Apex Legends

Release date: February 4, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Apex Legends Common Technical Issues and Solutions, Performance Improvement and Useful Software

We selected the most common problems, prepared general fixes that can solve some bugs and errors, and listed useful links with most necessary software

How to determine if Apex Legends will run on your PC. How to find out your PC specs

Official online marketplaces and launchers always have a section dedicated to the game’s system requirements. For example, on Steam, it is under the description on its page:

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If you want the game to run, your computer must meet the minimum system requirements. Recommended ones usually indicate the specs you need to run the game at maximum graphics settings in 4K and 60 FPS. The latter is not always guaranteed due to the technical problems of the game itself.

System requirements


  • Windows 7 64 bit;
  • AMD FX 4350 / Intel Core i3 6300;
  • 6 GB RAM;
  • AMD Radeon HD 7730 / NVIDIA GeForce GT 640;
  • HDD 22 GB


  • Windows 7 64 bit;
  • AMD Ryzen 5 / Intel Core i5 3570K;
  • 8 GB RAM;
  • AMD Radeon R9 290 / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970;
  • HDD 22 GB

You may face a problem that you do not know the components of your PC. Then, you can use a special service called Can I Run It?, which will determine your hardware and compare it with the system requirements of the game. If Can I Run It? did not help, you will have to check your specifications on your own.

On Windows 10, all information can be found in Settings by selecting the System section. To find out about your processor and the amount of memory, select About. Information about the graphics card is under the Display section — Advanced display settings. Next, type in the name of your card in a search engine to learn about its characteristics.

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Name of your graphics card

To find out your CPU and the amount of RAM on Windows 7, go to Start, right-click My Computer — Properties. Your GPU name is available here: Control Panel — Screen — Adjust Screen Resolution — Advanced Settings.

The game does not start and displays a missing .dll error

Errors with such files can be different, but usually they are associated with absent or old versions of .NET Framework, Visual C++ and DirectX.

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Example of missing .dll error

All the software above is necessary for the operation of almost any game and application on Windows. Usually, problems arise after reinstalling OS, when there are no such programs on a new system.

It is possible to determine the specific software you need from the file names. If at the beginning of the name there is D3D, xinput, X3D, then the problem is most likely in DirectX. Files with MSVC names usually point to Visual C++.

If the methods above did not help, then perhaps the .dll file is not in the game folder. In this case, you should try to search the file on the Internet and manually install it. You can also use the program DLL-Files Fixer, which automatically selects the correct .dll.

How to download and install .NET Framework

Download the latest version of the .NET Framework on the official Microsoft website.

Follow the link, click on the Download button and the installer will download to your computer. After that, install all the updates for your operating system. For Windows 7, Service Pack 1 may be required.

The process itself is as simple and should not cause problems. Sometimes errors occur that are corrected by installing updates for Windows or installing Microsoft Visual C++.

How to download and install Microsoft Visual C++

Microsoft Visual C++ can be downloaded from the following Microsoft links:

The latest 2017 version can be downloaded here. Download software using the following links:

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If your operating system is older than Windows 10 and the latest Visual C++ does not work, download the 2015 version here.

Installing Microsoft Visual C++ is also very simple and should not be a problem. Errors may occur due to missing updates and the lack of Service Pack 1 for Windows 7.

How to download and install DirectX

This software is often installed along with the game. But if manual installation is required, download DirectX from Microsoft over here. Installation is also simple and should not cause any problems.

How to fix error 0xc000007b

One of the most common errors among the games, indicating an operating system problem. You can try updating .NET Framework, Visual C++, DirectX or installing the latest updates for Windows. Also, try running the game as administrator.

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Apex Legends won’t start, shows black screen

If the game does not start without giving any error, or only displays a black screen with sound instead of the image, then, most likely, computer parts simply cannot handle the load. But if you are sure that your PC meets the system requirements, try updating the drivers for your graphics card. The latest version can be downloaded from the official websites of manufacturers: Nvidia and AMD.

