The Original Diablo Is Now Playable in Browser

You can play the entire game if you own a copy of it

The original version of the legendary action-RPG Diablo is now available for any web browser. The port was made by RivSoft, a team that previously made various addons for other Blizzard games and other fun projects.

The Original Diablo Is Now Playable in Browser-1

The web edition is a base version of the game that is free for anyone to try out. It only includes two first dungeons and one class, Warrior. This should be enough to refresh old memories, but you have to own a full version of the game to unlock the rest.

If you have a copy of Diablo, it should be enough to copy its files to the browser’s page folder. This works because RivSoft managed to retain the original Diablo’s source code in their web-port.

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