[Rumor] Huge Doom Eternal Leak Surfaces Online

The supposed leaker details story, enemies, gameplay features, and more

A ResetEra user CenturionNami posted a list of leaked DOOM Eternal details seen on 4chan. The original thread was taken down and 4chan users are also infamous for posting fake leaks and made-up runners. However, unlike many similar cases, the original poster provided a couple of photos with developer stuff shown on them and his post also sounds somewhat legit.

You can check out the leaker’s photos below:

Still, we advise you to take the information below with a grain of salt. We’ve separated the info into two parts: the first one details gameplay and some other features, while the second part consists of heavy spoilers.

The spoiler-free list:

  • There are 18 levels in the game, while Doom 2016 only had 13 chapters.
  • There will be two story DLCs.
  • Doom Eternal will let your character sprint by pressing the Shift key.
  • The game starts as a prequel to Doom 2016.
  • Weapon pick up animations are in the game, floating guns were just for presentations demos.
  • Classic Doom weapon pose (centered) is back in as an option that has to be somehow unlocked.
  • Heavy Weapon Dudes (also known as Chaingunners) from Doom 2 are present in the game.
  • The leak confirms that a player will visit a hub area between missions. There, you can practice target shooting, play Super Turkey Puncher, fight captive imps, etc.
  • The game will not feature any Christian symbols.
  • There are many various easter eggs for fans of previous Doom games.
  • Doomguy and weapons have multiple unlockable skins including supposedly, the Doom 3 Plasma Rifle and a Comic Book Doomguy skin.

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Now, to the spoilery stuff:

  • The game starts as a prequel to Doom 2016 with Doomguy fighting alongside the Night Sentinels that teach the player how to use an energy sword. This weapon can only be activated after doing 3 glory kills.
  • After the prologue, the protagonist goes back to the present day where he has to find bits of the Praetor Armor.
  • As some time passes, Samuel’s UAC team calls the player back to Phobos where a cultist unleashed demons that cause chaos and kill people. To stop that, you have to fight Heaven and 3 gods of some king.
  • There are multiple Marauders, former Night Sentinels. One of them is Doomguy's old friend.
  • The gladiator demon on the box art is The Betrayer that was mentioned in previous games.
  • The final boss is a rogue female angel (who is completely fictional and has no connection to the Bible) with 3 forms, the final one being Icon of Sin, a classic boss from older games that represents Satan himself.
  • In the ending, it’s revealed that Doomguy and Doomslayer are the same guy stuck in an Eternal time loop that goes through all the dimensions.
  • The last cutscene shows green hills full of people and bunnies. Doomguy sacrifices himself to enter the final loop.
  • In a mid-credits scene, Doomguy gets his helmet knocked off while he is fighting demons again. The camera shows his face with an expression from the original Doom when the player picks up a weapon.
  • The only post-credits scene shows how Samuel Hayden (the Chairman of the UAC that betrayed the protagonist in Doom 2016) talks to imps in business suits, saying that "everything is going according to the plan".
  • The game will also star Phobos and Crash, two marines from Quake. Phobos is described as a woman in her early 30s with exposed abs and short dark-brown hair.
  • Story DLCs will also be about Phobos and Crash during the Demonic invasion to Earth.

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Here’s the full list of the game’s levels:

  • Sentinel Prime (The Fall of Corrax).
  • The Colosseum (Imminent Fury).
  • Headquarters (Not The Villain).
  • Surface Facility (Destroyer of Worlds).
  • Mars Core (Escape).
  • Gateway (Traveler).
  • Suburbs (Hell on Earth).
  • Downtown (City Flight).
  • Citadel (Hunt Or Be Hunted).
  • Cultist Base (The Blind Council).
  • Hellgate (Wraiths).
  • Blood Temple (Beyond The Well).
  • Pantheon (The Netherworld).
  • Mothership (The Light-Bringer).
  • Axis Mundi (Paradise Lost).
  • Primum Mobile (Transcendence).
  • Empyrean (Meet Your Makyr).
  • The Source (The Icon of Sin).

Sadly, we will be able to find out if this leak is real only when DOOM Eternal will release on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia on November 22.

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