New GreedFall Gameplay Trailer Showcases Rich Core Mechanics

The new RPG from Spiders will be out this September

Focus Home Interactive uploaded a new video of the fantasy-RPG GreedFall. In this trailer, the French developers from Spiders show a couple of the game’s core mechanics such as character and items customization, skill system, important story choices, and romances.

Check out the gameplay trailer below:

Here are the key points of what was shown in the video:

  • You can fully customize the main character’s appearance and choose between male and female models.
  • There are 3 classes: Warrior (a classic melee swordsman), Technical (rangers that use guns), and Magic (an old-fashioned mage with various ranged spells). On top of that, GreedFall has talent and attributes systems which let you increase the hero’s stats.
  • The combat system has different battle styles. You can use combos, stun enemies, parry their attacks and freeze their movement with special spells. There is also a tactical pause for those who want to put more thought in combat. In addition to all of these, players can use explosives and set up traps to gain an additional advantage.
New GreedFall Gameplay Trailer Showcases Rich Core Mechanics-1
  • The game has "hundreds of pieces" of customizable armor and weapons that can be combined in various ways. This not only changes the appearance and stats of equipment but also serves as a disguise in certain situations, since each fraction in GreedFall’s world has a unique dress code.
  • Many tasks have different solutions: for example, you can kill guards to enter a building, convince them to let you through, blow up a wall with a crafted explosive or use lockpicking skills to sneak in.
  • Choices, of course, have story consequences.
  • The main character can invite up to 2 NPC companions in a party — each one of them has different skills and personality that may affect the outcome of some quests.
  • The party members have personal side-quests. By completing them, the protagonist may form a friendship or even a romance with the companions.

Spiders was founded back in 2008. The studio is known for making RPG games that often receive mixed reviews, such as Bound by Flame (2014) and The Technomancer (2016). This July, Spiders was acquired by a French publisher Bigben Interactive.

GreedFall will be released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 10.