Try also running the game as administrator. Surf the Internet for any other ways to make your game easier to handle. Some users run games in so-called ‘’potato’’ mode, in which the graphics are greatly reduced, which vastly improves performance. For this purpose, you can use the Nvidia Profile Inspector.

How to install the latest AMD Radeon and GeForce graphics cards drivers

Manufacturers have long facilitated the installation process with the help of special utilities. You do not need to manually search for drivers, and those also allow you to tweak additional settings.

Download the official software to install AMD Radeon drivers on the official AMD website. Scroll down the page and click on the following button:

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After downloading the program, we recommend choosing a quick installation, which is recommended for inexperienced users. After installation, your GPU will receive the latest drivers for it.

Download the software to install the GeForce drivers from the official website. Installation is also quick and simple, and does not require additional actions.

Performance problems, low FPS, lags, overheating

If your game runs at minimum settings, but it has low FPS (frames per second) and it is unpleasant to play, try the following:

  • Update your GPU drivers. Developers have probably already found a way to improve performance through software.
  • Disable unnecessary background software, such as browsers, launchers, and antiviruses, before starting the game. In general, turn off everything that can load your computer.
  • Clean your system with CCleaner.
  • Try to find the ‘’potato’’ mode, which we wrote about in the last section.
  • Sometimes the performance drops due to overheating of certain parts. You can check the temperature using special software — there are plenty of alternatives on the internet. If you noticed overheating, disassemble the computer, clean it from dust or replace the thermal grease on the processor. It is recommended to do only for experienced users!
  • If the game offers any restrictions, it is worth agreeing to them. In some games, this may be the scale of the map, the number of enemies or the size of the squad in strategies, which are not always displayed in the graphics settings.
  • For popular games, people often create modifications to optimize the game and reduce graphics. For example, there are a lot of such mods for Skyrim.

How to install MSI Afterburner. How to check FPS in a game, see the load and temperature of GPU, CPU and RAM

MSI Afterburner is a useful program for any gamer, as it allows you to use a bunch of functions. Download it from the official MSI website. Scroll down the page and download the program:

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After downloading the installer, run it and follow the instructions. Installation is simple and should not cause any problems. However, the process may take 5-10 minutes.

MSI Afterburner does not start and shows an error

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When you boot it for the first time, you may have the following error: ‘’The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect.’’ To fix the error, restart the computer, after which the program should run without problems.

How to see the temperature and load of your graphics card

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Immediately look at the bottom of the interface. It shows various indicators. By clicking on the arrows on the left, you can switch between different data. You can see the following:

  • GPU temperature (graphics card),
  • GPU usage (video card),
  • GPU memory usage,
  • GPU clock,
  • Memory clock,
  • Fan speed,
  • Fan tachometer, RPM
  • CPU temperature (each core can be viewed)
  • CPU usage (each core can be viewed),
  • Memory usage,
  • Allocated memory.

All these data will allow you to understand if one of your components does not pull its weight. If the processor or graphics card is very hot or is constantly at maximum usage, combined with a low FPS in a game, then you will know where to look.

If viewing data is inconvenient, click on the Detach button:

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After that, the window will be disconnected, and it can be dragged and expanded, showing the data in a more convenient way.

How to tweak the graphics settings so that the game looks nice and runs smoothly. How to keep track of FPS

In this section, we will look at the basic graphics settings in modern games and describe what affects performance the most.

How to see FPS

To do this, use FRAPS program, which can be downloaded from its website here. The program will immediately download to your computer. Installation is simple as ever. After that, open FRAPS and start the game. Your FPS will be displayed in the upper right corner.

Now let’s look at the main video settings of PC games:

Screen resolution. Very high performance impact. But choosing non-native screen resolution will greatly affect the picture quality. The resolution should match your monitor. Games will look more and more blurry the further you lower the resolution.

Texture quality — greatly affects the picture quality, while mainly relying on video memory. If you have 4-8 gigabytes of video memory, then the performance impact is negligible.

