No Man's Sky Beyond Release Trailer Teases Massive Multiplayer-Focused Update

The game finally looks like what was promised prior to its initial release

Hello Games uploaded the final trailer for No Man’s Sky Beyond, the game’s biggest update ever.

You can watch the video below:

Beyond consists of three big updates, which the devs decided to combine into one enormous update that somewhat turns No Man’s Sky into MMO with full VR support. On console, you won’t be required to have a PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold active subscription to access the multiplayer features.

According to the head of Hello Games Sean Murray, No Man's Sky owners have been playing twice as much time in co-op as did loners after the release of the NEXT update. Because of that, Beyond aims to make online even better.

Murray is confident that the DLC will radically change the game.

He also noted that more than a million No Man's Sky players own a virtual reality headset, and therefore VR support has become one of the most requested features by the game’s community.

The Beyond update with the VR support and enhanced online functionality will be released for No Man's Sky on August 14. It will be completely free for everyone who owns a copy of the game on PC, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.