Apple Special Event 2019 Highlights

New iPhones with triple cameras, new iPad, new Apple Watch, Apple Arcade gaming platform, and more

The annual September presentation of the Apple Special Event ended a couple of hours ago. There were not so many surprises — almost all the leaks were confirmed. However, despite this, Apple again managed to hold a spectacular event. It was especially interesting to listen to those who are at least a little versed in mobile hardware. Besides, the iPhone 11 Pro, in general, turned out to be a professional photographer tool. At least that's what Cupertino says.

Below we retell the main things from the presentation.

Apple Arcade

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Apple Special Event started with a presentation of the new Apple Arcade gaming platform, which is designed to clean up the entertainment part of the App Store. This will be achieved not only with help of convenient navigation within the platform but also with a hundred new exclusive games of various genres, developed with the support of Apple. True, for some reason, mostly casual games were shown: platformers, runners and others like them.

Only closer to the middle of the presentation, a potentially worthwhile project was revealed — Pascal’s Wager. It closely resembles Dark Souls and a bit The Elder Scrolls: Blades:

Apple Arcade will be available from September 19. The price is $5 per month, but the first 30 days, according to the tradition of all subscription services, are free.

Apple TV Plus

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This summer, Apple released a series of trailers for its television shows. They have collected many millions of views.

In the US, many people have an Apple TV set-top box, and services like Netflix have long been perceived at the level with federal channels. Cupertino decided it was time to press the red streaming giant and launch their own Netflix — with Jason Momoa (Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones) and a morning show.

Jason Momoa starred in the new science fiction series See. The action takes place in the post-apocalyptic 27th century, in the world where a catastrophe deprived people of sight and threw them back into the Stone Age:

The Hunger Games creator Francis Lawrence has been working on See

Apple TV Plus will be launched on November 1 at a price of $5 per month. New shows will be added every month. With Apple TV box you will get a whole year of free use of the service. Meanwhile, the service is available on any of Apple devices.

7th generation iPad

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Hardware finally. The first to be shown was a slightly updated standard iPad. So slightly that essentially it has only… slightly bigger screen — 10.2 instead of 9.7. Inside, it features a three-year-old processor A10 Fusion. As for the Apple Pencil... it is again only first-generation supported.

The main thing is the new iPadOS operating system. It was created on the basis of iOS but somewhat resembles macOS in functionality — if the latter was adjusted for touch control. The devs slightly improved multitasking, added a floating square keyboard, which takes up very little space, and also replaced the mobile browser with a full-fledged desktop Safari.

Price starts at $329 in the USA. Sales start at the end of September.

Apple Watch Series 5

Then came the turn of the new generation of smartwatches. The main feature of the Apple Watch Series 5 was declared a constantly turned on display. Previously, it blocked and fell asleep if you lower your hand, but now it can show useful information. At the same time, Apple swears that the battery life will remain the same (about 18 hours).

New colors:
Apple Special Event 2019 Highlights-4

A number of new medical applications and functions will appear: a drop sensor, a noise level meter, an emergency ambulance call (even without an iPhone), and much more.

Prices for the new 5th series start at $399, and for the still popular 3rd were lowered to $199.

iPhone 11

Leaks confirmed — iPhone 11 is a successor to iPhone XR. It will feature a similar 6.1-inch (not OLED!) LCD screen and two 12-megapixel cameras on the back. In addition, spatial sound and Dolby Atmos support will appear. Moreover, iPhone 11 will work an hour longer than the iPhone XR.

Apple Special Event 2019 Highlights-5
Sales of the iPhone 11 will begin on September 20 starting from $699.

iPhone 11 Pro

However, the main star of the show was the iPhone 11 with the prefix Pro. It is declared as a professional tool for the photographer, which sounds even too loud, but justifies the name of the new line.

It will be available in four colors: Midnight Green, Space Gray, Silver, and Gold:

Apple Special Event 2019 Highlights-6

The standard model will be 5.8 inches and the Max version — 6.5. Each will have an OLED screen with a brightness of 1200 nits and support for XDR (Apple's high-tech HDR).

Apple Special Event 2019 Highlights-7

The processor here is also A13 Bionic. A strange figure of 1 trillion operations per second was mentioned. Apparently, this is a theoretical performance like teraflops. However, everything is known in comparison: the processor of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro is 20% faster than its predecessor and consumes 40% less energy. Apple claims that the standard version lasts 4 hours longer than last year’s flagship iPhone XS, and the larger Max version lasts as much as 5 hours longer.

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At the end of the presentation, the new cameras were discussed in detail. Each of the three has 12-megapixel sensors. Also available is a 4x zoom and a number of new neural network features like night mode or Deep Fusion (displaying a perfect photo from 9 shots pixel by pixel):

Full Size
Night Mode
Full Size
Deep Fusion

And this is what the new price tags look for the entire line of current iPhone:

Apple Special Event 2019 Highlights-11
iPhone 11 Pro will go on sale on September 20 at a price of $999, and the Max version will start at $1099.

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