Square Enix Reports Amazing First Quarter Financial Results

The Final Fantasy franchise pushes the company past $500 million of sales

One of the biggest Japanese video game companies Square Enix has reported a very successful first quarter of the current fiscal year. It managed to acquire ¥53.3 billion ($501 million) of overall net sales, which is 19.1% higher year-on-year from ¥44.8 billion ($421.1 million).

This massive number was primarily driven by The Digital Entertainment division (video games) — it’s net sales rise is up 5.5% to ¥37.1 billion ($348.7 million), while operating income rose by 2% to ¥7.6 billion ($71.4 million). The second-biggest segment is still Amusement with net sales of ¥10.8 billion ($101.5 million).

Square Enix Reports Amazing First Quarter Financial Results-1

Operating income is up to a whopping 85 to ¥7.2 billion ($67.7 million). That said, Square Enix’s income has actually lost 13.9%, drying to ¥6.3 billion ($59.2 million).

The company says that they had a successful quarter thanks to Nintendo Switch and Xbox One releases of Final Fantasy X, X-2 and XII, a mobile title Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe and Final Fantasy XIV paid subscriptions, which saw a rise following a recent release of Shadowbringers expansion.

Downloads remain Square Enix's biggest source of sales, accounting for 1.81 million units shifted during the quarter.