The World of Warcraft Pop-Up Book Will Hit the Shelves This October

It’s the cutest way to learn World of Warcraft’s lore yet

Blizzard continues to expand their merchandise to attract younger people to the Warcraft universe. This time, the company will release a very unusual The World of Warcraft Pop-Up Book that can attract anyone’s attention by its 3D-presentation.

Here are some photos:

The book will show and tell readers about races, characters, places and crucial events of Azeroth, including the ones featured in World of Warcraft’s most recent addon Battle for Azeroth.

Here’s the official description of the item:

Choose your faction, pick your weapon, and prepare for an astonishing vision of the world of Azeroth like you’ve never seen before! Built by best-selling paper engineer Matthew Reinhardt, the World of Warcraft Pop- Up Book brings the bemost well-loved locations of Warcraft to life, from the classic faction hubs of Orgrimmar and Stormwind, to the battle-scarred lands of Lordaeron and Teldrassil, and even the new capital cities of Kul Tiras and Zandalar! Each page unfolds into an eye-popping treat, showing depicting iconic locationssites inwith brand-new art and interactive piecesways that you’ve never seen before. Unfold each individual spread to form a map of Azeroth!

Previously, Blizzard released a very similar book about Hearthstone. You can check out a video about it below:

The World of Warcraft Pop-Up Book will be released on October 15. You can already pre-order the book on Amazon for $49.49 and save 24% of its full price.

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