Nvidia Releases Very Clean-Looking Control RTX Screenshots

These new pics showcase a dramatic difference in shadows and reflections achieved by a ray-tracing technology

The PC version of Remedy’s Control will be utilizing the Nvidia RTX technology to its full potential. Following a short trailer, the video card company proved it with a pack of new comparison screenshots.

You can check out the pics below:

Since there are many shiny and reflective surfaces in the Bureau building that the game takes place in, real-time ray-tracing makes everything look much more dramatic.

Nvidia Releases Very Clean-Looking Control RTX Screenshots-15
Previously, Remedy revealed Control’s very resource-hungry system requirements, but they became much more moderate after a recent update

Aside from RTX, Control will support DirectX 11 and 12, 21:9 widescreen displays, unlocked frame rate, G-Sync, and Freesync.

Control will release on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on August 27. It will be an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC for the first six months after the release.