EA and Respawn Will Host Apex Legends Tournament with $500 000 Prize Pool

This is the game’s first official tournament

Apex Legends Preseason Invitational, hosted by Electronic Art and Respawn Entertainment themselves, will take place on September 13 through 15 in Krakow, Poland. Winners will share the prize pool of 💲500 000.

EA and Respawn Will Host Apex Legends Tournament with $500 000 Prize Pool-1

There will be 80 teams consisting of 3 members. The players will be divided into 4 groups, and the tournament will use double elimination rules, which means that a team drops out after two losses. 20 best trios will participate in a big final round.

What’s weird about Preseason Invitational is that teams only need to pay 💲150 fee to participate — which means that there will be a wild mix of players with very different skill levels. The participants will also have to pay for travel and hotel accommodations. In return,EA promises to give some meal vouchers and merchandise.

Any adult who is willing to participate in the tournament simply has to send an email to ApexLegendsPreseason@ea.com with their team members’ Origin IDs.

The game’s Second Season just started in July, and Respawn wants to launch the third one right after Preseason Invitational ends

Apex Legends still remains one of the most popular online games. In a recent report, EA announced that roughly 8 to 10 million people play the game weekly. Therefore, the company has plans to support their battle royale title for at least 10 years.