Apex Legends

Release date: February 4, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Apex Legends Character Guide: Octane

Learn how to play as the High-Speed Daredevil, what abilities he can use, what squadmates are the best match, and get a bit of tips and tricks to help you win

The first Legend to be added to the game after release, Octane turned out to be well-balanced and highly interesting to play as. He seems like a mash-up of Overwatch’s Junkrat and Quake Champions’ Anarki – crazy, jumpy, extremely fast and he also uses stims. As his Ultimate, Octane can place Launch Pads that allow you to jump far and high.

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Just like Mirage and Caustic, Octane will cost you either 12,000 Legend Points or 750 Apex Coins. Note that Octane is not a part of Season 1 Battle Pass.

Passive and Tactical Ability

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Octane’s Passive Ability, ‘’Swift Mend’’, regenerates his health at a rate of one health point per two seconds. It starts working five seconds after last taking damage. This fits right in with his Tactical Ability, the “Stim”, which allows Octane to move faster for six seconds. It costs him 10% of his health, though, so be careful with it. Regardless, extra speed is an all-round bonus that helps in everything, from looting to scouting to fighting.

Launch Pad

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Octane’s Ultimate Ability is called ‘’Launch Pad’’. It can be deployed on any flat surface and will let you jump high and far away. You will always fly in the direction of your sight.

The Jump Pad is an extremely cheap Ultimate: 90 seconds recharge time places it on par with Pathfinder’s Zipline Gun, making it one of the two cheapest Ultimates in the game. If you jump on the Jump Pad instead of walking onto it, the jump will be even higher. Another interesting side of this Ultimate is its ability to launch stuff in the air – thermite grenades to Lifeline’s D.O.C. Drones.

Here’s the full list of things that can be bounced off the Launch Pad:

  • All three types of grenades
  • Caustic’s Nox Gas Traps and Nox Gas Grenades
  • Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection
  • Flares that mark the Ultimates of Gibraltar and Bangalore
  • Mirage’s Psyche Out Decoy
  • Lifeline’s D.O.C. Drone
  • You can also launch yourself while downed
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Keep in mind that you can’t strafe while in the air, but you can turn. You won’t be able to make sharp turns though, you’ll always turn in an arc. And yeah, you can’t drop Lifeline’s Care Package on the Jump Pad. Even if you toss the Jump Pad where a Care Package that’s already been called should fall, it’ll be destroyed when the payload lands.

Best Squadmates

All in all, Octane is pretty well-rounded and will be a good addition to any kind of squad. Still, some Legends will benefit from having an Octane in their team more, than others. For example, an Octane and a Caustic can launch a real siege against a bunkered squad. Mirage’s decoy flies just like the real thing and can’t really be distinguished from Mirage himself – use that to bait out enemy shots and check their positions. A Pathfinder who handles his Grappling Hook well will be able to take some very unusual positions. And Lifeline can launch herself closer to a teammate in peril.

9 Octane Tips and Tricks

  1. If you find yourself inside the second zone, use Stim as soon as it goes off cooldown, which is, frankly, very short. You’ll make up for sacrificed health by not taking additional damage from the circle. This does not apply to the first circle, though – it’ll be cheaper on you to just run without using Stim.
  2. You can’t die from using Stim. Your health will simply go down to one and that’s it. Use this to run away, just don’t forget to charge some shields first.
  3. The Jump Pad is your new best friend. It’s good for both an attacking strategy as well as when you need to retreat. It can also be used as a trap – with you waiting on the other side with a shotgun in your hand.
  4. The Jump Pads don’t disappear. They’ll stay where you put them until the end of the game. But they can be destroyed – it takes ten R-301 shots to do so.
  5. Use Stim actively in the beginning: the enemy has less ammo than you have health. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty – Stim is very useful in a fistfight. And if something goes awry, you can always run away (check Tip 2)
  6. Remember about Octane’s health regeneration. Share your medkits and syringes with those who don’t regenerate.
  7. Don’t just stand there. Octane’s hitbox is rather small, so the more you move, the harder it is to hit you.
  8. Stim compensates for any slows that you’re affected with and protects you from any newer ones. Use this to shrug off an Arc Star or Bangalore’s Rolling Thunder.
  9. The Stim doesn’t let you go through Wraith’s portal faster, ride a zipline faster and it doesn’t cut any time off using items so don’t waste your health.

John Davis