Metro 2033 Feature Film Announced

It is set for release on January 1, 2022

Following yesterday’s series of strange tweets, Dmitry Glukhovksy has officially announced a full-length Metro 2033 movie.

Metro 2033 Feature Film Announced-1

On the stream, Glukhovsky said that he already had a meeting with a scriptwriter and won’t be working on the script himself. However, he will consult the creators of the film. Three big movie companies are working on the adaptation.

The author revealed that he already tried to adapt the book with MGM, but the studio wanted to change the location of the story to Washington, D.C. — Glukhovsky didn't approve it. Later, another attempt was made to write the script: this time the movie was set in Moscow. But even then, Dmitry disliked the result and decided to scrap the project.

The new big-screen adaptation will mostly feature stations that are already well-known for fans.

The casting hasn’t started yet, but Glukhovsky noticed that it’s better to have a younger and less famous actor rather than the one of a bigger category.

When you watch a Bruce Willis movie, you follow the story of Bruce Willis, not the character himself.

Still, there will be some famous names working on the movie. Dmitry mentioned (jokingly, it seems) that he wants to cast Ana de Armas (Joy from Blade Runner 2049) as the female lead.

Glukhovsky thinks that the movie won’t get a mature rating R. The original book that the film is based on was more teen-friendly than its sequels.

The movie will start shooting in 2020.

Metro 2033 will hit the big screen on January 1, 2022.

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