Humble Bohemia Interactive Bundle 2019 Is Now on Sale

It offers $292 worth of games for a very cheap price

Humble Bundle has revealed a new monthly bundle that includes Steam keys for a selection of Bohemia Interactive titles.

The games are split into three tiers that unlock depending on how much you are willing to spend.

Humble Bohemia Interactive Bundle 2019 Is Now on Sale-1

For $1 or more you’ll get:

  • Arma 2.
  • Take On Helicopters.
  • Carrier Command: Gaea Mission.
  • Take On Mars.
  • 10% off your first month of Humble Monthly.

If you pay more than the average amount (~$11 at the time of writing this post) you’ll also get:

  • Arma 3.
  • Ylands.
  • Original War.
  • Locked content Pound of Ground.

Finally, those who are ready to spend $20 or more will claim all the games and bonuses above, plus:

  • Arma 3 Apex.
  • Locked content Arma X: Anniversary Edition (Includes Arma: Gold Edition, Cold War Assault, Arma 2 + all DLC).

This time, there is an additional $30+ tier that unlocks a copy of DayZ. After being in Early Access for nearly 6 years, this zombie-themed survival multiplayer game was finally released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2018.

As usual, money from purchases will go to a charity organization — this time it will be American Red Cross.

Humble Bohemia Interactive Bundle 2019 will be on sale till August 21.