Anti-aliasing. This setting blurs the borders between individual pixels, so it looks smooth in game. The difference in graphics will be visible, but it is not significant. Often there are several types of anti-aliasing:

  • SSAA — the best option, but very demanding.
  • TXAA — a great balance between performance and efficiency. Try it first. Only available on Nvidia GPUs.
  • MLAA is similar to TXAA, but it works on AMD graphics cards.
  • MSAA is similar in efficiency to SSAA, but is less demanding.
  • FXAA is the simplest form of anti-aliasing. Makes the picture look soft, but still removes the borders between pixels. Very little performance impact.

Try different options and choose the most appropriate setting.

Depth of field — imitates effects of human vision. The picture is unlikely to lose any quality — it’s just that you will see surrounding objects a little differently. But depending on the game it can consume a whole bunch of resources.

Bloom — makes the light in the game more vivid and realistic. But it does not make every game look better. Experiment — perhaps the setting can be turned off altogether for the sake of quality.

Shadow quality — this setting does not greatly improve the quality of the picture, but it can significantly affect the performance. If you are not a particularly picky player, then you will hardly notice the difference between the different shadow settings.

Ambient occlusion — this setting can seriously improve the image in open areas. It requires a lot of power.

Anisotropic filtering — improves texture clarity when viewed from an angle, which greatly improves the picture, almost without any performance impact. In most cases, you can set filtering to maximum.

Tessellation — improves surface quality. It is worth experimenting with this setting since it can affect performance differently depending on the game.

Motion Blur — blurs surrounding objects when you move. Does not really affect the quality, but at the same time does not really stress the graphics card.

Drawing distance — the further it is, the more objects you see in the distance. We recommend experimenting with this setting. Sometimes you will not notice objects that are too far away, but your GPU will be choked trying to render everything. It is better not to set the minimum value either; otherwise, you will look at objects popping in right in front of you.

Reflection quality and water quality — everything is obvious here: if there is almost no water in the game, you can put it on low settings and rarely see any difference. In games where water is common, it can play a significant role in both picture quality and performance.

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The GPU is used at 100%, but the game slows down. Which settings to lower

First of all, lower the settings that don’t significantly affect the graphics, but require a lot of resources. Therefore, first of all, reduce the shadow quality, anti-aliasing and drawing distance. It is also worth experimenting with depth of field, tessellation, reflection quality and water. Since these settings are highly dependent on the game itself, the results can and will vary greatly.

Then switch to something that does not greatly affect the quality of the image: bloom, motion blur and depth of field. Try not to lower texture quality and ambient occlusion too much, as the picture quality will drop dramatically. Leave the anisotropic filtering for the last, because it has almost no effect on performance, but it strongly affects the looks. Resolution should be the last thing to sacrifice.

Apex Legends freezes, crashes to the desktop, causes blue screen

First, determine where the problem is coming from. Check out the game’s forums and communities. Look for someone who came across a similar situation. If so, then the problem is within the game and you have to wait for the patches or find a third-party solution.

If the problem is exclusive to you, your PC components may have problems. In this case, update the graphics card drivers, lower the graphics settings, or run the game in different window modes.

Blue screen of death

In the case of the BSoD, remember the error code:

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Errors can be different. Search the internet for their description and see if this error occurs somewhere else besides the game. Problems can be connected to anything — from system errors to failing components.

Bugs, glitching animations, textures do not load

Usually, bugs are independent of your computer and you will have to wait for updates and fixes from developers. You could still try updating the GPU drivers or cleaning the registry with CCleaner. The latter can be downloaded from the official website.

If you have problems with animations or textures do not load, it is possible that the performance of your PC is not enough to process the graphics. Update your GPU drivers, check your computer for overheating and dust inside the case, and search the internet for users with similar problems and possible solutions.

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Apex Legends lags, freezes, runs slow

Freezes and stutters are technical issues that are not related to the internet. Lags, on the contrary, can depend on your internet connection and game server. Maybe your provider is performing maintenance, or the server developers are not coping with the influx of players. Usually, this is solved by itself.

