Death Stranding Is No Longer Listed as PlayStation Exclusive

Looks like Hideo Kojima’s newest game will come to PC after all

A ResetEra user vestan noticed that Death Stranding was quietly removed from the official PlayStation list of exclusives. Just two months ago it most definitely was there — which is proved by an archived version of the same page from May 26.

If you go to the PlayStation Australia webpage, you can see the absence of the PlayStation 4 upcoming title yourself. It’s not just the Australian site, either: Portugal, France, Germany, and other regions have deleted all the info about Death Stranding exclusivity, too.

Death Stranding Is No Longer Listed as PlayStation Exclusive-1
Death Stranding’s official box art is also missing an "Only on PlayStation" label

When the game was originally announced in 2016, Sony has released an official press release with a Kojima’s Q&A about the title. There, the game director revealed that his new project is planned for a PlayStation 4 and PC release, even though the latter version will be available after the timed-exclusivity’ end. He didn’t reveal how long it will take, exactly.

Another fact to keep in mind is that Kojima Productions isn’t owned by PlayStation — for now, the companies only agreed to collaborate for Death Stranding. The game is also created on Decima Engine that Kojima himself borrowed from Sony’s Guerrilla Games (Killzone, Horizon: Zero Dawn).

While there was no news about the PC version since the announcement for obvious marketing reasons, it looks like the game might eventually make its way from Sony’s platform.

We can expect more Death Stranding news from Gamescom 2019 opening show on August 19. There, the developer will appear as a special guest to kick off the second-biggest gaming event of the year.

For now, Death Stranding is still scheduled to release on PlayStation 4 on November 18.