Apex Legends

Release date: February 4, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Apex Legends Energy Ammo Weapons Guide

Full list of energy ammo guns in Apex Legends, their pluses and minuses, and tips on using them

Quite an odd bunch. The fact that you can only stack the ammo to 60 in your inventory already speaks volumes on how unusual the guns using such ammo are. As of right now, there are three weapons of the type in the game and each requires some amount of modding to be on par with the Light ammo and Heavy ammo weapons. In this guide, we’ll take a look at every weapon that uses Energy ammo and I’ll offer you a piece of advice on using them.


A machine gun that needs spinning up. The spin-up takes around a third of your level 2 44-bullet magazine. If you happen to find a Turbocharger hop-up, the spin-up time gets reduced dramatically and the gun becomes a worthy alternative to any SMGs, thanks to the bigger magazine, damage numbers and rate of fire. The damage potential of that thing is big. You certainly don’t want to get caught in the crossfire of it. The second season introduced extended mags for energy weapons, while decreasing the base clip size. Now the Devotion relies on a decent extended mag upgrade or you’ll find yourself reloading before you’ve even spun the gun up.

Apex Legends Energy Ammo Weapons Guide-1

My advice – stock up on ammunition and get yourself a Turbocharger – with it the enemy won’t have the time to run to the nearest cover. If you find yourself with a Devotion and without a Turbocharget on it – spin the thing up first, then move away from the cover. Sure, you’ll lose some ammo on the spin-up, but you’ll be compensated with having a much better shot at the enemy.

Triple Take

A hybrid between a sniper rifle and a shotgun. The former gave the Triple Take its range and damage, the latter – a multiple projectile shot and a fixed horizontal spread of said projectiles. If you can wrestle a Precision Choke hop-up away from that guy with a Peacekeeper, you’ll get yourself a solid sniper rifle. 69 damage per shot is something to be reckoned with. Without the choke, the Triple Take is much more useful as a mid-range shotgun. The angle at which the projectiles spread isn’t too big so you can hit all three of them even without the hop-up.

Apex Legends Energy Ammo Weapons Guide-2

My advice – use the sights depending on the situation with the Precision Choke. If you can’t find one there won’t be much use out of a sniper X6 sight and you’ll be better off with an X2-X4 Variable AOG. If you can’t find a sight either, that’s not that bad, since unlike many other guns, the pre-built sight on the Triple Take is pretty good. The Triple Take is the only weapon that hasn’t been affected by the addition of the energy mags. The stock magazine still holds five shots and each upgrade adds one shot to the clip.


Three guns in one. The base evolutionary form of this Pokémon is a very mediocre assault rifle. It takes half a second wind-up time before you start shooting, so you won’t be able to shoot in short bursts. Either deal with the recoil or take forever to kill an enemy. Fortunately, the HAVOC has two hop-up attachments available to choose from. These are the Turbocharger and the Selectfire Receiver. The Turbocharger removes the wind-up time from the gun, making is a great assault rifle that outshines even the mighty R-301. The extended mags increase the magazine capacity from 24 to 28/32/36 for a level 1/2/3 upgrade.

Apex Legends Energy Ammo Weapons Guide-3

The Selectfire Receiver completely changes the playstyle of the gun. The wind-up time gets increased to a whole second, each shot takes 4 ammo, but the damage gets amped up to 45 per shot and the weapon becomes hitscan, removing any need to guess where exactly the bullet will land. Despite there not being a proper sight to use it with (the HAVOC is limited with an X2-X4 Variable AOG), the Selectfire HAVOC is an interesting choice that is worth considering, as long as the enemy is not using a shotgun.

My advice – The Turbocharger is still superior to the Selectfire Receiver. Don’t pick the HAVOC in hopes of finding a Turbocharger or a Selectfire Receiver later – you’ll do better if you find the hop-up first first and pick up the HAVOC way after that. Don’t choose the Selectfire if you don’t have an armor of at least level 2, otherwise you’ll get yourself killed before you’ve made a second shot. Another interesting take is finishing off wounded opponents with a Selectfire HAVOC – no one ever expects you to finish them off from half their health quite so easily.

John Davis