Also, make sure your internet connection fits the minimum game requirements. What matters is not so much speed as stability and latency. If you still use a modem, then problems with online games cannot be avoided.

Sometimes your connection may be hampered by Windows’ antivirus or firewall. Try turning them off. Also, make sure that no one downloads third-party files or watches videos using your router. Try to disable all network applications before launching an online game.

If you are connected via Wi-Fi, then try to connect by cable through a router or directly. Often it is a bad signal or incorrect settings of the router that cause lags.

Popular online games often offer the choice to connect to servers in Europe, America or Asia. Try different options — perhaps you live too far from a particular data center. And check latency of the server. Anything over 100 is considered to be less than ideal.

If you are using Steam, make sure it does not download anything during the game. Log in to Steam, go to Settings — Downloads, and look if the check mark on the following item is missing:

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Similarly, make sure the same setting is disabled in other launchers.

The game does not install or download

Installation problems usually occur because of the following problems:

  • Lack of storage space.
  • Unsupported version of Windows. Too old or too new for a particular game.
  • If you use pirated games, the problems may arise due to a poorly made installer.
  • Installation requirements are not met. For example, some games may work like a DLC and require the original game.

Problems with downloading the game:

  • Make sure the antivirus and Windows Firewall do not block the download. Perhaps a shortcut with a launcher or store (for example, Steam) should be put in the exception list.
  • Look on the internet if there are any problems with other users. Perhaps the developers are performing maintenance.
  • Sometimes developers have poor infrastructure and downloads can either stop or throttle a lot.
  • Check your internet connection. For example, try to download another game, watch a video or use special services to test the connection speed.

No sound, no music

This problem rarely comes from the game itself. First, you should check if sound is present in other games or applications. If not, you will have to correct the problem directly in the system and your hardware. What helps in this situation:

  • Restart the computer — sometimes these measures actually work.
  • In case your headphones have a volume control, check if you accidentally lowered it to zero.
  • Perhaps the problem is in the headphones or speakers themselves. Check if they work with other devices.
  • Check the sound output settings on your system.
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Use this window to check what is set as the output sound device.

  • Make sure your sound device is working properly. Go to the Device Manager and check the following:
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If the icon has a red cross, an exclamation mark or there is nothing at all, you need to install a driver for the sound device. To find out its model, use Everest.

  • If the sound of headphones or speakers disappears when you move the cable around, it is then most likely damaged. Replace the device or try to fix the wire.

If the problem is observed in only one game, you should do the following:

  • Carefully go through the sound settings of your game.
  • Restart the game — sometimes it helps.
  • Search the internet to see if this problem is observed by other players. Perhaps the developer made a mistake and you should wait for the patch.
  • Reinstall the game.
  • Check the volume mixer. You can find it if you right-click the sound icon when the game is running. The game sound could be lowered to its minimum in the mixer.
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Mouse, keyboard or gamepad does not work

Keyboard and mouse

In this case, the problem is most likely in the system. If so, try the following:

  • Unplug the device and plug it back. If it did not work and you have a USB device — put it in another slot.
  • Restart the computer.
  • Check the device on another computer.
  • If any specific buttons on the keyboard do not work, try shaking it to get the crumbs out from it. If the mouse does not work properly, check its sensor at the bottom for the presence of clogged dirt.
  • Sometimes the devices may have damaged connection cables. If the operation of the device depends on how the wire is fixed, then you can somehow fix it in one place, but you will probably have to look for a replacement anyway.

If the problem is specific to the game, you should do the following:

  • Sometimes control is disabled during the game. Try to minimize and maximize the window.
  • Find out if other players have this problem. You will have to wait for patches and updates from the developer.
  • Try changing the keyboard input language. Sometimes it works in some games.


With these devices, the problem is usually different. Windows often works without problems with gamepads from the Xbox and the like. DualShock 4 (PS4) and other differing devices only work in most games if you emulate them as an Xbox gamepad. To do this, use third-party software. For example, x360ce, which you can download from its official website.

Also, make sure that you have set the gamepad as the default control method in the settings, and not the keyboard and mouse.

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