Apex Legends

Release date: February 4, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Apex Legends Light Ammo Weapons Guide

Full list of light ammo guns in Apex Legends, their pluses and minuses, and comparison with their analogs from PUBG and Fotnite

Let’s be honest about this: the guns that shoot light ammo are your safest bet in the entire game. They don’t require much practice for you to start hitting something when you shoot, the ammo is plentiful and is lying all around, and in terms of time-to-kill they rival their heavy ammo counterparts. In this guide, we’ll take a look at all the guns that take light ammo and point out similar weapons from PUBG and Fortnite (Sorry, Blackout fans!)


Apex Legends Light Ammo Weapons Guide-1

An absolutely average pistol. Mere 12 damage per shot with a magazine of 10 don’t make much of a competition against any other weapon (except, probably, the Mozambique, which is the Tachanka of Apex Legends). The only real use this gun sees is in the very beginning when there is nothing else to shoot with. Also, the reload is near-instant which is neat.

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PUBG counterpart – P92
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Fortnite counterpart – Pistol


Apex Legends Light Ammo Weapons Guide-4

Remember the G18 from Modern Warfare 2? Respawn Entertainment sure do (which isn’t really surprising – they created it way back when they were called Infinity Ward and worked under Activision, and not EA). The RE-45 is the good ol’ G18, but with somewhat mitigated damage and the lack of ability to take one in each hand. A shame, really – akimbo RE-45’s would’ve been as good as a shotgun in close range. The way it is right now it’s more of a nostalgic throwback than a useful gun.

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PUBG counterpart – P18c
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Fortnite counterpart – Tactical Submachine Gun
  • PUBG counterpart – P18c
  • Fortnite counterpart – Tactical Submachine Gun


Apex Legends Light Ammo Weapons Guide-7

An all-round upgrade for the RE-45. It’s better in every way – from damage and rate of fire to bullet travel speed. Like any other SMG, you’ll be reloading more than you’ll be shooting, so a good piece of advice would be to shoot to kill. It’s good, it’s really good, but a shotgun is still better. Though there are people who prefer the R-99 to a shotgun – being able to one-clip an enemy in an epic armor while still being able to fight mid-range is no small thing.

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PUBG counterpart – Micro-Uzi
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Fortnite counterpart – Submachine Gun (the one they removed in patch 7.30)


Apex Legends Light Ammo Weapons Guide-10

A questionable weapon. The slowest SMG in the game, but at the same time the most usable without any modules (the RE-45, for example, does times better with an at least level 1 mag). You could call it «R-301 Junior». The weapon is designed for those who deem R-99 too fast and for those who find themselves positioned a bit too far from the enemy – Alternator’s recoil is extremely easy to control even without any stock.

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PUBG counterpart – UMP9
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Fortnite counterpart – Suppressed Submachine Gun


Apex Legends Light Ammo Weapons Guide-13

If light ammo weapons are your safest bet in the game, R-301 – is the safest bet among the light ammo weapons. Its recoil is basically non-existent, it deals a fair amount of damage and it’s well suited for any distance – thanks to the ability to switch to single-fire and no damage falloff. The only bad thing about the gun is that you can’t equip it with a Digital Threat sight: X1 can only be fitted on pistols, SMGs and shotguns and X6-X10 – only on sniper rifles.

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PUBG counterpart – M416
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Fortnite counterpart – Assault rifle (at least Epic)

G7 Scout

Apex Legends Light Ammo Weapons Guide-16

An evolutionary link between the R-301 and the Longbow. That fact is for worse rather than for better – 30 damage per shot isn’t a lot (the Longbow or the Triple Take are a better pick for a sniper), and a semi-auto firing mode doesn’t let it compete with assault rifles at range and shotguns up close. Still, it’s not a bad gun – just a niche one. The Scout is basically a Longbow with a set of training wheels – a bigger magazine and a greater firing rate make it less of a deal if you miss a shot.

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PUBG counterpart – Mini-14
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Fortnite counterpart – Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle

John Davis