Gamescom 2019: Final Fantasy VII Remake, Need for Speed Heat, Disintegration and Battletoads Gameplay

Enjoy lots of gameplay of the upcoming titles

Gamescom 2019 is still live in Cologne, Germany, and developers continue to show visitors their games. Here, you will find a total of 50 minutes of four upcoming titles: the remake of FF VII, new NFS, shooter Disintegration, and the return of the legendary Battletoads.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Square Enix held a closed demonstration of a new version of FFVII Remake for the press. Common visitors. however, can try a demo at the Square Enix panel.

Need for Speed Heat

The video showcases the process of customization and both types of races, legal at day time and illegal at night. The police also made their appearance. The surroundings are destructible, while cars get damaged during a race. Drifting slows downs the car instead of accelerating it like it used to be in previous games.

The video was captured on PlayStation 4 Pro


The first-person shooter developed by Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto is set in a relatively distant future where humans had to change their flesh bodies to robotic ones in order to withstand rough climate and deadly disease.

The video showcases a multiplayer match with two 5-player teams, one of which has to deliver two cores to the enemy base. Players can control a gravicycle and give orders to their squad. The game also features a 12-hour singleplayer campaign.


In the video, Battletoads fight against pigs and rats on the city streets. Revealed at E3 last year, the new incarnation of the legendary beat’em up has changed its style to a more comic-looking one.

The video was captured on Xbox One X

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