Nintendo Switch Lite Is on Secondary Market Already

Russian guy got hold of the console ahead of the world release

A Nintendo Switch Lite sale advertisement was posted recently on Russian secondary marketplace Avito.

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The cost is about 400 dollars
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Box looks authentic
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Box (top view)
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Inside the box

Meanwhile, the official release of the console in the world is scheduled for September 20. So the proposal appeared one and a half weeks before. Most likely, the seller works in a retail network and took the console from the warehouse. Another variant is that he received the console for a review.

The price is 25,000 roubles (about $400), which is much higher than the suggested retail price. The official cost of the console in the world is $199, and in Russia — 16,499 roubles (about $250).

Nintendo Switch Lite is a portable only version of Nintendo Switch revealed back in July. The key changes were a bit lesser size, non-detachable Joy-Con controllers, and inability to connect to a TV.

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