[Updated] ‘Will You Dare to Get Out of the Subway?’: Russian TV Channel Hints at Metro 2033 Series

Whatever the mysterious message means we might found out pretty soon


The film is officially announced.

Cosplayer Leiradna has posted a message on Instagram, saying that something ‘great’ will happen on Friday. Given the fact that she is famous for her Anna’s cosplay, the things are sure to be connected.
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Fellows! I have three awesome news for you. First - today we are reached 20k!! It’s totally awesome, thank you! Second - @glukhovsky recently announced that he started work at new game from Metro series. And it’s fucking awesome! I can’t wait to new story and adventures. Third - at this Friday you will know... something. Something really great. But you will love it. You must, no chance! ) Сооооу, а теперь по-русски, russian below, как говорится. И вы, если что, не обижайтесь, что у меня инста в основном на английском, это один из моих способов немного практиковать язык. И если что - поправлять меня можно и даже нужно. Во-первых, спасибо вам всем большое, сегодня число моих подписчиков перевалило за 20к, и это правда уже внушительная цифра. Я очень рада и благодарна вам за то, что вы со мной. :) Второе - я слоупочно не среагировала сразу (вернее не среагировала в сети), но я очень рада, что Дмитрий Глуховский начал работу над сюжетом следующей игры по вселенной Метро 2033. Этот мир тотально не отпускает меня и мне нужно БОЛЬШЕ МЕТРО. Третье и осень важное. В пятницу будет кое-что очень крутое. Смотрите трансляцию (ссылка на неё в моем ВК), держите руку на пульсе и будете в курсе. :) . Ph: @milliganvick Spartan Order’s dog tag: @yarilostore #cosplay #metro2033 #metroexodus #cosplayer #cosplaygirl #beautiful #beauty #game #gamer #geek #girlgamers #gamergirls #postapocalypse #moscow #косплей #игры #метро2033 #cosplayway #девушки

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Russian TV channel TNT has launched a series of tweets in different languages tagging local movie and gaming media and using a hashtag with the universe creator, Dmitry Glukhovsky. The date in the tweet says August 23, so the announcement might be just around the corner.

Apart from this question, the channel posted several coordinates that, as users figured out, refer to the stations of Moscow metro. Namely, The Exhibition, Ostankino Tower, and the Botanical Garden. These were the stations that Artyom has visited on his way to the Dark Ones.

One of the tweets, however, contains several numbers that are yet to be deciphered. The coordinates, however, point at the location near the main office of Russian IT company Mail.Ru that, among other things, publishes and develops online games.

So far, only Russian media outlets have reacted to the post. Mainly, in an ironical way.

We like risk.

Why even leave Metro when the new DLC is out? You’d better get back there.

Is this a threat?

TNT is one of the most popular Russian channels that mainly broadcasts a variety of comedy shows and standups. However, one of their most recent shows, Chernobyl: Zone of Exclusion, is a mystery and thriller series that takes place in Pripyat. The premise is close to that of Netflix’s Dark.

Perhaps the channel is aiming at bringing Glukhovsky’s book to the TV format, in the form of a series or a movie. Besides, the adaptation of his latest book, Text, is coming to the cinema this October.

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