Apex Legends

Release date: February 4, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Apex Legends Heavy Ammo Weapons Guide

Full list of heavy weapons in Apex Legends, their pluses and minuses, useful tips on using them in combat, and best upgrades

Heavy as in ‘’Utilizes heavy ammo’’. Lower rate of fire, higher base damage and a certain reliance on upgrades are the distinctive traits of this weapon class. Heavy weapons are the choice of the professionals as well as those who are appealed by the ‘’High risk – high reward’’ principle. In this guide, I’ll take a look at every gun that uses have ammo and give a list of upgrades essential to each weapon.


Until the recent update that decreased its rate of fire, the Wingman was all-out overpowered and an absolute no-brainer to take with you to a fight. Now the Wingman isn’t as imbalanced as it used to be, but it’s still one of the top weapons in the game. 45 damage per shot is a lot, the only guns that do more are the slow-firing Triple Take and Longbow, as well as shotguns (if you happen to make all the pellets hit, that is). Wingman is best used as an addition to either a sniper rifle or a shotgun.

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Get a magazine! With the default clip size reduced to four rounds, you’ll need at least a level 1 magazine upgrade to kill a fully-armored target without reloading. Also, if you’re playing the Wingman with a shotgun, find yourself a sight – it’ll be very useful when fighting mid-range.


The most underrated gun in the game. Yes, I know that without a Selectfire Receiver the Prowler can only shoot in 5-shot bursts. Yes, I remember that the Prowler can’t be fitted with a barrel stabilizer upgrade. But that’s all insignificant. This SMG is better than R-99 or Peacekeeper. An insane rate of fire (more than R-99 has), the biggest damage in its class and astounding hip-fire accuracy remind me of the good old P90 from Call of Duty and Counter-Strike. Just have a little faith in it and this gun will carry you all the way to your Champion title.

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Aside from the obvious Selectfire Receiver, the Prowler will benefit greatly from an extended mag upgrade. Sure, even the standard 20 bullets can chew through a level 3 armor and anything underneath, but let’s be honest – it’s way too nice to have a second chance in case you miss.

VK-47 Flatline

Just like M4A1 and AK-47 rival against each other in Counter-Strike, R-301 and the Flatline rival each other in Apex Legends. The latter has bigger damage, lower rate of fire, heavier recoil and a bigger magazine. But unlike CS, the R-301 is the clear favorite here, solely because of the barrel stabilizer upgrade that removes already slim recoil. The best thing you can do when life gives you a Flatline is to switch it to single-fire mode, find a good scope and stick to mid-range firefights: one shot at a time the Flatline has almost surgical precision.

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A good idea is to find a standard stock. This will allow you to seriously mitigate (or remove completely, if you’re lucky enough to get a purple one) the idle scope sway ergo increasing your accuracy even further.

Hemlok Burst AR

It seems that the Hemlok is there to fill the gap between the G7 Scout and assault rifles. Its three-round burst allows for some fighting capability up close and the single-fire mode will let you bite away a big chunk of enemies’ health before engaging.

Nevertheless, the Hemlok is still considered an assault rifle, with all the strings attached. You don’t get to fit it with anything better than an X2-X4 AOG, it demands a good barrel stabilizer and its damage compared to even the G7 Scout is much worse. Still, the Hemlok is very much usable right now and if it gets buffed in some way it might just become the next big thing.

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Anything you can find. The barrel and the stock will let you fire with much more accuracy (and if you’re lucky enough to find a golden barrel stabilizer, you’ll be able to shoot burst on any range and therefore outduel anyone and anything.) A scope will be a nice addition, but it’s not a requirement (the iron sights are decent enough to use.) A standard magazine of 18 bullets won’t be depleted as fast as R-301 or any of the SMGs even when shooting in bursts.

M-600 ‘’Spitfire’’

Your classic light machinegun – it has lots of ammo, it hits hard like a train, you can make a coffee during its reload and you’ll twist your hand trying to control its recoil. The community is divided in its opinion about the Spitfire – some worship it to the point they’d rather carry a Spitfire than a Mastiff and some hate it so much they would use the Mozambique instead.

The truth is, of course, out there: those who can’t handle the Spitfire’s harsh recoil prefer easier weapons. Those who can, soon find themselves capable of decimating entire squads with a single magazine without ever letting go of the trigger.

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The Spitfire is probably the only heavy weapon that doesn’t need anything to start being useful. Anything you find will make your life easier, but you aren’t losing in firepower even with a “naked” Spitfire.


It looks as if the developers were terrified by the concept of making the Longbow too strong so much that they ultimately made it extremely weak and now are trying to fix things. The increased rate of fire now allows the Longbow to be on par with the G7 and the Triple Take in terms of damage per second. Interestingly, it might also increase your headshot ratio, because now it’s become much easier to shoot the first shot as a means of zeroing in and land the second one right in the head before the opponent can reach cover. All in all, the Longbow is a much better weapon after the buff, albeit still somewhat niche.

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Can’t live without sniping? Alright – get a scope and go ham. The delay between shots is still present, so you won’t be needing any barrels or stocks – you can pretty much compensate for the recoil on your own. The Skullpiercer Rifling hop-up is okay, but it’s far from being essential, and so are extended mags. Just be sure to reload on your fifth shot – that way you’ll save a second of time.

John Davis