TGS 2019: 1 Hour of Death Stranding Gameplay

This new video shows traversal, stealth, missions, and even epic boss-fights

During the first day of Tokyo Game Show 2019, Hideo Kojima himself presented a 49-minute extended demo of Death Stranding gameplay. The game designer noted that this video is made for those who still doubt the game, so you might want to skip the demo if you have trust in Kojima. However, all possible spoilers were edited out of the presentation.

You can watch the full demo below — keep in mind that it’s fully in Japanese without any subtitles:

Here’s a list of key points from the presentation:

  • When you start a mission (accept a delivery), there are several things that need to be planned in advance. You have to evenly distribute cargo packages on your character (it will affect Sam’s balance), then it’s time to manually plan your route on the map by placing waypoints and markers. You also have to decide how many ladders you need to bring with you.
  • The strategical thinking is required even for such simple tasks as crossing a river. Sam can see how deep various zones of the stream are — if the character goes to deep, he will lose his balance and some cargo.
  • Ladders and strings are limited by their length. You also have to keep an eye on your footwear durability — if it breaks, Sam will hurt his feet.
  • Sometimes you’ll find cargo lost by other players. If you pick it up, you’ll also accept a delivery. In the demo, Sam finds an old audio system and delivers it to Musician, who turns out to be Daichi Miura — a famous Japanese singer and dancer. Sam gets harmonica as a reward — you can play the instrument while resting and soothe BB with it.

Kojima Productions also released Sam's Briefing — a cutscene that explains the hero's motivation and his main mission in the game

  • There are multiple ways for players to interact with each other, even though you won’t see others. However, you can place ladders and share useful items — if other gamer finds it, he will see your nickname and might also leave a like.
  • Likes seem to be the game’s most valuable currency: Sam receives them by completing deliveries, helping other players and even soothing BB.
  • It’s very important to rest in Death Stranding. Sam can catch a breath, sit, stretch his legs, massage shoulders, take showers, sleep, and bathe in hot springs. There are even two separate options for going to a toilet: the character can do it standing or sitting.
  • Sam can summon a special hovering courier via a terminal. This gadget can be used as a way to transport more cargo or as a hoverboard. There are also more standard vehicles: the protagonist can steal a truck or ride a bike that was shown in previous trailers.
TGS 2019: 1 Hour of Death Stranding Gameplay-1
Death Stranding also got a new poster
  • In the demo, Sam tried to clear the enemy’s camp. You can approach such tasks by stealth: the character has a strand used to silently take out enemies from behind. There is also a gun that shoots taser-net to stun targets. Of course, you can also fight in melee.
  • While near ghost-like monsters BT, a player can press a dedicated button to hold breath. However, there is a way to deal with such enemies if they detect you — Sam can simply shoot them with a special gun.
  • There was also a boss-fight shown in the demo. The protagonist fought a lion-like oily creature while jumping on building’s roofs in a flooded city ruin. The enemy was taken down by fire grenades.

Kojima will show even more from the game in the following days. Death Stranding will release exclusively on PlayStation 4 on November 8.

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