This Is the Police 2 Is Coming to Mobile Devices

You can already pre-order it in App Store

Weappy Studio and Handy Games announced a mobile version of This Is the Police 2 with a new trailer.

You can check out the video below:

This is the Police 2 is a strategy-adventure game somewhat similar to the XCOM series. It lets a player take on a role of the head of the sheriff’s department. You have to take control of police officers, solve crimes, interrogate suspects and arrest them while helping citizens with their problems and trying to make useful allies.

The game’s story is similar to noir police TV shows: it takes places in a borderline town Sharpwood, where almost every citizen has something to hide. Smugglers and criminal gangs consider this place their second home. To maintain peace and order, Sheriff Lilly Reed will have to join forces with fugitive criminal Jack Boyd and hope that her plan will work out.

This is the Police 2 will be released on iOS on September 16, you can already pre-order it on App Store for $6.99. Android users can sign up for updates on that version here. The first entry of the series released on mobile devices last year.