Hi-Res Scans of Two Canceled Naughty Dog Games Surface Online

This is what we might’ve get instead of Uncharted and The Last of Us

Before Naughty Dog focused on making Uncharted and The Last of Us, the studio had another two ambitious titles in the works: Jak 4 and an untitled sci-fi game. Both of them were eventually canceled, but now we can look at some very high-quality scan of concept arts from The Art of Naughty Dog art book.

Jak 4 was a very likely game to happen since Naughty Dog really believed in the franchise and discussed various ideas for it before moving on to The Last of Us development. Unfortunately, the project never gained it’s moment and was left to collect dust in archives. There is plenty of interesting concept art to check out:

As for the mysterious sci-fi game, it could’ve had androids, robots, and futuristic weapon. The game took place in a megapolis build around a giant hole on a planet’s surface with unknown origin. The title was pitched as a game with a more serious tone, but the studio decided to make the first Uncharted instead.

No other details are known about the game, including its title, but there are more some images to give you an idea of what it might’ve looked like:

As for now, Naughty Dog is hard at work on finishing their next PS4-exclusive blockbuster The Last of Us Part II. The game will be shown to press once again on September 24. It’s rumored for February 2020 release date.

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