to use them in combat

The Mastiff shotgun and the Kraber .50 CAL sniper rifle. The insane amounts of damage that you can dish out when wielding any of those are outbalanced by, firstly, their rarity – you can only get one from a random care package (Lifeline’s not the deal). Secondly, by the fact that they use a special type of ammo – once you burn through their rather miniscule ammunition supply, the weapon is bust and you can throw it away.

The good news is that you’ll almost certainly have something to swap the empty gun off to – you are sure to kill someone with it. Walking away from this kind of a weapon is a deadly sin, one that can’t be atoned easily. You must pick them up and kill someone with them because if not you – someone else will and you don’t want to end up on the wrong end of these guns.


Apex Legends Legendary Weapons Guide-1

Perhaps the most effective weapon in the game. The pellet spread is strictly horizontal, there are eight pellets in each shot and every pellet deals 18 points of damage. So even if you narrowly miss a shot, you’ll bite away a nice chunk of enemy health. It is worth noting that if you aim down the sights, the spread will be much tighter than that of a hipfire shot.

Use this to contest enemies at mid-range. Don’t forget to load your Mastiff in between the shots – a full reload takes twice as much time as a tactical. The ammo is fairly plentiful – you’ve got 20 shots to win your game.

Kraber .50 CAL

Apex Legends Legendary Weapons Guide-2

Kraber is a Longbow done right. Like the latter, you won’t be making a lot of shots in a firefight, but this time it’s not that bad because the enemies will either flee or die. And if they don’t – you can finish them off with whatever you’ve got as your other gun without having to worry about armor they’re wearing, since the Kraber does 125 points of damage in a body shot, effectively destroying any armor in a single shot.

The only thing that can protect you from a Kraber headshot is a level 3 helmet. Anything worse than that and it’s a one-shot takedown. The Kraber isn’t as easy to use as the Mastiff. You’ll do yourself a huge favor by getting familiar with this rifle on the gun range. The bullets of a Kraber are slower than any of the other sniper rifles. Keep that in mind when shooting a moving target.

And one last thing: prioritize easy targets. If an enemy is not moving, if they’re running in a straight line or if they’re too busy doing something to pay attention to you, they should go down first. You only have eight shots. Make them count.

Bonus: Fully-kitted weapons

A Fully kitted weapon is a standard gun that has been promoted to a legendary status. They’ve got level four – golden-colored, legendary – upgrades installed in each modification slot. Those mods can’t be replaced or removed and the damage and rate of fire are the same as their standard versions.

A Fully-kitted weapon can usually be found in a Hot Zone. Those are marked with a blue circle on the map. Once someone finds that weapon – one for each Hot Zone – the circle will disappear from the map. You can also find a Fully-kitted weapon outside of a Hot Zone, but the chances of it are the same as the chances of you finding a $100 bill on the street.

Here’s the list of guns that can be found as a Fully-kitted weapon:

  • Peacekeeper. Upgrades: Precision Choke, X1 Digital Threat sight and a golden shotgun bolt
  • Wingman. Upgrades: X1 Digital Threat Sight, Skullpiercer Rifling and a level four magazine that holds 12 rounds
  • R-301. Upgrades: X1-X2 Variable Sight, level four barrel and stock, a 28-shot magazine – level four as well
  • Prowler. Upgrades: X1 Digital Threat sight, Selectfire Receiver, level four stock and a 35-round magazine
  • HAVOC. Upgrades: X2-X4 AOG, level four stock and a Turbocharger.

John Davis