Enthusiast Builds Real-Life Portal Turret

The full-scale machine looks very menacing

A Dutch engineer Yvo de Haas from Ytec3D built a full-scale, working turret from the Portal series. It took him over 300 hours of 3D printing to create this.

You can watch a video of his work below:

The machine is fully functional, although not as lethal as the original. It can talk, see, open and close sides, and aim around, moving around 20 degrees in all directions. It even has a laser pointer and a light-up eye. The turret even shoots 4 fully functional nerf guns with a fire rate up to 400 round per minute.

There are a few photos of the sentry turret:

Yvo de Haas installed Arduino Mega for the turret’s movement and Raspberry Pi 3+ for its talking and watching abilities. A camera in the head can see wherever the turret can shoot, and speakers in the base allow the turret to speak.

The creator even provided source files that can be used to rebuild this machine. However, he warns that it will take months to make (he spent over 6 months on it), and also skills in mechanics, 3D printing, electronics and programming to get it working.

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